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Multi-Modal Traveler Information System - GCM Corridor Architecture Functional Requirements

Cather De Leuw, JHK & Associates & HNTB Corporation

Driver Issues: Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Literature Review

John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, (U.S.), Stephanie Alton, Natasha Arnopolskaya, Larry Barr, Tara DiDemenico & Heidi Howarth

Report on FAA's Alleged Discrimination Against White Males

Joyce Fleishman & United States. Dept. Of Transportation. Office Of Inspector General

Improved Navigational Technology and Air Traffic Control: A Description of Controller Coordination and Workload

Katharine Lee, William Pawlak, Beverly Sanford & Rhonda Slattery

Local Notice to Mariners

United Coast Guard

Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes as a Leading Cause of Death in the U.S., 1992

Henri Richardson & United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

ABC's of Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Bob Aldrich & California Energy Commission

1995 American travel survey : an overview of the survey design and methodology

United States. Bureau Of Transportation Statistics & Susan Lapham

Pilot simulation tests of propulsion control as backup to loss of primary flight controls for a mid-size jet transport

John Bull, Robert Mah, Gloria Davis, Joe Conley, Gordon Hardy, Jim Gibson, Matthew Blake, Don Bryant, Diane Williams, Ames Research Center, CAELUM Research Corporation, Inc. Recom Technologies & NSI Technology Services And ManTech International Corporation

Slosh Characteristics of Aggregated Intermediate Bulk Containers on Single-Unit Trucks

Battelle Memorial Institute, Doug Pape, Ben Thornton & Kevin Yugulis

Development of a Performance Specification for Camera/Video Imaging Systems on Heavy Vehicles - Final Report: Supporting Research

United States. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Technology Division

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