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Household Waste Recycling Centre Stainton Grove, County Durham. Historic Building Recording (OASIS ID: wessexar1-265588)

Historic building recording of 6 tank garaged, identified as Romney sheds (or huts) at Stainton Grove. The Site comprises part of a mid-20th century military camp, which has been redeveloped into a housing estate, industrial estate and the current Household Waste Recycling Centre. Six tank garages within the site were subject to a Historic England Level 3 survey that was conducted at the site between the 29th - 30th September 2016.

Nantwich waterlogged deposits digital archive

Timothy Malim, Mark Swain & Ian Panter
The nationally strategic aim of the Nantwich Waterlogged Deposits project was to develop and test a scientifically rigorous methodology for characterizing and monitoring the historic buried remains in urban waterlogged deposits so that bespoke management plans could be designed to secure the long-term conservation of such remains in ancient urban centres where this is viable.

Land at Oak Lane, Bredon, Worcestershire. Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: cotswold2-257167).

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cotswold Archaeology in March 2016 at Land at Oak Lane, Bredon, Worcestershire. A total of eight trenches were excavated. Much of the recording was hampered by water ingress into the trenches. The evaluation identified two ditches of broadly Roman date in the west of the site, potentially agricultural in nature. Modern ditches which correspond to field boundaries depicted on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map of the area, were...

Former Meridian TV Studios, Northam, Southampton (SOU1695). Archaeological Evaluation (OASIS ID: wessexar1-267090)

Trial trench evaluation focused on the southern part of the Site, specifically the 'dry land' south of the area of 20th century reclamation, the former Bridge Foundry, and the earlier foreshore of the River Itchen. The results of the evaluation indicate that most of the Site has been subject to reclamation, levelling and subsequent extensive and deep disturbance during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Much of the evidence revealed in the seven evaluation trenches...

Oasis Academy, Romsey Road, Southampton (SOU1617). Archaeological Watching Brief

The Archaeology Unit of Southampton City Council carried out an archaeological watching brief on the replacement of an existing grass sports pitch with an all-weather sports pitch at the Oasis Academy, Romsey Road, Southampton on behalf of Oasis Academy. The aims of the investigation as defined in the written scheme of investigation were 'To investigate the human use of the area, and to record the nature of the natural deposits'. The site was in an...

Defended Small Towns of Roman Britain

Michael Fulford, Alex Smith & Lisa Lodwick
Although the vast majority of the population of Roman Britain continued to live in small rural farmsteads, many larger nucleated settlements developed after the conquest, often sited along the expanding road network. Some of these roadside settlements gained earthwork and/or masonry defences at various points during the mid- to late Roman period, and have often been termed 'defended small towns', although these vary markedly in terms of their scale and in the extent of any...

St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Southampton (SOU1631). Archaeological Watching Brief

The Archaeology Unit of Southampton City Council carried out an archaeological watching brief with option to excavate on the groundworks required to construct a multi-use games area (MUGA) in the grounds of St Mary's School, Golden Grove, Southampton, on behalf of Saints Foundation. The aim was to recover further information about the archaeology of the area, which includes the town of Hamwic. Most of the groundworks were less than 0.9m deep and did not expose...

Moor Lane, Aston-on-Trent, Derby, Derbyshire (OASIS ID: archaeol27-303337)

An archaeological evaluation, consisting of seven trial trenches, was undertaken on behalf of Cameron Homes prior to the construction of a new housing development along Moor Lane. Three sections of undated curvilinear gully were found on part of the site which seem likely to belong to a single annular ditch of prehistoric date. The absence of finds from the ditch may indicate a sepulchro-ritual monument rather than a domestic site. Linear features of post-medieval date...

Tentoonstellingscatalogus Archeologie & Ik .

Universiteit Leiden: Leiden. Faculteit Archeologie

Archaeology & Me: Looking at Archaeology in Contemporary Europe.

Howe of Anguston, Peterculter, Aberdeen


South Marston, Wiltshire

16 A4 pages descriptive text. 5 pages A3 figures.

Land at Rollestone, Wilts

16 Pages A4 descriptive Text 8 Pages A3 Figures

A96 Park and Ride, Aberdeen: Archaeological Excavation


A Geophysical Survey at Longtown

Lyonshall: a medieval town and its earthworks

Gateford North, Worksop, Nottinghamshire: Archaeological Evaluation

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