115 Works

January 2014 Winter Storm Time-Lapse on I-69 Near Indianapolis

Stephen Remias, Edward Cox, Teresa Morris & Darcy Bullock


David Salt

Potential Transcription Factor Binding Sites in the Human Genome (hg19)

Minou Bina & Phillip Wyss

Purdue University Buildings Demolition, Construction Images, August 2014, POTR Building Camera 1

Darcy Bullock, Alexander Hainen, Andrew Sydelko, David Burford & Michael Witt

Position of MLL1 morphemes in human genomic DNA

Minou Bina, Phillip Wyss, Daidong Wang, Noorfatin Zulkefl & Elise Novorolsky

Two-Phase Outflows: Boundary Conditions and Algorithm

Suchuan Dong

Three-Phase Operations at a Diverging Diamond Interchange Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Camera

Alexander Hainen, Amanda Stevens, Howell Li & Darcy Bullock


David Salt

RDF mappings between SWEET and ENVO ontologies

Line Pouchard & Michael Huhns

South Split Reconstruction Time-Lapse Composite

Steve Lavrenz, Teresa Morris, Darcy Bullock & Nathan Riggs

Analytical database on noncompact and slender CFT members

Zhichao Lai

OCVdM: Optimally conditioned Vandermonde matrices

Walter Gautschi

Fire Behavior of Bearing Bolted Connections

Qiaqia Zhu, Erica Fischer & Amit Varma

Grade 2-4 Teacher Interview Protocols (NSF DRK-12 DRL 0822261)

Heidi Diefes-Dux

Mixed 14/16 Helices in the Gas Phase: Conformation-Specific Spectroscopy of Z?(Gly)n, n = 1, 3, 5 (Dataset)

Jacob Dean, Evan Buchanan & Timothy Zwier

RP1D (Clustering Method Using 1D Random Projections)

Sangchun Han & Mireille Boutin

Elementary Students' Design Process Knowledge Task Interview Protocol

Monica Cardella

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