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Quasicontinuum Method

Ron Miller & Ellad Tadmor
Coupled molecular statics and finite element simulation of deformation in crystalline solids

VEDA: Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM

Daniel Kiracofe, John Melcher, Arvind Raman, Sudharsan Balasubramaniam, Steven Johnson & Shuiqing Hu
A suite of dynamic AFM simulators for air/liquid/vacuum on soft or hard samples.

Graph of Flickr Photo-Sharing Social Network Crawled in May 2006

David Gleich
Crawl of the Flickr photo-sharing social network from May 2006 returning a graph with 820,878 nodes and 9,837,214 edges. Dataset is distributed as a SMAT file with README file with code to read file in Python and MATLAB.

Phosphorus and Potassium Influence on Alfalfa Nutrition

Jeffrey Volenec
Data from several studies on the influence of phosphorus and potassium nutrition on alfalfa. It includes numeric data such as yield, plant mass, plant counts, and tissue concentration of various nutrients

Mobility and Resistivity Tool

Ivan Santos, Stephanie Sanchez & Stella Quinones
Understand how doping affects mobility and resistivity.


Amritanshu Palaria, Xufeng Wang, Benjamin Haley, Matteo Mannino & Gerhard Klimeck
Run the community code ABINIT for electronic structure calculations under density functional theory through a convenient graphical user interface

Passive Filter Circuits

Rhea Khanna, Ogaga Odele & Krishna Madhavan
Simulation of first and second order Passive Filter circuits.

Polymer Modeler

Benjamin Haley, Nate Wilson, Chunyu Li, Andrea Arguelles, Eugenio Jaramillo & Alejandro Strachan
Build thermoplastic polymer chains and run LAMMPS to relax the chains and study mechanical properties


Michael Russo
ReaxFF code for simulating atomic systems in ME597A

Circuit Elements

Emmanuel Ochoa & Stella Quinones
Understand the dependence of resistance, R, inductance, L, and capacitance, C, on physical dimensions and material properties.

VEDA 2.0 (Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM)

John Melcher, Daniel Kiracofe, Shuiqing Hu & Arvind Raman
A suite of dynamic AFM simulators for air/liquid/vacuum on soft or hard samples

Impedance Adder

Emmanuel Ochoa & Stella Quinones
Understand how to calculate the equivalent impedance of circuit elements combined in parallel and/or series, and understand equivalent impedance calculations in rectangular and polar form.


Neophytos Neophytou, Shaikh Ahmed, POLIZZI ERIC, Gerhard Klimeck & Mark Lundstrom
Simulates ballistic transport properties in 3D Carbon NanoTube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) devices

Function Discovery Tool

Ogaga Odele, Hanjun Xian, Xue Wong, Francesca Polo & Krishna Madhavan
Using plots of data to identify and linearize mathematical functions - linear, power, exponential, logarithmic functions.

The Virtual Kinetics of Materials Laboratory

Alex Bartol, R. GarcĂ­a & David Ely
web interface to develop, modify, and execute FiPy, Gibbs, and other python-based applications


Michael McLennan
Scratchpad for Octave/MATLAB scripts


SungGeun Kim, Gerhard Klimeck, Sriraman Damodaran & Benjamin Haley
Simulate the nanoscale multigate-FET structures (finFET and nanowire) using drift diffusion approaches

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