525 Works

Efficient Algorithm for Incompressible N-Phase Flows

Suchuan Dong

Link Pivot Algorithm for Offset Optimization

Christopher Day & Darcy Bullock

Task analysis cases and results for Ex Libris Primo at Purdue University Libraries

Marlen Promann & Tao Zhang

Grade 2-4 Student Interview Protocols (NSF DRK-12 DRL 0822261)

Heidi Diefes-Dux & Brenda Capobianco

Striping Truck Utilization

Jon Padfield, James Handy & Teresa Morris

2011-2014 Indiana Interstate Congestion Summary

Stephen Remias, Teresa Morris & Darcy Bullock

Painted Rumble Stripes: Alternative to Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs)

Darcy Bullock & Teresa Morris

Dramatic adaptive response of life history trait to reduced commercial harvest in a freshwater fish

Zachary Feiner, Stephen Chong, Carey Knight, Thomas Lauer, Michael Thomas, Jeffrey Tyson & Tomas Hook

Demolition of Power Plant, ENAD, and Construction of Active Learning Center

Joint Transportation Research Program


Ted Kalbfleisch

Indiana Traffic Signal Hi Resolution Data Logger Enumerations

James R. Sturdevant, Timothy Overman, Eric Raamot, Ray Deer, Dave Miller, Darcy M. Bullock, Christopher M. Day, Thomas M. Brennan, Howell Li, Alex Hainen & Steve M. Remias

Citizen Band (CB) Radio Communication Commenting on Indiana State Police Enforcement Activity

A. M. Hainen, S. M. Remias, G. H. Goble, J. S. Wasson & D. M. Bullock


Andrew Patterson

New Column Heater

Andrew Patterson

New Column Heater

Andrew Patterson


Andrew Patterson

10x WGS data for a Katahdin Ram 200008100

Michael P. Heaton Ted Kalbfleisch

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