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Informing Future Risks of Record‐Level Rainfall in the United States

Allison Crimmins
One supplemental file, one link to a repository where the complete matlab code can be found to reproduce the study (41 files)

Projecting Changes in Expected Annual Damages From Riverine Flooding in the United States

Jeremy Martinich
Summary of datasets for flooding analysis reported in Wobus et al. (2019) 1) Wobus_Flood_Damages_huc10.xlsx – contains total flood damages for floods of each specified recurrence interval, organized by HUC10, for watersheds with RiskMAP data from 3 or 5 recurrence intervals. Also includes lookup table to crosswalk from HUC10 to NCA region, and from HUC10 to the ReachID associated with the modeled flow data. 2) CONUS_model_dT.xlsx – contains the year that each of the 29 models...

Li et al 20xx_Data set

Orin Shanks
Data available in Science Hub includes measurements used to generate Figures 1, 2, S3, and S4. All other data is reported in the manuscript text.

Effects of Increasing Aridity on Ambient Dust and Public Health in the U.S. Southwest Under Climate Change

Allison Crimmins
Supplemental information, excel spreadsheet of data behind figures in the paper, 11 files with code to reproduce the study.

Estimates of Present and Future Asthma Emergency Department Visits Associated With Exposure to Oak, Birch, and Grass Pollen in the United States

Allison Crimmins
Word file with supplemental figures and tables, including data behind figures in the paper

Climate damages and adaptation potential across diverse sectors of the United States

Jeremy Martinich
In this research paper, we summarize results from sectoral impact models applied within a consistent modelling framework to project how climate change will affect 22 impact sectors of the United States, including effects on human health, infrastructure and agriculture.

Unmix Optimum Input Data Files and Model Results

Gary Norris
Unmix Optimum input files and results for the LBL, and 40 Lakes regions (East, Central, West)

Validation of a dietary questionnaire to assess omega-3 fatty acids levels

Wan Shen
Includes the validity test results on the blood level of omega-3 fatty acids and calculated dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids using the dietary questionnaire

Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium

Melissa Baker
Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and sport-related concussion (SRC) are major public health problems. Although significant advances have been made in our understanding of concussion, to date, the natural history of concussion remains poorly defined, no objective biomarker of physiological recovery exists for clinical use, and athlete knowledge of the injury remains low. This investigation is poised to address the true natural history of clinical and physiological recovery of SRC, which has critical implications for...

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs Well 58-32 Openhole Stimulation Data

Sharon Best
Data extracted from the Pason surface instruments to isolate pumping cycles for Upper Perforations, clipped to isolate pumping and flowback by GRG.

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs 3D Gravity Data

Christian Hardwick & Jeff Witter
These resources describe the 3D geophysical inversion modeling of gravity data at the FORGE site near Milford, Utah. FORGE is the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy and the site in Utah has been selected by the U.S. Dept. of Energy for a 5-year R&D program to test technologies for the development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS). 3D modelling of gravity data at the FORGE site is to help characterize the subsurface geologic framework....

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs GPS Data - Deformation Monitoring

Ben Erickson & Adam McKean
This data bundle contains raw GPS data files and resulting data using Trimble Business Center and NOAA OPUS to process the GPS data in spreadsheets with station coordinates and elevations. The final processing report includes pre-processing, pre-stack time migration, and pre-stack depth migration. It also contains a readme.text file goes into further explanation.

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs Seismic Reflection Data

John Miller
This is 2D and 3D seismic reflection data from Utah FORGE Phase 2c. The readme file containing an explanation of the data including data formats, software that can be used, processing, and projection and datum used. For all 3D and 2D data the following datasets were created and output in SEG-Y format: - Unmigrated Time - Prestack Time Migration (PSTM), Unenhanced (UnEnh) and Enhanced (Enh) - Prestack Depth Migration (PSDM), Unenhanced (UnEnh) and Enhanced (Enh)...

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs Well 78-32 Capacity Test

Stephan Kirby & R. Gall
This dataset includes an Excel spreadsheet with Utah FORGE Phase 2c Well 78-32 capacity data. It also includes a readme file discussing the data which also includes the well coordinates.

Utah FORGE, North Milford Groundwater Geochemistry

Stuart Simmons & Stefan Kirby
This dataset contains groundwater geochemistry from several wells in North Milford Valley, Utah, in the region of the Utah FORGE project (Phase 2c). Readme file that discusses the data contained in the Excel spreadsheet. Data include GPS coordinates (UTM, Lat-Long), sampling temperature, pH, Li, Na, K, Ca, Mg, SiO2, B, Cl, F, SO4, HCO3, oxygen, and hydrogen isotopes. Analyses were performed at the Utah State Laboratory and the University of Minnesota.

Utah FORGE, Roosevelt Hot Springs Wells Wow2 and Wow3 Ground Water Monitoring Data

Stephan Kirby
This dataset includes ground water level data for Utah FORGE Phase 2c ground water monitoring wells Wow2 and Wow3. The readme file explains the fields contained in the included Excel spreadsheet and contains the coordinates for the wells. The Excel spreadsheet contains raw data is taken directly from downhole transducers and includes fields labeled Date, Time, LEVEL, and TEMPERATURE.

2005 GOM JIP - LEG I Core Recovery Log

Shipboard Party
2005 GOM JIP - LEG I Core Recovery Log offers information on the cores recovered during this expedition and is the official recovery log from the field phase of that cruise. The primary objective of the Gulf of Mexico Hydrates Joint Industry Project (JIP) was to develop technology and data to assist in the characterization of naturally occurring gas hydrates in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Other objectives of this project were to better understand...

Splash v1.0

Dylan McReynolds
A database, web API and portal will be developed that stores data from synchotron experiments. The data stored will be: - metadata about the experiment (who ran it, when it was conducted, what proposal and ESAF were covered) - references to raw data (e.g. images taken at the beamline) - references to derived data Beamline users and Beamline staff will have private access to view experiment data and assign web-friendly visualizations to it. They will...

Tafel Fitter v1.5

Peter Agbo
This program a new physical insight regarding efforts to evaluate electrochemical catalysts being developed for electrochemical energy conversion and storage. In particular, we ask: The methodology described here offers a solution to the problem of how to conduct Tafel analysis, which is used in determining electrocatalyst performance, in a quantitative manner, rather than through the qualitative guesswork it currently requires. This enables the measurement of electrocatalyst Tafel slopes and their associated parameters in a way...

Coastal Shoreline Resilience Screening Data (CRSI & LQ)

Lisa Smith
Datasets provided include CRSI scores and regional ranks for original national assessment, and coastal regional rescale for coastal and coastal shoreline (ENOW) counties (Figure 3; Table 1). LQ values are provided for all GOM ENOW counties for total ocean economy employment and for each sector (Table 2). The percentile ranked values for the GOM counties with total ocean economy LQ values >1 are included for CRSI and LQ (Figure 4). Links to the publicly available...


Jason DeGraw & Lixing Gu
The AirflowNetwork software provides the ability to simulate air movement and the resulting transport of contaminants and other materials within a building. The performance of air distribution systems, including supply and return leaks, and multizone airflows driven by outdoor wind and forced air during HVAC system operation are simulated using a nodal network representation of the building. The pressure network model implemented here is based on George Walton's AIRNET and was modified for inclusion in...

DiTTo (Distribution Transformation Tool)

Tarek Elgindy, Nicolas Gensollen, Dheepak Krishnamurthy, Michael Rossol, Elaine Hale & Bryan Palmintier
The Distribution Transformation Tool (DiTTo) provides a framework for converting between and modifying several different types of distribution model formats . These include commercial formats such as CYME, Synergi, DEW, ePHASORSIM as well as open source formats such as OpenDSS and GridLAB-D. DiTTo consists of an API which represents electrical equipment, configurations, settings and timeseries data. This API acts as an intermediary between different distribution model formats. Several modules for reading and writing the models...

SAM (System Advisor Model)

David Ryberg, Nicholas DiOrio, Janine Freeman, Mark Mehos, Craig Turchi, Paul Gilman, Michael Wagner, Craig Christensen, Jennie Jorgenson, Ty Neises, Nate Blair & Aron Dobos
The SAM Open Source Project repository contains the source code, tools, and instructions to build a desktop version of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) System Advisor Model (SAM). SAM is a simulation program for electricity generation projects. It has models for different kinds of renewable energy systems and financial models for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. For more details about SAM's capabilities, see the SAM website at https://sam.nrel.gov/. For a short video describing the...

Renewable Resource and Power Data tool (R2PD)

Elaine Hale & Michael Rossol
Power system modeler-friendly tool for downloading wind and solar power and forecast data.

Interpersonal problems across levels of the psychopathology hierarchy.

Kelly Johnston & Paul Pilkonis
We examined the relationship between psychopathology and interpersonal problems in a sample of 825 clinical and community participants. Sixteen psychiatric diagnoses and five transdiagnostic dimensions were examined in relation to self-reported interpersonal problems. The structural summary method was used with the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems Circumplex Scales to examine interpersonal problem profiles for each diagnosis and dimension. We built a structural model of mental disorders including factors corresponding to detachment (avoidant personality, social phobia, major...

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