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Community satisfaction and migration

Rolf Heinz Kurt Schulze

Methods of handling family finance in homes of men college students

Ann McIntyre Aikin

The attitude of the new critics towards Shelley

Nancy Jane Burke

Protein-bound iodine levels in dairy cattle plasma, milk and colostrum

Robert Charles Lewis

An investigation of gadolinium mixed halides

Laura Ruth Seidemann

The thermal coefficient of expansion of lumnite cement mortars

Carl A. Giffels

Revolutionary elements in the works of Mariano Azuela before 1915

John William Selleck

The inhibition of alcoholic fermentation by sorbic acid

John Joseph Azukas

Migration differentials among rural high school students

Villarroel, Armando, 1944-

Economic impacts of defense mobilization on selected countries

Onno Van Teutem

Medical ethnobotany of selected groups of people of southern Michigan

Helen Miller Klekman

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