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Computed Tomography Scanning and Geophysical Measurements of the Marcellus Formation from the Nathan Goff #55 Well

Sarah Brown, Dustin Crandall, Johnathan Moore, Keithan Martin, Paige Mackey, Phillip Dinterman & Tim Carr

AmeriFlux CA-WP1 Alberta - Western Peatland - LaBiche River,Black Spruce/Larch Fen

Lawrence B. Flanagan
This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site CA-WP1 Alberta - Western Peatland - LaBiche River,Black Spruce/Larch Fen. Site Description - Latitude: 54.9538359° N Longitude: 112.4669767° W, the site is dominated by stunted trees of Larix laricina and Picea mariana, with Betula pumila, Ledum groenlandicum and Salix sp. (shrubs) and a wide range of moss species. There is also an abundant dwarf-shrub and herb layer including: Andromeda polifolia, Carex sp.,...

Effects of Rapid-Resisted Exercise on Ambulatory Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury (CNRM)

Asma Idriss
Background: Traumatic brain injury may have a range of effects, from severe and permanent disability to more subtle functional and cognitive deficits that often go undetected during initial treatment. To improve treatments and therapies and to provide a uniform quality of care, more research is needed into different treatments for traumatic brain injury. Exercise has been shown to improve movement and balance in people with strokes, cerebral palsy, and other conditions that affect the brain,...

Free-Electron Laser based Multiple Particle Fluctuation Scattering Data

Kanupriya Pande

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Data for Periodic Hydraulic Tests: Hydraulic Data

Matthew Cole
Hydraulic responses from periodic hydraulic tests conducted at the Mirror Lake Fractured Rock Research Site, during the summer of 2015. These hydraulic responses were measured also using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) which is cataloged in a different submission under this grant number. The tests are explained in detail in Matthew Cole's MS Thesis which is cataloged here. The injection and drawdown data and the codes used to analyze the data. Sinusoidal Data is a Matlab...

ORPC RivGen Hydrokinetic Turbine Wake Characterization

Jim Thomson & Maricarmen Guerra
Field measurements of mean flow and turbulence parameters at the Kvichak river prior to and after the deployment of ORPC's RivGen hydrokinetic turbine. Data description and turbine wake analysis are presented in the attached manuscript "Wake measurements from a hydrokinetic river turbine" by Guerra and Thomson (recently submitted to Renewable Energy). There are three data sets: NoTurbine (prior to deployment), Not_Operational_Turbine (turbine underwater, but not operational), and Operational_Turbine. The data has been quality controlled and...

Lattice QCD gauge ensemble: USQCD/MILC/asqtad/2048f21b6566m00484m0484

Christopher Aubin, Claude Bernard, Tommy Burch, Saumen Datta, Thomas DeGrand, Carleton DeTar, Steven Gottlieb, Eric Gregory, Urs Heller, James Hetrick, Kostas Orginos, James Osborn, W. Toussaint & Robert Sugar
MILC asqtad QCD SU(3) gauge ensemble; series=a; a=0.14fm; Ls=2.7fm; Nf=2+1; u0.m0=(0.00484,0.0484)

LTE Device-to-Device Out-of-Coverage Communication with Frequency Hopping Resource Scheduling Performance Metrics Evaluation Data

Fernando Cintron
This dataset represents the results from conducted simulations to evaluate the performance of Device-to-Device (D2D) communications in LTE when the User Equipment (UEs) are operating in UE-scheduled mode (Mode 2) with frequency hopping enabled. Different scenarios were simulated and communication performance was evaluated for each frequency hopping scheme defined in the LTE standard. The communication performance metrics include the successful transmission- reception ratio of transport blocks (TBs) at the physical layer, and the probability mass...

NGEE Arctic Leaf Spectral Reflectance and Transmittance, Barrow, Alaska, 2014-2016

Shawn Serbin, Wil Lieberman-Cribbin, Kim Ely & Alistair Rogers
Measurements of full-spectrum (i.e. 350-2500nm) leaf spectral reflectance of Arctic plant species. Data were collected in Barrow, Alaska during the 2014-2016 period.

Disruption Tolerant Key Management Monitoring for Stream-Processing Architecture for Real-time Cyber-physical Security (DTKM-SPARCS) v0.9

Sean Peisert & Reinhard Gentz
This code is a set of modules designed to monitor key exchange protocols used to securely communicate with equipment in the power grid and alert on deviations from the expected protocol, including both attacks and failures.

Imaging Techniques for Analyzing Shale Pores and Minerals

Angela Goodman
Carbon Storage TRS

An Independent, Prospective, Head to Head Study of the Reliability and Validity of Neurocognitive Test Batteries for the Assessment of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Portal Admin
Athletes are at a higher-than-normal risk for sustaining forceful impacts to the head, which sometimes yield mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). As a result, there has been a growing interest in methods and devices that can aid in traditional clinical measures by accurately assessing the extent of concussion-related symptoms as well as their resolution over time. In line with this goal, this study examines and compares the efficacy of two neurocognitive assessment tools, DANA and...

Imaging the magnetic nano-domains in Nd2Fe14B

Adam Kaminski, Daixiang Mou, Paul Canfield, Valentin Taufour, Lunan Huang, Serguei Bud'Ko, Benjamin Schrunk & Tej Lamichane

AmeriFlux CA-Na1 New Brunswick - 1967 Balsam Fir - Nashwaak Lake Site 01 (Mature balsam fir forest)

Charles P.-A. Bourque
This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site CA-Na1 New Brunswick - 1967 Balsam Fir - Nashwaak Lake Site 01 (Mature balsam fir forest). Site Description - immature balsam fir forest

State estimation for advanced control of wave energy converters

Ryan Coe & Giorgio Bacelli
A report on state estimation for advanced control of wave energy converters (WECs), with supporting data models and slides from the overview presentation. The methods discussed are intended for use to enable real-time closed loop control of WECs.

Linear Axis Testbed - Rail Degradation Experiment 01

Gregory Vogl, Brian Weiss, M Donmez & Michael Sharp
In this study, a rail of a linear axis testbed was intentionally degraded to various levels, affecting the carriage motion, which can be deduced with either an inertial measurement unit (IMU) or a laser- based reference system. The rail was degraded over a 10-cm-long region. Thus, the two trucks that move on the rail interact with this region of the rail, changing the translational and angular error motions of the carriage. To mechanically simulate spalling,...

NGEE Arctic Leaf Spectral Reflectance, Barrow, Alaska 2013

Shawn Serbin, Alistair Rogers & Jennifer Liebig
Measurements of full-spectrum (i.e. 350-2500nm) leaf spectral reflectance of 9 Arctic plant species within the BEO, Barrow, Alaska. Spectra were collected using an ASD Field Spec 3 full range spectroradiometer with a leaf clip assembly attached to a plant probe with an internally calibrated light source. Data were collected in July 2013, and sample LMA, N content and chlorophyll content are available in related datasets.

Estimated floodplain map for the conterminous United States

Sean Woznicki
Understanding the relationship between flood inundation and floodplains is critical for ecosystem and community health and well-being, as well as targeting floodplain and riparian restoration. Many communities in the United States, particularly those in rural areas, lack inundation maps due to the high cost of flood modeling. Only 60% of the conterminous United States has Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) through the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This EnviroAtlas dataset provides an estimate of...

NEEAR Water Study-human markers

Timothy Wade
Data set consists of survey data containing PII, water quality sample test results for fecal indicator bacteria and additional supporting information

NEEAR Water Study-Chemicals

Timothy Wade
data includes human health survey data, linked records of chemical measures and measures of water quality

Adaptation and application of multivariate AMBI (M-AMBI) in US coastal waters data

Marguerite Pelletier
extensively in Europe, but not in the United States. In a previous study, we adapted AMBI for use in US coastal waters (US AMBI), but saw biases in salinity and score distribution when compared to locally calibrated indices. In this study we modified M-AMBI for US waters and compared its performance to that of US AMBI. Index performance was evaluated in three ways: 1) concordance with local indices presently being used as management tools in...

Data for Tipping Point determinations

Timothy Shafer
The attached zip file contains all of the source data, intermediate outputs and R-scripts used to calculate the tipping points reported in the Frank et al manuscript.

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