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Materials Data on H18RuC6(SCl)3 (SG:33) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson

Public Data Set: H-mode Plasmas at Very Low Aspect Ratio on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

Kathreen Thome, Michael Bongard, Jayson Barr, Grant Bodner, Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, David Kriete, Justin Perry, Joshua Reusch & David Schlossberg

Public Data Set: Erratum: "Multi-point, high-speed passive ion velocity distribution diagnostic on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 83, 10D516 (2012)]

Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, Michael Bongard, David Schlossberg & Gregory Winz

Materials Data on MgAgAsO5 (SG:19) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson

GEO2D - Two-Dimensional Computer Model of a Ground Source Heat Pump System

James Menart

Public Data Set: A Novel, Cost-Effective, Multi-Point Thomson Scattering System on the Pegasus Toroidal Experiment

David Schlossberg, Grant Bodner, Joshua Reusch, Michael Bongard, Raymond Fonck & Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez Sanchez

National Hydropower Plant Dataset, Version 1 (Update FY18Q2)

Nicole Samu, Shih-Chieh Kao, Patrick O'Connor, Megan Johnson, Rocio Uria-Martinez & Ryan McManamay

NIST Scoring Package: Release 1.0, NIST Special Software 1.

Michael D. Garris

Microbarograph - ESRL Hi-Res Microbarograph, Walla Walla - Raw Data

Katherine McCaffrey

International Food Security

Economic Research Service US Department Of Agriulture

SPRUCE S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experiment Location Survey Results, 2015

Natalie Griffiths, L. Hook & P. Hanson

"Crystal Genes" in Metallic Liquids and Glasses

Yang Sun, Feng Zhang, Zhuo Ye, Yue Zhang, Xiaowei Fang, Zejun Ding, Cai-Zhuang Wang, Mikhail Mendelev, Ryan Ott, Matthew Kramer & Kai-Ming Ho

CISM 2.0.0 Benchmark dataset for LIVVKit 2.0.0

Joseph Kennedy

Materials Data on Ba2AlCu3O8 (SG:123) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson

Unit process data for agricultural self-propelled equipment version 1

Joyce Cooper, Michael Noon, Ezra Kahn & Ryan Johnson

Discovery of Dirac Node Arcs in PtSn4

Adam Kaminski, Paul Canfield, Serguei Budko, Daixiang Mou, Eundeok Mun, Yun Wu, Lunan Huang, Yongbin Lee, Duane Johnson & Linlin Wang

Materials Data on Ba2GeO4 (SG:33) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson

Snake River Plain FORGE Well Data for INEL-1

Robert Podgorney

Public Data Set: High Confinement Mode and Edge Localized Mode Characteristics in a Near-Unity Aspect Ratio Tokamak

Kathreen Thome, Michael Bongard, Jayson Barr, Grant Bodner, Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck, David Kriete, Justin Perry & David Schlossberg

Materials Data on Pr2B2MoO9 (SG:2) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson

Surface Meteorological Station - PNNL Short Tower, Grass Valley - Raw Data

Victor Morris

USDA Database for the Proanthocyanidin Content of Selected Foods, Release 2 (2015)

None Available

Mosaicked Historic Airborne Imagery from Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Starting in the 1950's

Jessica Cherry & Lisa Wirth

Public Data Set: Impedance of an Intense Plasma-Cathode Electron Source for Tokamak Plasma Startup

Edward Hinson, Jayson Barr, Michael Bongard, Marcus Burke, Raymond Fonck & Justin Perry


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