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Risk Reduction of CO2 Storage with Stochastic Simulations

Angela Goodman

Parameter Calibration and Uncertainty Quantification via Surrogate Model Optimization for CFD-DEM Modelling of a Small-Scale Slugging Bed

William Fullmer, Justin Weber & Dirk Van Essendelft

Public Data Set: Radially Scanning Magnetic Probes to Study Local Helicity Injection Dynamics

Nathan Richner, Michael Bongard, Raymond Fonck, Joshua Reusch & Carolyn Schaefer

Predictors of PTSD and Post Concussive Syndrome in OIF/OEF Veterans (CNRM)

Alison Garcia

AmeriFlux CA-Let Alberta - Mixed Grass Prairie

Lawrence B. Flanagan

State estimation for advanced control of wave energy converters

Ryan Coe & Giorgio Bacelli

Ultrafast nonthermal heating of water initiated by an X-ray Free-Electron Laser

Kenneth Beyerlein & H. Jönsson

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Data for Periodic Hydraulic Tests

Thomas Coleman & Matthew Becker

Lattice QCD gauge ensemble: USQCD/MILC/asqtad/2048f21b6566m00484m0484

Christopher Aubin, Claude Bernard, Tommy Burch, Saumen Datta, Thomas DeGrand, Carleton DeTar, Steven Gottlieb, Eric Gregory, Urs Heller, James Hetrick, Kostas Orginos, James Osborn, W. Toussaint & Robert Sugar

Air Carrier Traffic Statistics : [2014-06]

United States. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics

ARM: C Scanning ARM Precipitation Radar (CSAPR); Plan-Position-Indicator Scan

Joseph Hardin, Danny Nelson, Iosif Lindenmaier, Bradley Isom, Scott Collis, Alyssa Matthews & Nitin Bharadwaj

Hawthorne Nevada Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study - References, Reports, Literature

Thomas Lowry

internet_outage_adaptive_a30g-20171006 (10/06/2017 to 01/01/2018)

University Of Southern California-Information Sciences Institute

Professor: A Motorized Field-Based Phenotyping Cart

Alison Thompson

Assessment of Decoupling Wellbore Leakage from Reservoir Flow in Reduced-Order Models

Robert Dilmore

SPRUCE: Sphagnum Productivity and Community Composition in the SPRUCE Experimental Plots

R.J. Norby & J. Childs

Computed Tomography Scanning and Geophysical Measurements of the Marcellus Formation from the Armstrong #1 Well

Dustin Crandall

Traumatic Brain Injury Data for FITBIR Informatics system: Maryland MagNeTS Dataset - FMRI TBI Subset

Chandler Sours

ARM: C Scanning ARM Precipitation Radar (CSAPR); Velocity Azimuth Display, auxiliary data

Joseph Hardin, Danny Nelson, Iosif Lindenmaier, Bradley Isom, Scott Collis, Alyssa Matthews & Nitin Bharadwaj

Effects of Erythropoietin on Cerebral Vascular Dysfunction and Anemia in Traumatic Brain Injury

Claudia Robertson

Three-dimensionality of the Bulk Electronic Structure in WTe2

Adam Kaminski, Na Hyun Jo, Daixaing Mou, Lunan Huang, Serguei Bud'Ko, Paul Canfield & Yun Wu

AmeriFlux US-A32 ARM-SGP Medford hay pasture

Lara Kueppers, Margaret Torn & Sebastien Biraud

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Periodic Hydraulic Tests: Laboratory Data

Thomas Coleman

ORPC RivGen Hydrokinetic Turbine Wake Characterization

Jim Thomson & Maricarmen Guerra

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