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SPRUCE Pretreatment Plant Tissue Analyses, 2009 through 2013

J. Phillips, D. Brice, P. Hanson, J. Childs, C. Iversen, R. Norby & J. Warren
This data set reports the results of elemental analyses of foliar and stem/woody twig plant tissues collected at the SPRUCE site in 2009, 2012, and 2013. Samples were obtained at various locations around the S1 Bog and from within the developing experimental treatment plots. These are pretreatment vegetation samples, collected prior to initiation of the SPRUCE experiment heating and elevated CO2 treatments.

SPRUCE Advanced Molecular Techniques Provide a Rigorous Method for Characterizing Organic Matter Quality in Complex Systems: Supporting Data

Rachel Wilson & Malak Tfaily
These data are provided in support of the Commentary, Advanced molecular techniques provide a rigorous method for characterizing organic matter quality in complex systems, Wilson and Tfaily (2018). Measurement results demonstrate that optical characterization of peatland dissolved organic matter (DOM) may not fully capture classically identified chemical characteristics and may, therefore, not be the best measure of organic matter quality.

SPRUCE S1 Bog Pretreatment Seasonal Photosynthesis and Respiration of Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants, 2010-2015

A. Jensen, J. Warren, L.A. Hook, S.D. Wullschleger, D.J. Brice, J. Childs & H.M. Vander Stel
This data set contains the empirical biochemical, morphological, and physiological data collected between 2010 and 2015 on an herb (Maianthemum trifolium), understory shrubs (Rhododendron groenlandicum, Chamaedaphne calyculata, Kalmia polifolia and Vaccinium angustifolium) and overstory trees (Picea mariana and Larix laricina) in the S1-Bog at the USDA Forest Service Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF) in northern Minnesota, USA. Data reported include the measurements of photosynthetic light and CO2 response curves, and dark respiration, as applied to standardized...

SPRUCE S1 Bog Fine-root Production and Standing Crop Assessed With Minirhizotrons in the Southern and Northern Ends of the S1 Bog

C. Iversen, J. Childs, R. Norby, A. Garrett, A. Martin, J. Spence & T. Ontl
This data set reports fine-root peak growth and standing crop measurements from a forested, ombrotrophic bog as determined using non-destructive minirhizotron technology. Minirhizotron images were collected throughout the growing seasons of 2011 and 2012 at the southern and northern ends of the S1 bog across gradients of tree density in paired hummock and hollow microtopography. The dominant woody species in the bog, and focus of the investigation, were trees Picea mariana and Larix laricina, and...

SPRUCE Ground Observations of Phenology in Experimental Plots, 2016-2017

Andrew Richardson, John Latimer, W. Robert Nettles, Ryan Heiderman, Jeffrey Warren & Paul Hanson
This data set consists of phenological transition dates, as derived from direct observations of vegetative and reproductive phenology recorded by a human observer, from the SPRUCE experiment during the 2+ years (August 2015 through December 2017) of whole-ecosystem warming. For 2016, only springtime (April - June) phenological events are included. For 2017 (April - December), spring and autumn events are included. Beginning in April 2016, human observers have been directly tracking the phenology of both...

SPRUCE Total Gaseous Mercury Fluxes and Peat Mercury Concentrations, 2014-2015

K.M. Haynes, C.P.J. Mitchell & R.K. Kolka
This data set reports the results of total gaseous mercury (TGM) flux monitoring conducted in a sub-set of the SPRUCE experimental study enclosures (Plots 4, 6, 10, 13, 17 and 19) located in the S1 Bog. These plots were selected to represent duplicates of the +0, +4.5 and +9°C experimental temperature treatments. Monitoring of TGM fluxes was conducted in May-June 2014, August 2014 and June 2015 to capture the influence of the deep (2 m...

SPRUCE Porewater Total Mercury and Methylmercury from Experimental Plots, Beginning in 2016

C.E. Pierce, S. Psarska, J. Brozowski, S.D. Sebestyen, R.K. Kolka, E.A. Nater & B.M. Toner
This data set reports the results of total mercury and methylmercury analyses of porewater samples from the SPRUCE experimental study plots located in the S1-Bog. Sample collection and analyses started in June of 2016 and will continue for the duration of the experiment. Data will be added to this data set and released to the public periodically as quality assurance and publication of results are accomplished.

SPRUCE Methylotrophic Methanogenesis in Sphagnum-dominated Peatland Soils – CH4 and CO2 Production in Laboratory Incubations

Cassandra Zalman, N. Meade, J. Chanton, J. Kostka, S. Bridgham & J. Keller
This study investigated the potential for methylotrophic methanogenesis in three Sphagnum-dominated peatland soils in northern Minnesota. Collected soils were amended with 13C-labeled traditional substrates (acetate and sodium bicarbonate/ H2) and methylated substrates (methanol, monomethylamine (“MMA”), dimethylsulfide (“DMS”)) and monitored for δ13C-CH4, δ 13C-CO2, and net CH4 and CO2 production in laboratory incubations. The peatlands included in the study were (1) the S1 Bog, home to the SPRUCE Experiment and located at the Marcell Experimental Forest...

SPRUCE Representing Northern Peatland Microtopography and Hydrology within the Community Land Model: Modeling Archive

X. Shi, P. Thornton, D. Ricciuto, P. Hanson, J. Mao, S. Sebestyen, N. Griffiths & G. Bisht
Here we provide model code, inputs, outputs and evaluation datasets for a new configuration of the Community Land Model (CLM) for SPRUCE, which includes a fully prognostic water table calculation for SPRUCE. Our structural and process changes to CLM focus on modifications needed to represent the hydrologic cycle of bogs environment with perched water tables, as well as distinct hydrologic dynamics and vegetation communities of the raised hummock and sunken hollow microtopography characteristic of SPRUCE...

SPRUCE Seasonal Dynamics of Non-Structural Carbohydrates of Four Woody Species in the S1 Bog: 2013-2014

M.E. Furze, A.M. Jensen, J.M. Warren, J. Childs & S.D. Wullschleger

Soil Respiration and Microbial Biomass from Soil Incubations with 13C Labeled Additions

L. Kluber, J. Phillips, C. Schadt & M. Mayes

SPRUCE S1 Bog Vegetation Survey and Peat Depth Data: 2009

P. Hanson
This data set reports the results of a field survey of the S1 Bog to characterize the vegetation and to determine peat depth. The survey was conducted on September 21 and 22, 2009. The initial survey of vegetation and peat depth characteristics of the target bog was conducted to evaluate the logical locations for installing replicated experimental blocks for SPRUCE. The goal was to identify multiple locations of uniform aboveground vegetation and belowground peat depth...

SPRUCE Deep Peat Heating (DPH) to Whole Ecosystem Warming (WEW) Metagenomes for Peat Samples Collected June 2016

Laurel Kluber, Daniel Yip, Zamin Yang & Christopher Schadt
This data set provides links to the results of metagenomic analyses of 44 peat samples collected on 13 June 2016 from SPRUCE experiment treatment and ambient plots. Experimental plots had received approximately 24 months of belowground warming (deep peat heating (DPH), Hanson et al. 2015) with the last 9 of those months including air warming for implementation of whole ecosystems warming (WEW – Hanson et al. 2016). WEW Metagenomes: Data from these metagenomes are archived...

SPRUCE Does dissolved organic matter or solid peat fuel anerobic respiration in peatlands?: Supporting Data

A.M. Hopple, L. Pfeifer-Meister, C.A. Zalman, J.K. Keller, M.M. M.M., R.M. Wilson, J.P. Chanton & S.D. Bridgham
Hopple et al. (2019) investigated whether, as a primary substrate – dissolved organic matter (DOM) or solid peat – was driving anaerobic respiration at surface and at deep depth increments within two bogs and a poor fen in northern Minnesota. To address this question, they used a combination of soil laboratory incubations, as well as in-situ analyses of porewater dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations and specific UV absorbance (SUVA) measurements. Soil samples were collected in...

SPRUCE Manual Phenology Observations and Photographs Beginning in 2010

Ryan Heiderman, W. Robert Nettles, Todd Ontl, John Latimer, Andrew Richardson & Paul Hanson
Periodic observations of the phenology of vegetation bud swell, leaf out, leaf off, flowering, fruiting and the nature of snow cover and ice presence have been assessed by SPRUCE project personnel since 2010. These observations are supplemented by the collection of images from periodic photographs. Annual summaries of vegetation phenology and snow and ice presence are also provided. Early observations were conducted throughout the S1-Bog with an emphasis on the southern end of the bog....

Fine-Root Ecology Database (FRED): A Global Collection of Root Trait Data with Coincident Site, Vegetation, Edaphic, and Climatic Data, Version 2.

C.M. Iversen, A.S. Powell, M.L. McCormack, C.B. Blackwood, G.T. Freschet, J. Kattge, C. Roumet, D.B. Stover, N.A. Soudzilovskaia, O.J. Valverde-Barrantes, P.M. Van Bodegom & C. Violle
The second version of the Fine-Root Ecology Database is available for download! Download the full FRED 2.0 data set, user guidance document, map, and list of data sources here. Prior to downloading the data, please read and follow the Data Use Guidelines, and it's worth checking out some tips for using FRED before you begin your analyses. Also, see here for an updating list of corrections to FRED 2.0.

SPRUCE S1 Bog Pretreatment Fungal Hyphae Carbon and Nitrogen Concentrations and Stable Isotope Composition from In-growth Cores, 2013-2014

K. Hofmockel, J. Chen & E. Hobbie
This data set reports fungal hyphal carbon and nitrogen concentrations and δ13C, and δ15N data for samples obtained from in-growth cores in the S1 Bog. Hyphae were collected using 40 μm in-growth bags (10 cm × 10 cm) filled with sterile sand. Bags were incubated in the field in paired hummock and hollows at six locations in the bog. In hummocks, bags were inserted at +10 to 0 cm above the adjacent hollow and in...

SPRUCE: NDVI Data from Selected SPRUCE Experimental Plots, 2016-2018

M.Y. McPartland, E.S. Kane, Falkowski, M.J.,, R. Kolka, M.R. Turetsky, B. Palik & R.A. Montgomery
This data set consists of observations of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) collected via stationary sensors positioned 1.5 meter above unobstructed areas of the ground layer. Sensors were installed above undisturbed community composition plots, that are not instrumented or destructively sampled in any way, in six of the ten chambered SPRUCE experimental study plots located in the S1-Bog. Spectral data (630 and 800 nanometers) were collected at 10-minute intervals over a field of view of...

SPRUCE Peat Mercury, Methylmercury and Sulfur Concentrations from Experimental Plot Cores, 2012

Olha Furman, M. Tfaily, S. Nicholas, J. Wasik, S. Sebestyen, R. Kolka, E. Nater & B. Toner

SPRUCE Peat Physical and Chemical Characteristics from Experimental Plot Cores, 2012

C. Iversen, P. Hanson, D. Brice, J. Phillips, K. McFarlane, E. Hobbie & R. Kolka
This data set reports the results of physical and chemical analyses of peat core samples from the SPRUCE experimental study plots located in the S1-Bog. On August 13-15, 2012, a team of SPRUCE investigators and collaborators collected core samples of peat in the SPRUCE experimental plots. The goal was to characterize the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of peat, and how those characteristics changed throughout the depth profile of the bog, prior to the initialization...

SPRUCE Stability of Peatland Carbon to Rising Temperatures: Supporting Data

R. Wilson, A. Hopple, M. Tfaily, S. Sebestyen, C. Schadt, L. Pfeifer-Meister, C. Medvedeff, K McFarlane, J. Kostka, M Kolton, R. Kolka & L. Kluber
This data set reports the results of extensive field measurements and laboratory analyses of samples from the SPRUCE experiment. Results indicate that ecosystem-scale warming of over 2 m of peat exponentially increased CH4 emissions —but not ecosystem respiration of CO2. Multiple lines of evidence, including incubations and in situ analyses of 14C, dissolved gases, and microbial community metabolic potential, indicate that CH4 emissions increased due to surface processes and not degradation of deeper buried carbon....

SPRUCE Whole Ecosystem Warming (WEW) Peat Water Content and Temperature Profiles for Experimental Plot Cores Beginning June 2016

J. Gutknecht, L. Kluber, P. Hanson & C. Schadt
This data set provides the peat water content and peat temperature at time of sampling for peat cores collected before and during the SPRUCE Whole Ecosystem Warming (WEW) study. Cores for the current data set were collected during the following bulk peat sampling events: 13 June 2016 and 23 August 2016. Over time, this dataset will be updated with each new major bulk peat sampling event, and dates/methods will be updated accordingly.

SPRUCE S1-Bog Phenology Movies, 2010-2016

P. Hanson, J. Riggs, L. Hook & W. Nettles
This data set provides annual movies created from daily and twice daily images of vegetation stands in the S1 Bog showing the seasonal changes of vegetation and appearance and disappearance of snow for the period June 2010 through December 2015. Compiled movies are useful for examining the phenology of the bog and the changes to the landscape as experimental facilities have been constructed.

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