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LCA of fuels and stoves in India, China, Ghana, and Kenya

Susan Thorneloehoward
This provides 4 results workbooks and 7 workbooks documenting the inventory

Data used for Raimondo et al. 2016 "Effects of Louisiana Crude Oil on the Sheepshead Minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus) During a Life-Cycle Exposure to Laboratory Oiled Sediment"

Sandra Raimondo
Data are provided describing reproduction, length, weight, liver weight, and ovary weight in fish exposed to sediment spiked with weathered oil. Data are also provided on analytical chemistry of water and sediment to which fish were exposed in various treatments.

Anaerobic biodegradation

David Kozlowski
Data in these tables appear in the manuscript and were used to produce the published figures.

CMAPS Dataset Coarse PM exacerbates allergic airway responses in mice.

Stephen Gavett
The dataset contains the original data relevant for each figure or table in the cleared publication. The excel file has tabs labelled for each figure (Figures 1-4) or table (tables 1-3). Figure 5 in the paper shows representative histology figures, and so is not linked to data other than as representative of table 3 (histology). Table 1 has 3 tabs for PM collection at the CLM site, PM collection at the GTC site, and for...

People and Water – IWI-HWBI

Joseph Flotemersch
The dataset contains the coverages used in the analysis including such things as shp files

Newton Decatur AL water sample polyfluor compound discovery

Mark Strynar
All the pertinent information for recreation of the published (hopefully) tables and figures.

Resilience of Microbial Communities OTU Abundance Data Set

Vicente GomezAlvarez
An abundance matrix (EX_OTU.xlsx) contains rows as OTU, columns as samples, and entries representing the abundance of each OTU as a ratio of all sequences obtained for each individual sample.

Cookstove data

Kathie Dionisio
No dataset available

Aerosol direct effects on ozone - China case study

Rohit Mathur
Model output from the 2-way coupled WRF-CMAQ modeling system applied to China.


Keith Appel
ACONC files containing simulated ozone and PM2.5 fields that were used to create the model difference plots shown in the journal article.


Elin Ulrich
These data are provided in six data tables. Each data table corresponds to a set of samples obtained from a different organization in California that were analyzed for this study. Metadata is presented as table captions, column headers and/or row information for each set of samples. The metadata for each sample set/table varies but includes some combination of the following: organization providing the samples; units of measure (as appropriate); fipronil enantiomer fraction (EF), bifenthrin EF,...

Phenone rtER binding Vtg_Tapper_A-jm6n_data set 20171002

Mark Tapper
Phenones and hydroxy benzophenones are widely used as UV radiation filters, and in the manufacturing of insecticides and pharmaceuticals. Understanding the ability of these chemicals to mimic the effects of the steroid estrogen is of interest to the US Environmental Protection Agency and other international environmental organizations. The current study sequentially combined complementary in vitro (outside a living organism) rainbow trout estrogen receptor (rtER) binding and liver slice vitellogenin (Vtg) mRNA induction assays in the...

Greenspace and sudden unexpected death

Jianyong Wu
The attached dataset comprises 187 records, summarized by 2010 census tract. There are 40 variable fields including percent landcover type from the 2011 30m National Land Cover Dataset, density of greenway trails from Wake County (NC) gov't, and demographic attributes from the 2014 American Community Survey. Two fields reflect count (during 2013-2015) and rate of sudden death; these fields are blank because these human-health data are protected under IRB agreement through UNC. The EPA/ORD point...

Gridded Hourly SO2 Data for BASE case contributed by USEPA

Christian Hogrefe
This dataset contains data contributed by EPA/ORD/NERL/CED researchers to the manuscript " Assessment and economic valuation of air pollution impacts on human health over Europe and the United States as calculated by a multi-model ensemble in the framework of AQMEII3" led by Dr. Ulas Im of Aarhus University in Denmark.

Soil organic matter and amphibian exposure dataset.

Steven Purucker
Dermal uptake from soil is known to occur in amphibians, but predicting pesticide availability and bioconcentration across soil types is not well understood. The present study was designed to compare uptake of 5 current-use pesticides (imidacloprid, atrazine, triadimefon, fipronil, and pendimethalin) in American toads (Bufo americanus) from exposure on soils with significant organic matter content differences (14.1% = high organic matter and 3.1% = low organic matter). We placed toads on high- or low-organic matter soil after applying individual...

CMAQv5.1 Base NEIv2 AQS Hourly site compare output

Keith Appel
CMAQv5.1 Base NEIv2 AQS Hourly site compare output containing paired model/ob values that were used for some of the plots in the manuscript.

Dataset of Indoor and Built Environment Publication in 2016, Laboratory evaluation of polychlorinated biphenyls encapsulation methods

Xiaoyu Liu
The data presented in this data file is a product of a journal publication. The dataset contains PCB sorption concentrations on encapsulants, PCB concentrations in the air and in wipe samples, model simulation of the PCB concentration gradient in the source and encapsulant layers on exposed surfaces of encapsulants and in room air at different times, the ranking of encapsulants’ performance.

Datasets used in ORD-023413: Frequent Modulation of the Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein (SREBP) by Chemical Exposure in the Livers of Rats

Jon Corton
Datasets used in ORD-023413: Frequent Modulation of the Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein (SREBP) by Chemical Exposure in the Livers of Rats

The Acute Toxicity of Major Ion Salts to Ceriodaphnia dubia. III. Mathematical models for mixture toxicity

Russell Erickson
This dataset concerns the development of models for describing the acute toxicity of major ions to Ceriodaphnia dubia using data from single salt tests and binary mixture tests described in two other datasets under this research effort. It provides the data used in model development in the associated journal article. It also provides concentration-response data and associated general chemistry conditions for 3 experiments consisting of 14 toxicity tests on more complex mixtures of major ions...


Eric Villegas
The data contained in this worksheet provides the quantitative detection of potentially pathogenic fungi in treated and untreated rainwater samples

Haw River PFCs Data Set

Andrew Lindstrom
PFAS concentrations in river and drinking water in and around the Haw River in North Carolina

Antiandrogenic effects of prochloraz in Xenopus laevis_data_Haselman et al_version_0_20171122

Jonathan Haselman
These data are represented in the tables and graphs in the journal article, Antiandrogenic effects following multiple life stage exposure to the fungicide prochloraz in Xenopus laevis by JT Haselman et al.

A Database of Historical Benthic Invertebrate Biodiversity Spanning 182 Years in Narragansett Bay (Rhode Island and Massachusetts)_Data_ v1

Stephen Hale
To examine biodiversity trends over time, a master list was compiled of all benthic invertebrate species collected from the Narragansett Bay beginning with Totten’s 1834 descriptions of mollusks, Leidy’s collections in 1855, Verrill and Smith’s surveys beginning in 1871, and studies at Alexander Agassiz’s Newport Marine Zoological Laboratory, 1873–1910. The list, spanning 182 years, was compiled from 104 sources and includes invertebrate macrofauna (>0.5 mm) and more limited studies of meiofauna. It currently holds over...

GIS dataset of candidate terrestrial ecological restoration areas for the United States

James Wickham
A vector GIS dataset of candidate areas for terrestrial ecological restoration based on landscape context. The dataset was created using NLCD 2011 (www.mrlc.gov) and morphological spatial pattern analysis (MSPA) (http://forest.jrc.ec.europa.eu/download/software/guidos/mspa/). There are 13 attributes for the polygons in the dataset, including presence and length of roads, candidate area size, size of surround contiguous natural areas, soil productivity, presence and length of road, areas suitable for wetland restoration, and others.

Near-Port Air Quality Assessment Utilizing a Mobile Monitoring Approach

Evelyn Kimbrough
Near-Port Air Quality Assessment Utilizing a Mobile Monitoring Approach

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