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Link Pivot Algorithm for Offset Optimization

Christopher Day & Darcy Bullock
This animation illustrates the use of the Link Pivot algorithm for optimizing offsets on a signalized arterial.

RDF mappings between SWEET and ENVO ontologies

Line Pouchard & Michael Huhns
RDF mappings between the ENVO ontology and the SWEET2.3 ontologies created by Agreement Maker Light for the ESIP TestBed project, Evaluating the ESIP Ontologies for Ontology Matching, Summer 2014


Colin McAndrew

Simple Photonic Crystals

Jing Ouyang, Xufeng Wang & Minghao Qi
Photonic Crystal characteristics in an easy way

Mass spectrum ion trajectory

Wei Xu, William Chappell, Zheng Ouyang & Xufeng Wang
Ion tracing program for ion trap Mass Spectrometry chemical sensing

Continuous casting of weld filler wire

Kyle Fezi, Martin Hunt, Matthew Krane, Benjamin Haley & Alejandro Strachan
The continuous casting of weld filler wire is simulated using a 1D finite volume method.

DDSCAT Convert: A Target Generation Tool

John Feser & AbderRahman Sobh
Convert .obj files to DDSCAT shape files

Gaussian process regression in 1D

Ilias Bilionis, Alejandro Strachan, Benjamin Haley, Martin Hunt, Rohit Tripathy & Sam Reeve
Use Gaussian processes to represent x-y data

1-D Phonon BTE Solver

Joseph Sudibyo, Amr Mohammed & Ali Shakouri
Simulate heat transport by solving one dimensional Boltzmann transport equation.

Quantum Dot Lab

Prasad Sarangapani


Nahil Sobh, AbderRahman Sobh, Obaid Sarvana, John Feser, Prashant Jain, Jacob Faucheaux, Jeremy Smith, Jeremy Smith & Sarah White
Combines the Discrete Dipole Scattering (DDSCAT) tool with the DDAConvert tool for a single workflow for custom shapes.

Band Structure Lab

Samik Mukherjee, Abhijeet Paul, Neophytos Neophytou, Raseong Kim, Junzhe Geng, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Arvind Ajoy, Bozidar Novakovic, Sebastian Steiger, Michael McLennan, Mark Lundstrom & Gerhard Klimeck
Computes the electronic and phonon structure of various materials in the spatial configuration of bulk , quantum wells, and wires

Coarse-Grained Model of RF MEMS Device

Alina Alexeenko, Guoheng Chen, Derrick Kearney, Michael McLennan, Venkattraman Ayyaswamy, Gabriela Venturini & Alejandro Strachan
Dynamic model of RF MEMS Device under external loads and damping.

Thermophotonic Selective Emitter Simulation

Anubha Mathur, Enas Sakr & Peter Bermel
Simulate Thermophotovoltaics With Rare Earth-Based Selective Emitters

Hyperlens Design Solver

Matt Swanson, Xingjie Ni, Zubin Jacob & Alexander Kildishev
Simulates a cylindrical hyperlens design to obtain resulting field intensities

TAG Solar Cell Model (p-i-n thin film)

Sourabh Dongaonkar, Xingshu Sun, Mark Lundstrom & Muhammad Alam
The TAG solar cell model is a physics-based compact model for p-i-n thin film solar cells that can be used for panel level simulations.

Released Resonant Body Transistor (RBT) Model

Bichoy Bahr, Dana Weinstein & Luca Daniel
An RBT is a micro-electromechanical (MEM) resonator with a transistor (FET) incorporated into the resonator structure to sense the mechanical vibrations. The model is aimed to present a deep insight into the physics of the RBT.


Jeff Gray, Xufeng Wang, Raghu Chavali, Xingshu Sun, Abhirit Kanti & John Wilcox
This is an advanced version of ADEPT

Modeling of Optical Multilayers for Both Spectra and Admittance Loci

Joel Chang & Kuo-Ping Chen
simulate spectra and admittance loci of multilayer structures

Molecular Dynamics Showcase

Michael McLennan
View interesting features of a molecular dynamics trajectory file

Uniaxial and Biaxial Stress/Strain Calculator for Semiconductors

Jamie Teherani
Simulate stress or strain along user-defined Miller directions for arbitrary stress/strain configurations.

[Illinois]: Functionalization Workbench

AbderRahman Sobh & Nahil Sobh
Using molecular dynamic simulation - explore the interactions between a molecular structure and substrate when they are linked together.

Molecular Dynamics Showcase

Michael McLennan
View interesting features of a molecular dynamics trajectory file

CadNano to PDB File Converter

AbderRahman Sobh, Chen-Yu Li, Nahil Sobh & Jejoong Yoo
Accepts CadNano files in the form of *.json with *.csv and outputs a file in *.pdb which can be read by programs such as VMD.

DFT calculations with Quantum ESPRESSO

Janam Jhaveri, Ravi Vedula, Alejandro Strachan & Benjamin Haley
DFT calculations of molecules and solids

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