313 Works

NIST Plain and Rolled Images from Paired Fingerprint Cards, NIST Special Database 29

Craig Watson


Trevor Keller

FIZ/NIST Inorganic Crystal Structure Database, NIST Standard Reference Database 84

Vicky Karen


PC. Simon

XCOM-Photon Cross Sections Database, NIST Standard Reference Database 8

Stephen Seltzer

NIST Scoring Package: Release 1.0, NIST Special Software 1.

Michael D. Garris

Data from "High-temperature tensile constitutive data and models for structural steels in fire (NIST Technical Note 1714)"

Joseph McColskey, William Luecke & Stephen Banovic

Tutorials in Analytical Chemistry

Lane Sander, Leah Kauffman & Janiel Reed

NanoUV-VIS- An interactive visualization tool for monitoring the evolution of optical properties of nanoparticlesthroughout synthesis reactions.

Michael Winchester, Jose R. Vega-Baudrit, Karen Murphy, Antonio Montoro Bustos & Gabriel Fonseca Sarmanho


Trevor Keller

Hydrocarbon Spectral Database, NIST Standard Reference Database 115

Frank Lovas

Reference Data Set of Human Skin Reflectance

Catherine Cooksey, Benjamin Tsai & David Allen

FLYCHK Database, NIST Standard Reference Database 160

Yuri Ralchenko

International Comparisons Database, NIST Standard Reference Database 136

Robert Watters

NIST Registry of Adsorbent Materials

Daniel Siderius

ThermoData Engine Version 7.0, NIST Standard Reference Database 103 b

Michael Frenkel

Chem-Blast Gateway for PDB Ligands, NIST Standard Reference Database 155

TN Bhat

Radionuclide Half-Life Measurements, NIST Standard Reference Database 120

Michael Unterweger

Data for "Strong loophole free test of local realism"

Lynden Shalm, Sae Woo Nam, Evan Meyer-Scott, Bradley Christensen, Peter Bierhorst, Michael Wayne, Martin Stevens, Thomas Gerrits, Scott Glancy, Deny Hamel, Michael Allman, Kevin Coakley, Shellee Dyer, Carson Hodge, Adriana Lita, Varun Verma, Camilla Lambrocco, Edward Tortorici, Alan Migdall, Zhang Yanbao, Daniel Kumor, William Farr, Francesco Marsili, Mathew Shaw, Jeffrey Stern … & Emanuel Knill

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