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Discharge data collected within the East River for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Watershed Function Science Focus Area (water years 2015-present)

Carroll Rosemary & Kenneth Williams
Discharge data collected at the East River in the Upper Colorado River Basin for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Watershed Function Scientific Focus Area. Files contain instantaneous observed discharge data, corrected 10 min and mean daily discharge. Several sites also contain temperature and transducer depth. Please contact Rosemary Carroll if you have any questions or wish to access the raw data.

Deep vadose zone respiration contributions to CO2 fluxes from a semi-arid floodplain, Vadose Zone Journal: Dataset

Markus Bill, John Christensen, Mark Conrad, Wenming Dong, Boris Faybishenko, Chad Hobson, Susan Hubbard, Yongman Kim, Phil E. Long, Tetsu Tokunaga, Jiamin Wan, Kenneth Williams & Mark J. Robbins
This data package provides lists of parameter values presented in the paper “Deep vadose zone respiration contributions to CO2 fluxes from a semi-arid floodplain” by Tokunaga et al., Vadose Zone J. 2016. Each table or figure from that paper that contains numerical information is represented as a sheet within the Excel file. Table 1 lists depth profile values for particle-size, bulk density, and parameters for correlating moisture contents with matric potentials. Table 2 lists soil...

Using strontium isotopes to evaluate the spatial variation of groundwater recharge, Science of The Total Environment: Dataset

Shaun Brown, Baptiste Dafflon, Wenming Dong, Boris Faybishenko, Susan Hubbard, Tetsu Tokunaga, Jiamin Wan & Kenneth Williams
Data tables used in Christensen et al. 2018 Using strontium isotopes to evaluate the spatial variation of groundwater recharge, Science of The Total Environment, 637-638, 672-685 DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.05.019 Files include Sr and U isotopic (87Sr/86Sr and 234U/238U) and concentration data for groundwaters, porewaters, and surface waters at the Rifle, Colorado field site, as well as mass balance modeling results for the percentage of vadose zone porewater in groundwater.


Erol Cromwell & Darielle Dexheimer
Datastream for tbs iMet instruments

Finite Element Analysis Code - CONEX

G. Sjaardema & C. Forsythe
CONEX is a code for joining sequentially in time multiple exodusll database files which all represent the same base mesh topology and geometry. It is used to create a single results or restart file from multiple results or restart files which typically arise as the result of multiple restarted analyses. CONEX is used to postprocess the results from a series of finite element analyses. It can join sequentially the data from multiple results databases into...

Finite Element Analysis Code - Exotxt

C. Forsythe, M. Smith & G. Sjaardema
Exotxt is an analysis code that reads finite element results data stored in an exodusII file and generates a file in a structured text format. The text file can be edited or modified via a number of text formatting tools. Exotxt is used by analysis to translate data from the binary exodusII format into a structured text format which can then be edited or modified and then either translated back to exodusII format or to...

Finite Element Analysis Code - MAPVAR-KD

G. Sjaardema, G. Wellman & D. Gartling
MAPVAR-KD is designed to transfer solution results from one finite element mesh to another. MAPVAR-KD draws heavily from the structure and coding of MERLIN II, but it employs a new finite element data base, EXODUS II, and offers enhanced speed and new capabilities not available in MERLIN II. In keeping with the MERLIN II documentation, the computational algorithms used in MAPVAR-KD are described. User instructions are presented. Example problems are included to demonstrate the operation...

Materials Data on NaLi2Mo2P3O14 (SG:15) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson
Computed materials data using density functional theory calculations. These calculations determine the electronic structure of bulk materials by solving approximations to the Schrodinger equation. For more information, see https://materialsproject.org/docs/calculations

Environmental Report 1993

Gretchen Gallegos, Paula Tate, Brian Balke, Eric Christofferson, Robert Harrach, William Hoppes, Rebecca Failor, Saundra Wander, Barbara Fields, Lucinda Garcia, Allen Grayson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & United States. Dept. Of Energy. Oakland Operations Office

Total Column Carbon Observing Network (TCCON) Site: Jet Propulsion Laboratory 02

Paul Wennberg, Coleen Roehl, Jean-Francois Blavier, Jess Landeros & Allen Norton
2014 GGG TCCON measurements from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

ARM Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (MFRSR): irradiances

Gary Hodges
The multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer (MFRSR) takes spectral measurements of direct normal, diffuse horizontal and total horizontal solar irradiances. These measurements are at nominal wavelengths of 415, 500, 615, 673, 870, and 940 nm. The measurements are made at a user-specified time interval, usually about one minute or less. The sampling rate for the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility MFRSRs is 20 seconds. From such measurements, one may infer the atmosphere's optical depth...

Metagenome sequence for biofuel synthesis (IV)

Harry Beller

Coso MT Site Locations

Doug Blankenship
This data includes the locations of the MT data collected in and around the Coso Geothermal field that covered the West Flank area. These are the data that the 3D MT models were created from that were discussed in Phase 1 of the West Flank FORGE project. The projected coordinate system is NAD 1927 State Plane California IV FIPS 0404 and the Projection is Lambert Conformal Conic. Units are in feet.


Steven Simmons
The US EPA’s ToxCast program is designed to assess chemical perturbations of molecular and cellular endpoints using a variety of high-throughput screening (HTS) assays. However, existing HTS assays have limited or no xenobiotic metabolism which could lead to false positive (chemical is detoxified in vivo) as well as false negative results (chemical is bioactivated in vivo) and thus potential mischaracterization of chemical hazard. We have addressed this challenge by introducing the ten most prevalent human...

Anycast_Enumeration_from_rDNS_to_AS112-20120504 (05/04/2012 to 05/06/2012)

University Of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute
This rDNS to AS112 probes dataset was generated on 2012-05-04. It contains DNS queries for IN TXT"hostname.as112.ne" from a large list of open recursive name servers to AS112 name servers.

Microbarograph - ESRL Hi-Res Microbarograph, Hood River - Reviewed Data

Katherine McCaffrey
High-precision barometers (Paroscientific 6000-16B-IS) are combined with Nishiyama-Bedard Quad Disk pressure probes, measuring pressure (mb) at the surface, nominally 2 m above ground level. Data are sampled at 20 Hz for potential studies of turbulence. The sensors' high accuracy makes them useful for determining horizontal pressure gradients and their relation to wind ramp events, as well as the temporal variability of pressure associated with mountain wakes and waves. **Note different ASCII file formats for Goldendale...

Feed the Future Grain Legumes Project Database

Karen A. Cichy, Michael Grusak, Phillip N. Miklas, Marcial A. Pastor-Corrales, Timothy G. Porch, James Beaver, Consuelo Estevez, Gail Wisler, Roy Scott & Raymond Glahn

Developing a Comprehensive Deepwater Blowout and Spill Model

Kelly Rose
Offshore TRS

Mosaicked Historic Airborne Imagery from Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Starting in the 1950's

Jessica Cherry & Lisa Wirth
Historical airborne imagery for each Seward Peninsula NGEE Arctic site - Teller, Kougarok, Council - with multiple years for each site. This dataset includes mosaicked, geolocated and, where possible, orthorectified, historic airborne and recent satellite imagery. The older photos were sourced from USGS's Earth Explorer site and the newer, satellite imagery is from the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) project managed by the Geographic Information Network of Alaska on behalf of the state of Alaska.

MAVEN Langmuir Probe and Waves (LPW) Raw Wave Active Sub-Cycle Onboard FFT in High Frequency Range Data Collection

Laila Andersson
A collection of MAVEN Langmuir Probe and Waves (LPW) ACT Sub-cycle HF Waves: The onboard calculated FFT high frequency bands from ACT (Active) sub-cycle.

SPRUCE Shrub-Layer Growth Assessments in S1-Bog Plots and SPRUCE Experimental Plots beginning in 2010

P.J. Hanson, J.R. Phillips, D.J. Brice & L.A. Hook
This data set reports shrub layer growth assessments for the S1-Bog on the Marcell Experimental Forest in Minnesota from 2010 through 2017. Data were obtained by destructively harvesting two 0.25 m2 plots within defined plot areas of the S1-Bog or SPRUCE experimental plots. In 2015, SPRUCE plots 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19 and 20 were enclosed in the SPRUCE enclosures. Prior to 2015 all data are for open ambient conditions. In...

Materials Data on VO2 (SG:88) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson
Computed materials data using density functional theory calculations. These calculations determine the electronic structure of bulk materials by solving approximations to the Schrodinger equation. For more information, see https://materialsproject.org/docs/calculations

A primer on multifactor productivity : description, benefits, and uses

United States. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics & Anthony Apostolides

ARM: 915-MHz Radar Wind Profiler/RASS (RWP915): low power, consensus wind data

Timothy Martin, Paytsar Muradyan & Richard Coulter
915-MHz Radar Wind Profiler/RASS (RWP915): low power, consensus wind data

MVC Shell

Zachary Benz, Jonathan McCain & Travis Bauer
Provides the shell of a plugin based application environment that builds on MVC Framework to allow one to rapidly construct an application by using a collection of plugins. The MVC Shell is implemented in C# as a .NET 2.0 application that can then be used as a shell for building a plugin based application. The infrastructure allows for dynamically processing a specified collection of plugins in order to determine the functionality of the application, where...

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