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Trogonidae - Trogons

F. N. Chasen

Sun- Scorch of Exposed Lateral Roots of Hevea Brasiliensis

A. Sharples

On the Appeal to Suppress Leptocorixa in Favour of Leptocorisa

Carl W. Schaefer

Cooperative Rubber Societies amongst Small-holders

F. G. Spring

A New Genus and Species of Chelonocorinae (Rhynchota-Dysodiidae)

N. C. E. Miller

Opinion 243: Designation, under the Plenary Powers, for the Nominal Genus Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 (Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera) of a Type Species in Harmony with Current Nomenclatorial Usage

London International Commission On Zoological Nomenclature

Moths from Coconut Spikes

G. H. Corbett

Opinion 571: Designation Under the Plenary Powers of Lectotypes for Three Species of Graptolites

N. D. Riley & R. V. Melville

System of Land Tenure in the Federated Malay States

V. Cowgill J.

Rejuvenation and Replanting of Rubber Areas

B. J. Eaton

Document 17/1—Proposition 8

Pierre Bonnet

Opinion 779: Aeolidia Cuvier, 1797 (Gastropoda): Placed on the Official List of Generic Names

G. Owen Evans & W. E. China

Comments on the Proposals Regarding Chrysopinae in Neuroptera and Diptera

D. E. Kimmins & F. M. Carpenter

International Code of Zoological Nomeclature

International Union Of Biological Sciences.

Document 1/64—Summary of Proposals and Comments Concerning Parataxa, Form Taxa, Organ Genera and Collective Groups

P. C. Sylvester-Bradley

Declaration 7: On the Need for Quoting Bibliographical or Other References for all Names Cited in Zoological Works

London International Commission On Zoological Nomenclature

Manurial Experiments with Rice

Kuala Lumpur Dept. Of Agriculture

Annual Report of the Agriculturist, Government Plantations, for 1922

B. Bunting

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