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Device Reliability Tool

Ahmad Islam, HALDUN KUFLUOGLU & Muhammad Alam
Analyzes device reliability based on NBTI


Shaikh Ahmed, Saumitra Mehrotra, Matteo Mannino, Gerhard Klimeck, Dragica Vasileska, Xufeng Wang, Himadri Pal & Gloria Budiman
Simulates the current-voltage characteristics for bulk and SOI Field Effect Transistors (FETs)

Base Motion Calculations

Daniel Kiracofe
Automates the calculations in the paper by Kiracofe and Raman, Nanotechnology 2011

Schottky-Barrier CNFET

Arash Hazeghi, Tejas Krishnamohan & H.-S. Wong
Simulate Carbon Nanotube field Effect transistor with Schottky Barriers

PN Junction Lab

Dragica Vasileska, Matteo Mannino, Michael McLennan, Xufeng Wang, Gerhard Klimeck, Saumitra Mehrotra & Benjamin Haley
Everything you need to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices

Nano Heatflow

Joe Ringgenberg, P. Greaney, Daniel Richards, Jeffrey Grossman, Jeffrey Neaton & Justin Riley
Study the transfer of energy between the vibrational modes of a carbon nanotube.

Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulation with NEGF

Hong-Hyun Park, Zhengping Jiang, Arun Akkala, Sebastian Steiger, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Jean Sellier, Yaohua Tan, SungGeun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Samarth Agarwal, Michael McLennan, Gerhard Klimeck & Junzhe Geng
Simulate 1D RTDs using NEGF.

nicktest title update33

Alissa Nedossekina, Xufeng Wang, Steven Clark, Arun Akkala & Nicholas Kisseberth
testing contribtool delta

Composite Laminate Analysis

Andrew Ritchey
Uses basic laminate theory to estimate effective laminate properties and residual stresses, strains and deformations due to thermal loading.

Cyber-Infrastructure for Imaging and Simulation of Molecular and Cellular Mechanics (CISMCM)

Raheem Syed, Umberto Ravaioli, Gabriel Popescu & Nahil Sobh
Simulation-Driven Science Project


Jeff Gray, Xufeng Wang, Xingshu Sun & John Wilcox
This is an advanced version of ADEPT

Finitely Buffered Optimal State Space Enumeration and Discrete Chemical Master Equation Solution

Youfang Cao, Anna Terebus & John Feser
Solves dCME by optimal enumeration of finitely buffered state space.


Anisur Rahman, Jing Guo, Hasan, Md., Yang Liu, Akira Matsudaira, Shaikh Ahmed, Supriyo Datta & Mark Lundstrom
Calculate the ballistic I-V characteristics for conventional MOSFETs, Nanowire MOSFETs and Carbon NanoTube MOSFETs

[Illinois]: BUTDjointDistribution

Bara Saadah
this tool simulates bottom-up/top-down processing in the visual system using the joint distribution


Michael Russo
ReaxFF code for simulating atomic systems in ME597A


Amritanshu Palaria, Xufeng Wang, Benjamin Haley, Matteo Mannino & Gerhard Klimeck
Run the community code ABINIT for electronic structure calculations under density functional theory through a convenient graphical user interface

Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools

Daniel Richards, Elif Ertekin, Jeffrey Grossman, David Strubbe & Justin Riley
Tools for UC Berkeley Computational Nanoscience course, Spring 2008

Bulk GaAs Ensemble Monte Carlo

Mohamed Mohamed, Anjali Bharthuar & Umberto Ravaioli
Basic Ensemble Monte Carlo code for study of electron transport in bulk GaAs

VEDA 2.0 (Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM)

John Melcher, Daniel Kiracofe, Shuiqing Hu & Arvind Raman
There is a new version of this tool which can be found here: https://nanohub.org/tools/veda . Please use that tool instead

Atomic Stick-Slip

Ashlie Martini & Jianguo Wu
Molecular dynamics simulation of atomic stick-slip friction


Raheem Syed, Nahil Sobh, Umberto Ravaioli, Gabriel Popescu & Mohamed Mohamed
It can display, edit, analyze, process, save and print 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit images. It can read many image formats.


Michael Russo, Nahil Sobh & Adri Duin
ReaxFF code for simulating atomic systems

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