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Leptinotarsa decemlineata genome annotations v0.5.3

Sean Schoville, Yolanda Chen, Martin Andersson, Joshua Benoit, Anita Bhandari, Julia Bowsher, Kristian Brevik, Kaat Cappelle, Mei-Ju Chen, Anna Childers, Christopher Childers, Olivier Christiaens, Justin Clements, Elena Elpidina, Patamarerk Engsontia, Markus Friedrich, Inmaculada García-Robles, Chandan Goswami, Alessandro Grapputo, Kristina Gruden, Marcin Grynberg, Bernard Henrissat, Emily Jennings, Jeffery Jones, Megha Kalsi … & Stephen Richards

Leptinotarsa decemlineata genome assembly 1.0

Sean Schoville, Yolanda Chen, Martin Andersson, Joshua Benoit, Anita Bhandari, Julia Bowsher, Kristian Brevik, Kaat Cappelle, Mei-Ju Chen, Anna Childers, Christopher Childers, Olivier Christiaens, Justin Clements, Elena Elpidina, Patamarerk Engsontia, Markus Friedrich, Inmaculada García-Robles, Chandan Goswami, Alessandro Grapputo, Kristina Gruden, Marcin Grynberg, Bernard Henrissat, Emily Jennings, Jeffery Jones, Megha Kalsi … & Stephen Richards
The Baylor College of Medicine recently sequenced and annotated the Leptinotarsa decemlineata genome as part of the i5k pilot project. This dataset presents the Leptinotarsa decemlineata genome v1.0. This assembly version is the pre-release version, prior to filtering and quality control by the [National Center for Biotechnology Information's GenBank resource](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/assembly/GCA_000696205.1). Assembly method details will be available in a forthcoming publication. The Colorado potato beetle is considered the economically most significant defoliator of potato in northern...

Concentration and Quantification of Somatic and F+ Coliphages from Recreational Waters

Asja Korajkic
Dataset describes performance of a culture-based method to concentrate and quantify somatic and F+ coliphages.

Triclosan Concentration Data for Lydon et al., 2017

William Henderson
Pharmaceuticals and personal care products, including antimicrobials, can be found at trace levels in treated wastewater effluent. Impacts of chemical contaminants on coastal aquatic microbial community structure and pathogen abundance are unknown despite the potential for selection through antimicrobial resistance. In particular, Vibrio, a marine bacterial genus that includes several human pathogens, displays resistance to the ubiquitous antimicrobial compound triclosan. Here we demonstrated through use of natural seawater microcosms that triclosan (at a concentration of...

Aerobic oxidation of alcohols in visible light on Pd-grafted Ti cluster

Rajender Varma
The titanium cluster with the reduced band gap has been synthesized having the palladium nanoparticles over the surface, which not only binds to the atmospheric oxygen but also catalyzes the oxidation of alcohols under visible light.

Comparison of Five Modeling Approaches to Quantify and Estimate the Effect of Clouds on the Radiation Amplification Factor (RAF) for Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

Eric Hall
Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) data collected at 21 US Environmental Protection Agency sites throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands from 1996 through 2004.

Measuring urban tree loss dynamics across residential landscapes

Matthew Hopton
The spatial arrangement of urban vegetation depends on urban morphology and socio-economic settings. Urban vegetation changes over time because of human management. Urban trees are removed due to hazard prevention or aesthetic preferences. Previous research attributed tree loss to decreases in canopy cover. However, this provides little information about location and structural characteristics of trees lost, as well as environmental and social factors affecting tree loss dynamics. This is particularly relevant in residential landscapes where...

Constraints on primary and secondary particulate carbon sources using chemical tracer and 14C methods during CalNex-Bakersfield

Michael Lewandowski
The present study investigates primary and secondary sources of organic carbon for Bakersfield, CA, USA as part of the 2010 CalNex study. The method used here involves integrated sampling that is designed to allow for detailed and specific chemical analysis of particulate matter (PM) in the Bakersfield airshed. To achieve this objective, filter samples were taken during thirty-four 23-hr periods between 19 May and 26 June 2010 and analyzed for organic tracers by gas chromatography...

Autism and green space_clean

Jianyong Wu
Autism and green space metrics in California elementary school districts

Cyanobacteria Index (MERIS)

Blake Schaeffer
This dataset shows the concentration of cyanobacteria cells/ml in fresh water bodies and estuaries of the Ohio and Florida derived from 300x300 meter MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) satellite imagery. This dataset was produced through partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). This cyanobacteria dataset was derived using the European Space Agency...

Predicting Thermal Behavior of Secondary Organic Aerosols

Michael Lewandowski
Volume concentrations of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) are measured in 139 steady-state, single precursor hydrocarbon oxidation experiments after passing through a temperature controlled inlet. The response to change in temperature is well predicted through a feedforward Artificial Neural Network. The most parsimonious model, as indicated by Akaike’s Information Criterion, Corrected (AIC,C), utilizes 11 input variables, a single hidden layer of 4 tanh activation function nodes, and a single linear output function. This model predicts thermal...

Human Health Screening and Public Health Significance of Contaminants of Emerging Concern Detected in Public Water Supplies

Susan Glassmeyer
Background information for human health margin of exposure paper.

Effects of Chronic Exposure to Triclosan on Reproductive and Thyroid Endpoints in the Adult Wistar Female Rat

Tammy Stoker
This dataset includes the results of a long term adult female rat oral exposure to triclosan and includes hormone, estrous cyclicity, thyroid histology and liver gene expression data.

Inactivation Data.xlsx

Vicente Gallardo
The data set is a spreadsheet that contains results of inactivation experiments that were conducted to to determine the effectiveness of chlorine in inactivating B. anthracis spore surrogates in wash waters similar to waters that would be generated during building decontamination activities.

Data for "Estimates of reservoir methane emissions based on a spatially balanced probabilistic-survey"

Jake Beaulieu
Measured diffusive and ebullitive methane emission rates from 115 sites in William H Harsha Lake. File also contains fields required for GRTS analysis.

CFD Model Data

Sarah Taft
Data associated with the development of the CFD model for spore deposition in respiratory systems of rabbits and humans.

Hall et al., 2016 Artificial Turf Surrogate Surface Methods Paper Data File

Matthew Landis
Mercury dry deposition data quantified via static water surrogate surface (SWSS) and artificial turf surrogate surface (ATSS) collectors.

U.S. Domestic Cats as Sentinels for Perfluoroalkyl Substances

Mark Strynar
Legacy PFC work. Data stored in Phillip Bost’s Lab Notebook #1778; Room D286 (Lindstrom) RTP, NC EPA office.

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Yingping Yang
Global sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies can affect terrestrial precipitation via ocean-atmosphere interaction known as climate teleconnection. Non-stationary and non-linear characteristics of the ocean-atmosphere system make the identification of the teleconnection signals difficult to be detected at a local scale as it could cause large uncertainties when using linear correlation analysis only. This paper explores the relationship between global SST and terrestrial precipitation with respect to long-term non-stationary teleconnection signals during 1981-2010 over three regions...

A sustainable approach to empower the bio-based future: upgrading of biomass via process intensification

Rajender Varma
An economically viable and environmentally benign continuous flow intensified process has been developed that demonstrates its ability to upgrade biomass into potential biofuels, solvents, and pharmaceutical feedstocks using a bimetallic AgPd@g-C3N4 catalyst.

Fixation of carbon dioxide into dimethyl carbonate over titanium-based zeolitic thiophene-benzimidazolate framework

Rajender Varma
A titanium-based zeolitic thiophene-benzimidazolate framework has been designed for the direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) from methanol and carbon dioxide. The developed catalyst activates carbon dioxide and delivers over 16% yield of DMC without the use of any dehydrating agent or requirement for azeotropic distillation.

Hydroxylation of Benzene via C-H Activation Using Bimetallic CuAg@g-C3N4

Rajender Varma
Bimetallic CuAg@g-C3N4 catalyst system has been designed and synthesized by impregnating copper and silver nanoparticles over the graphitic carbon nitride surface. Its application has been demonstrated in the hydroxylation of benzene under visible light.

Photocatalytic C-H activation of Hydrocarbons over VO@g-C3N4

Rajender Varma
A highly selective and sustainable method has been developed for the oxidation of methyl arenes and their analogues. The VO@g-C3N4 catalyst is very efficient in the C-H activation and oxygen insertion reaction resulting in formation of the corresponding carbonyl compounds and phenols.

Photocatalytic oxidation of aromatic amines using MnO2@g-C3N4

Rajender Varma
An efficient and direct oxidation of aromatic amines to aromatic azo-compounds has been achieved using a MnO2@g-C3N4 catalyst under visible light as a source of energy at room temperature.

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