370 Works

Landscape Characterization and Representativeness Analysis for Understanding Sampling Network Coverage

Damian Maddalena, Forrest Hoffman, Jitendra Kumar & William Hargrove

Surface Meteorology, Barrow, Alaska, Area A, B, C and D, Ongoing from 2012

Bob Busey, Larry Hinzman, William Cable & Vladimir Romanovsky

SPRUCE S1 Bog Pretreatment Photosynthesis and Respiration for Black Spruce: 2010-2013

A. Jensen, J. Warren, P. Hanson, J. Childs & S. Wullschleger

GSOD Based Daily Global Mean Surface Temperature and Mean Sea Level Air Pressure (1982-2011)

Dali Xuan Shi

Lowry Range Solar Station: Arapahoe County, Colorado (Data)

M. Yoder & A. Andreas

SPRUCE Peat Physical and Chemical Characteristics from Experimental Plot Cores, 2012

C. Iversen, P. Hanson, D. Brice, J. Phillips, K. McFarlane, E. Hobbie & R. Kolka

Solar Radiation Monitoring Station (SoRMS): Humboldt State University, Arcata, California (Data)

S. Wilcox & A. Andreas

Bluefield State College: Bluefield, West Virginia (Data)

T. Stoffel & A. Andreas

ARM: X-Band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar, filtered spectral data, cross-polarized mode

Joseph Hardin, Dan Nelson, Iosif Lindenmaier, Bradley Isom, Karen Johnson, Alyssa Matthews & Nitin Bharadwaj

Remote sensing-based characterization, 2-m, Plant Functional Type Distributions, Barrow Environmental Observatory, 2010

Zachary Langford, Jitendra Kumar & Forrest Hoffman

20130416_Green Machine Florida Canyon Hourly Data

Alex Vanderhoff

Total Column Carbon Observing Network (TCCON) Site: Jet Propulsion Laboratory 02

Paul Wennberg, Coleen Roehl, Jean-Francois Blavier, Jess Landeros & Allen Norton

Life Cycle Water Consumption and Water Resource Assessment for Utility-Scale Geothermal Systems: An In-Depth Analysis of Historical and Forthcoming EGS Projects

Jenna Schroeder

Fluid Inclusion Gas Analysis

Lorie Dilley

Eddy-Covariance and auxiliary measurements, NGEE-Barrow, 2012-2013

Margaret Torn, Dave Billesbach & Naama Raz-Yaseef

Solar Resource & Meteorological Assessment Project (SOLRMAP): Observed Atmospheric and Solar Information System (OASIS); Tucson, Arizona (Data)

S. Wilcox & A. Andreas

Gap Assessment (FY 13 Update)

Dan Getman

SPRUCE Seasonal Dynamics of Non-Structural Carbohydrates of Four Woody Species in the S1 Bog: 2013-2014

M.E. Furze, A.M. Jensen, J.M. Warren, J. Childs & S.D. Wullschleger

SPRUCE S1 Bog Vegetation Allometric and Biomass Data: 2010-2011

P. Hanson, D. Brice, C. Garten, L. Hook, J. Phillips & D. Todd

Silver Peak Innovative Exploration Project (Ram Power Inc.)

Clay Miller

ASTER Thermal Anomalies in Western Colorado

Richard Zehner

20140430_Green Machine Florida Canyon Hourly Data

Joe Thibedeau

Solar Resource & Meteorological Assessment Project (SOLRMAP): Rotating Shadowband Radiometer (RSR); Milford, Utah (Data)

S. Wilcox & A. Andreas

Preliminary Drill Sites

Michael Lane

ARM: RPH stabilized platform tilt

Timothy Martin, Annette Koontz & Richard Coulter

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  • 2014

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