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Compiled Multi-Lab Geochemistry Synoptic Survey (LANL, ORNL, LBNL), Barrow, Alaska; 2012

Brent Newman & Heather Throckmorton
To assess the effects of microtopography and depth on ground water geochemistry in arctic polygonal terrain.

NGEE Arctic Leaf Spectral Reflectance and Transmittance, Barrow, Alaska, 2014-2016

Shawn Serbin, Wil Lieberman-Cribbin, Kim Ely & Alistair Rogers
Measurements of full-spectrum (i.e. 350-2500nm) leaf spectral reflectance of Arctic plant species. Data were collected in Barrow, Alaska during the 2014-2016 period.

NGEE Arctic Leaf Spectral Reflectance, Barrow, Alaska 2013

Shawn Serbin, Alistair Rogers & Jennifer Liebig
Measurements of full-spectrum (i.e. 350-2500nm) leaf spectral reflectance of 9 Arctic plant species within the BEO, Barrow, Alaska. Spectra were collected using an ASD Field Spec 3 full range spectroradiometer with a leaf clip assembly attached to a plant probe with an internally calibrated light source. Data were collected in July 2013, and sample LMA, N content and chlorophyll content are available in related datasets.

Digital Elevation Model, 0.5-m, Barrow Environmental Observatory, Alaska, 2012

Joel Rowland, Chandana Gangodagamage & Cathy Wilson
The dataset is a digital elevation model, DEM, of a 2km by 7km region in the vicinity of the Barrow Environmental Observatory near Barrow, Ak.

Surface Meteorology at Teller Site Stations, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Ongoing from 2016

Bob Busey, Bob Bolton, Cathy Wilson & Lily Cohen
Meteorological data are currently being collected at two locations at the Teller Site, Seward Peninsula. Teller Creek Station near TL_BSV (TELLER BOTTOM METEOROLOGICAL STATION) Station is located in the lower watershed in a tussock / willow transition zone and co-located with continuous snow depth measurements and subsurface measurements. Teller Creek Station near TL_IS_5 (TELLER TOP METEOROLOGICAL STATION) Station is located in the upper watershed and co-located with continuous snow depth measurements and subsurface measurements. Two...

CO2 CH4 flux Air temperature Soil temperature and Soil moisture, Barrow, Alaska 2013 ver. 1

Margaret Torn
This dataset consists of field measurements of CO2 and CH4 flux, as well as soil properties made during 2013 in Areas A-D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska. Included are i) measurements of CO2 and CH4 flux made from June to September (ii) Calculation of corresponding Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) and CH4 exchange (transparent minus opaque) between atmosphere and the ecosystem (ii) Measurements of Los Gatos...

Surface Meteorology at Kougarok Site Station, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Ongoing from 2017

Bob Busey, Bob Bolton, Cathy Wilson & Lily Cohen
Meteorological data are currently being collected at one location at the top of the Kougarok hill, Seward Peninsula. This December 18, 2017 release includes data for: Teller Creek Station near TL_BSV (TELLER BOTTOM METEOROLOGICAL STATION) Station is located in the lower watershed in a tussock / willow transition zone and co-located with continuous snow depth measurements and subsurface measurements. Teller Creek Station near TL_IS_5 (TELLER TOP METEOROLOGICAL STATION) Station is located in the upper watershed...

Electrical Resistance Tomographic Profile L2, Site 0, Barrow AK

Susan Hubbard & Baptiste Dafflon
Figure 7a in http://esd.lbl.gov/files/about/staff/susanhubbard/PUBLISHED_-_Hubbard-Hydrogeology-2012_with_Gangodagamage_et_al.pdf

Leaf Area, Vegetation Biomass and Nutrient Content, Barrow, Alaska, 2012 - 2013

Victoria Sloan, David McGuire, Eugenie Euskirchen, Ingrid Slette, Kelsey Carter, Sarah Wood, Joanne Childs, Colleen Iversen & Richard Norby
This dataset consists of measurements of vegetation harvested from Areas A to D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska. The dataset includes i) values of leaf area index, biomass, carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) content of aboveground plant parts from 0.25 m × 0.25 m clip-plots at peak growing season and ii) fine-root biomass from 5.08-cm diameter soil cores taken throughout the active layer...

Ground Water Levels for NGEE Areas A, B, C and D, Barrow, Alaska, 2012-2014

Anna Liljedahl & Cathy Wilson
Ice wedge polygonal tundra water levels were measured at a total of 45 locations representing polygon centers and troughs during three summers. Early season water levels, which were still affected by ice and snow, are represented by manual measurements only. Continuous (less than hourly) measurements followed through early fall (around mid-Sep). The data set contains inundation depth (cm), absolute water level and local ground surface elevation (masl).

NGEE Arctic Leaf Spectral Absorptance, Barrow, Alaska, 2015-2016

Shawn Serbin
Leaf level reflectance on each sample leaf was measured using a portable, full range (i.e. 0.35 to 2.5 microns) Spectra Vista Corporation (SVC) HR-1024i spectroradiometer, together with a leaf clip assembly with an internal, calibrated light source (SVC, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA). Each measurement was referenced against a LabSphere Spectralon (R) standard (LabSphere, Inc., North Sutton, NH, USA) to calculate leaf reflectance from the ratio of target and standard calibrated radiance measurements for each leaf. For...

Remote Sensing-Based, 5-m, Vegetation Distributions, Kougarok Study Site, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, ca. 2009 - 2016

Zachary Langford, Jitendra Kumar, Forrest Hoffman, Colleen Iversen & Amy Breen
A multi-sensor remote sensing-based deep learning approach was developed for generating high-resolution (5~m) vegetation maps for the western Alaskan Arctic on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska. This data was developed using the fusion of hyperspectral, multispectral, and terrain datasets. The current data is located in the Kougarok watershed but we plan to expand this over the Seward Peninsula.

A Subgrid Approach for Modeling Microtopography Effects on Overland Flow: Modeling Archive

Ahmad Jan, Ethan Coon & Scott Painter
This Modeling Archive is in support of an NGEE Arctic manuscript. A new subgrid model was implemented in the Advanced Terrestrial Simulator (ATS) to capture micro-topography effects on surface flow. A comparison of the fine-scale simulations on seven individual ice-wedge polygons and a cluster of polygons was made between the results of the subgrid model and no-subgrid model. Our finding confirms that the effects of small-scale spatial heterogeneities can be captured in the coarsened models....

NGEE Arctic Tram: Continuous Soil Moisture and Temperature Measurements across Low- and High-Centered Polygonal Ground, Barrow, Alaska, 2014-2016

Baptiste Dafflon & Margaret Torn
This data set reports the continuous soil moisture and temperature measurements collected from August of 2014 to September of 2016 along the footprint of the NGEE Arctic Tram. Soil moisture and temperature sensors are installed adjacent to the Tram at 8 locations of varying land surface types across the low-centered and high-centered polygonal ground. While the Tram operates seasonally these soil measurements are recorded year around. Data for the remainder of 2016 and 2017 will...

Radiocarbon in Ecosystem Respiration and Soil Pore-Space CO2 with Surface Gas Flux, Air Temperature, and Soil Temperature and Moisture, Barrow, Alaska, 2012-2014

Lydia Vaughn, Margaret Torn, Rachel Porras, Bryan Curtis & Oriana Chafe
Dataset includes Delta14C measurements made from CO2 that was collected and purified in 2012-2014 from surface soil chambers, soil pore space, and background atmosphere. In addition to 14CO2 data, dataset includes co-located measurements of CO2 and CH4 flux, soil and air temperature, and soil moisture. Measurements and field samples were taken from intensive study site 1 areas A, B, and C, and the site 0 and AB transects, from specified positions in high-centered, flat-centered, and...

Plant Available Nutrients, Barrow, Alaska, Ver. 1

Victoria Sloan, Colleen Iversen, Jennifer Liebig, Bryan Curtis, Melaine Hahn, Julia Siegrist & Richard Norby
This dataset reports measurements of plant available nutrients made using Plant Root Simulator (PRS) probes (Western Ag Innovations Inc.) during 2012 and 2013 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic field site near Barrow, Alaska. In 2012, Ca, Mg, K, P, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, B, S, Pb, Al, Cd, NO3-N and NH4-N availability were measured during spring, summer and winter from probes installed in the centers, edges and troughs of four polygons in each...

Intensive Site 1 Vegetation Plot Photos, Barrow, Alaska, 2012

Victoria Sloan & Richard Norby
Photographs were taken on 24th June, 15th July and 17th August 2012, using a Canon Ixus 70 7.1 megapixel digital camera. Photographs were taken during the recording of weekly soil moisture, temperature and thaw depth measurements (Sloan et al., 2014), over a time period spanning approximately 6 hours on each day. Photographs were taken from positions where matted trail allowed access to vegetation plots.

NGEE Arctic Webcam Photographs, Barrow Environmental Observatory, Barrow, Alaska

Bob Busey & Larry Hinzman
The NGEE Arctic Webcam (PTZ Camera) captures two views of seasonal transitions from its generally south-facing position on a tower located at the Barrow Environmental Observatory near Barrow, Alaska. Images are captured every 30 minutes. Historical images are available for download. The camera is operated by the U.S. DOE sponsored Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments - Arctic (NGEE Arctic) project.

Electrical and Seismic Response of Saline Permafrost Soil during Freeze - Thaw Transition: Supporting Data

Yuxin Wu, Seiji Nakagawa & Timothy Kneafsey
Geophysical properties of saline permafrost core from site 0 transect at 260-280cm below ground surface.

Results of Experimental Additions of Organic Nitrogen on Soil Organic Matter Decomposition, Teller Road Site, Seward Peninsula, 2017 and 2018

Michael Philben, Jianqiu Zheng, Markus Bill, Jeff Heikoop, George Perkins, Ziming Yang, David Graham & Baohua Gu
This dataset provides the results of the experimental addition of glutamic acid on anaerobic organic matter decomposition as measured in the field and through laboratory methods. Field experiments were conducted during the summers of 2017 and 2018 at the NGEE Arctic Teller Road Site at mile marker 27 (TL_MM27) near Intensive Site 9 (TL_IS_9). At the field site, a solution of glutamate (13C- and 15N-labeled glutamate in 2017, unlabeled in 2018) was injected belowground and...

Synthesis of soil geochemical characteristics and organic carbon degradation in Arctic polygon tundra, Barrow, Alaska

Jianqiu Zheng, Taniya RoyChowdhury, Elizabeth Herndon, Ziming Yang, Baohua Gu, Stan Wullschleger & David Graham
This is a synthesis data product that reports (1) the results of soil geochemical characterization and (2) organic carbon degradation in low temperature soil incubations on cores collected on the NGEE Arctic Study Area near Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska. The study area consists of thaw lakes, drained thaw lake basins and interstitial tundra with a polygonal landscape of microtopographic features created by ice wedges. Integrated geochemical and organic carbon degradation data from 9 individual soil cores...

CO2 and CH4 Production and CH4 Oxidation in Low Temperature Soil Incubations from Flat- and High-Centered Polygons, Barrow, Alaska, 2012

David Graham, Jianqiu Zheng & Taniya RoyChowdhury
The dataset consists of respiration and methane production rates and methane oxidation potential obtained from soil microcosm studies carried out under controlled temperature and incubation conditions. Soils cores collected in 2012 represent the flat- and high-centered polygon active layers and permafrost (when present) from the NGEE Arctic Intensive Study Site 1, Barrow, Alaska.

Low-altitude remote sensing dataset of DEM and RGB mosaic for AB corridor on July 13 2013 and L2 corridor on July 21 2013

Baptiste Dafflon
Low-altitude remote sensing dataset including DEM and RGB mosaic for AB (July 13 2013) and L2 corridor (July 21 2013).Processing flowchart for each corridor:Ground control points (GCP, 20.3 cm square white targets, every 20 m) surveyed with RTK GPS. Acquisition of RGB pictures using a Kite-based platform. Structure from Motion based reconstruction using hundreds of pictures and GCP coordinates. Export of DEM and RGB mosaic in geotiff format (NAD 83, 2012 geoid, UTM zone 4...

Rooting depth distribution and nitrogen acquisition using 15N tracer, Barrow, Alaska, 2013

Colleen Iversen
Permafrost thaw and degradation may lead to altered thickness of the active soil layer and a changing distribution of plant-available nutrients throughout the soil, but little is known about the nutrient acquisition strategies of dominant tundra plant species. We conducted an 15N isotope tracer experiment to assess the vertical distribution of nutrient acquisition among three dominant species representing important plant functional types (PFTs) on the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO) in Barrow, Alaska. We found that...

NGEE Arctic Tram: Visible to Near-infrared Spectral Reflectance, Barrow, Alaska, 2015-2018

Shawn Serbin, Andrew McMahon, Keith Lewiin, Oriana Chafe & Bryan Curtis
Canopy spectral reflectance collected from the NGEE-Arctic automated tram platform using a PP-Systems UniSpec-DC spectrometer. Downwelling radiance was measured using a 2 meter fiber optic cable connected to a cosine diffuser. Upwelling (i.e. reflected) radiance was measured using a 2 meter cable connected to a 12 degree field-of-view (FOV) lens. Canopy reflectance was calculated using the ratio of upwelling to downwelling radiance measured over a 99.99% reflectance Spectralon standard measured at the start of each...

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