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Soil erosion and organic matter for central Great Plains cropping systems under residue removal

John Tatarko, Ascough II, James C. & Richard Nelson
This study examined average annual changes in soil erosion from rainfall and wind forces, and trends in soil organic carbon (SOC). The diversity of geo-climatic land bases and potential feedstocks within the United States Central Great Plains (CGP) requires sustainable production that provides optimal resource utilization while maintaining or enhancing localized soil and environmental quality as much as possible. This study examined average annual changes in soil erosion from rainfall and wind forces and trends...

ScaleNet: Scale Insects (Coccoidea) Database

Y. Ben-Dov & G.A.P. Gibson
The objective of this database is to provide comprehensive information on the scale insects (Coccoidea) of the world, of which there are about about 7,800 species. Scale insects vary dramatically in their appearance from very small organisms (1-2mm) that occur under wax covers (some look like oyster shells), to shiny pearl-like objects (about 5mm), to creatures covered with mealy wax. They spend most or all of their lives feeding on plants and are primarily important...

Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)

U. S. Department Of Agriculture USDA Agricultural Research Service

Eastern Potato Variety Development Database, (NE1231)

Mark E. Clough, George C. Yencho, Barbara Christ, Walter DeJong, Donald Halseth, Kathleen Haynes, Melvin Henninger, Chad Hutchinson, Matt Kleinhenz, Greg A. Porter & Richard E. Veilleux
This is an interactive potato variety database that allows researchers and end-users to access and obtain potato variety trial results in one centralized site. It was developed primarily for scientists interested in potato variety development, growers, and allied industry members. The database is populated with the results of potato variety trials conducted in eight states (Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) and two Canadian provinces (Prince Edward Island and...

Athalia rosae genome assembly v1.0

Jan Philip Oeyen, Masatsugu Hatakeyama, Richard A. Gibbs, Kim C. Worley, Shwetha C. Murali, Sandra L. Lee, Donna M. Muzny, Hsu Chao, Huyen Dinh, Harshavardhan Doddapaneni, Jiaxin Qu, Shannon Dugan, Yi Han, Stephen Richards, Bernhard Misof & Oliver Niehuis

United States General Soil Map (STATSGO2)

United States Department Of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

Unit process data for lignin extraction in a softwood kraft pulp mill

Charles Grant Culbertson & Richard Venditti
This unit process represents the gate-to-gate production of 1 air-dried metric tonne of kraft lignin, coproduced with southern bleached softwood kraft pulp (SBSK), high voltage electricity and unrefined tall oil soap. The pulp is derived from pine or loblolly pine in a kraft pulping process at a mill in the southern United States (U.S.). Lignin is extracted via precipitation and acid washing. All flows are production weighted to kraft lignin. The SBSK pulp production technologies...

Anoplophora glabripennis genome annotations v0.5.3

Duane D. McKenna, Daniel S. T. Hughes & Stephen Richards

Data from: Long-Term Agroecosystem Research in the Central Mississippi River Basin: Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed Flow Data

Ann Edahl
Flow monitoring in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed started in 1971 at three nested watersheds ranging from 12 to 73 km2. Since then, runoff or stream flow has been measured at 14 plots, three fields, and 12 additional stream sites ranging from 0.0034 to 6067 km2 in the Central Mississippi River Basin. The data set presented here documents discharge across a range of catchment sizes in an area known for its high runoff potential. It constitutes...

Composition of Foods Raw, Processed, Prepared USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27

David B. Haytowitz, Jaspreet K. C. Ahuja, Robin Thomas, Melissa Nickle, Janet M. Roseland, Juhi R. Williams, Bethany Showell, Meena Somanchi, Mona Khan, Quynh Anh Nguyen, Kristine Y. Patterson, Jacob Exler, Shirley Wasswa-Kintu & Pamela R. Pehrsson

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