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Relating Capillary Pressure to Interfacial Areas - S70

Laura Pyrak-Nolte, David Nolte, Daiquan Chen & Nicholas Giordano
Supplementary materials for the paper: Relating capillary pressure to interfacial areas, Water Resour. Res., 44, W06408, 2008, doi:10.1029/2007WR006434.


Xin Tee, Haejun Chung & Peter Bermel
Finite-difference Time-Domain Simulations for photovoltaic cells

[Illinois]: Big Mess

Bara Saadah
This tool stimulates the pulse or step response of a neural network with ten input and ten output units that are randomly connected.

Engineering Technology Pathways - An Industry Roundtable Talk - Part 1

Vearl Turnpaugh, Steven Bardonner, Chad Laux & Duane Dunlap
This video session is an Industry roundtable discussion with students concerning technical education and the career from the 2013 Engineering Technology Summit.

Band Structure Lab

Samik Mukherjee, Abhijeet Paul, Neophytos Neophytou, Raseong Kim, Junzhe Geng, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Arvind Ajoy, Bozidar Novakovic, Sebastian Steiger, Michael McLennan, Mark Lundstrom & Gerhard Klimeck
Computes the electronic structure of various materials in the spatial configuration of bulk (infinitely periodic), quantum wells (confined in one dimension, infinitely periodic in 2 dimensions), and wires (confined in 2 dimensions and infinitely periodic i

Predictor-corrector simulation of parabigeminal nucleus neural responses

Lisa Sproat
Implements a predictor-corrector simulation of the responses of neurons in the parabigeminal nucleus


Dragica Vasileska, Shaikh Ahmed, Matteo Mannino, Gerhard Klimeck, Gokula Kannan, Mark Lundstrom, Akira Matsudaira & Junzhe Geng
SCHRED simulation software calculates the envelope wavefunctions and the corresponding bound-state energies in a typical MOS, SOS and a typical SOI structure.

[Illinois]: Posterior target probability given single-sensory input (delta rule)

Lisa Sproat
Trains a single sigmoidal unit using the delta rule to estimate posterior target probability given sensory input of one modality (i.e., visual)

[Illinois]: Posterior probabilities of hypothetical fish classes

Lisa Sproat
Computes the posterior probabilities of each of three hypothetical fish classes using Bayes' rule

[Illinois]: Fish classification using back-propagation

Lisa Sproat
Trains a three-layered network of sigmoidal units using back-propagation to classify fish according to their lengths

Locust-flight central pattern generator

Lisa Sproat
Implements a linear version of Wilson's model of the locust-flight central pattern generator

[Illinois]: Velocity storage and leakage

Lisa Sproat
Implements the parallel-pathway and positive-feedback models of velocity storage, and the negative-feedback model of velocity leakage

Hydrodynamic Particle Trapping

Melikhan Tanyeri, John Feser & Nahil Sobh
Simulates the motion of a nanoparticle in a hydrodynamic trap.

Two leaky integrators in series

Lisa Sproat & John Feser
Implements a model having two units (leaky integrators) in series, each with recurrent, excitatory self-connections allowing the units to exert positive feedback on themselves


Michael Russo

Polymer Modeler

Benjamin Haley

TEMPERATURE - Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Beam Bridges

Amit Varma & Young Sohn
Supplementary Materials for the Report: Effects of Realistic Heat Straightening Repair on the Properties and Serviceability of Damaged Steel Bridges

The Bioeconomy and Indiana: An Engineering Technology Pathway for Food Security

Chad Laux
This video session by Chad Laux, Assistant Professor in the Technology Leadership and Innovation Department, describes the Indiana Bioeconomy at the Purdue and Ivy Tech 2013 Engineering Technology Summit.

Predicted regulatory signals in the human HOXA locus: supplemental material for the report: Discovering sequences with potential regulatory characteristics

Minou Bina, Phillip Wyss, Syed Shah, Sheryl Lazarus, Wenhui Ren, Wojciech Szpankowski, Gregory Crawford, Sang Park & Xiaohui Song
Supplementary materials for the paper: Discovering sequences with potential regulatory characteristics. Bina M, Wyss P, Lazarus SA, Shah SR, Ren W, Szpankowski W, Crawford GE, Park SP, Song XC. Genomics. 2009 Apr;93(4):314-22

Carrier Statistics Lab

Saumitra Mehrotra

Protein Contact Maps

Benjamin Rafferty, Zachary Flohr & Ashlie Martini
Create and view protein contact maps and distance maps.

Base Motion Calculations

Daniel Kiracofe
Automates the calculations in the paper by Kiracofe and Raman, Nanotechnology, 2011

Impedance Adder

Emmanuel Ochoa & Stella Quinones
Understand how to calculate the equivalent impedance of circuit elements combined in parallel and/or series, and understand equivalent impedance calculations in rectangular and polar form.

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