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Labeled Raw PPG Signals Measured Using Wearable Sensor-kit

Tiberius Wehrly, Deena Alabed & Mireille Boutin
Photoplethysmogram (PPG) signals collected from nine subjects in a still seated position, measured using Asiawill Pulse Heart Rate sensor implemented in an Arduino-based wearable sensor-kit.


Michael Witt & Sandi Caldrone

Combined annual crop yields and daily weather data for Midwest counties 1970-2015

Tyler Netherly, Madison Trout, Elizabeth Bell & Dennis Buckmaster
This data contains daily temperature and precipitation data as well as annual corn, soybean, and wheat yields for Midwest counties from 1970 to 2015.

Simulation Inputs and Results of the Potential Impacts of Emissions Trading Scheme and Biofuel Options to Carbon Emissions of U.S. Airlines

Hsun Chao, Datu Agusdinata & Daniel Delaurentis
Simulation inputs and results for assessing the environmental impacts of EUETS-type (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme) domestic emission scheme on US commercial aviation with biofuel options.

Vertical profile observations of water vapor deuterium excess in the lower troposphere

Olivia Salmon, Lisa Welp, Michael Baldwin, Kristian Hajny, Brian Stirm & Paul Shepson
Airborne vertical profile measurements of water vapor stable isotopes to examine how boundary layer, cloud, and mixing processes influence the vertical structure of deuterium-excess in the lower troposphere.

Microbial decomposition processes and vulnerable arctic soil organic carbon in the 21st century

Junrong Zha & Qianlai Zhuang
Various levels of representations of biogeochemical processes in current biogeochemistry models contribute to uncertainty in carbon budget quantification. Detailed microbial mechanisms were incorporated into TEM 5.0 (Terrestrial Ecosystem Model).

Building Information Modelling (BIM) data repository with labels

Jiansong Zhang & Jin Wu
The dataset contains five models with extracted elements for each model. The elements are manually labeled by researchers with construction/civil engineering backgrounds based on discussion and majority vote.

Period n-tupling in Uniaxial Random Field XY Magnet with rotating driving field

Sayan Basak, Erica Carlson & Karin Dahmen
These videos show the evolution of spin configurations in multiperiod limit cycle, generated from zero temperature simulations of 2D XY model with uniaxial random fields when subjected to a driving field which is rotated very slowly.

Supporting Surgical Teams: Identifying Needs and Barriers for Exoskeleton Implementation in the Operating Room

Jackie Cha & Denny Yu
Findings from this work identify facilitators and barriers for sustained implementation of exoskeletons by surgical teams.

Mobile LiDAR for highway Mapping- road surfaces only

Ayman Habib, Yi Lin & Yi-Ting Cheng
Highway data collected by mobile LiDAR, including point cloud, images, and trajectory. The point cloud is a subset of the original point cloud, which contains road surfaces along the driving lane only.

Busia Fuzzy Soil Class Map

Darrell Schulze & Joshua Minai
Map based on the concept that soil classes can be spatially inferred from soil-related environmental conditions.

Environmental Covariate Data for the Disaggregation of the Reconnaissance Soil Map of the Busia Area, Kenya

Joshua Minai & Darrell Schulze
Enviromental covariate data used to develop a digital model that represents the landscape and environmental conditions of the Busia landscape.

3-D Model of a Beam Clamp for OSHA Fall Safety Training

James Jenkins, George Takahashi & Amanda Luginbuhl
3-D model of a beam clamp for the OSHA virtual reality simulation fall safety training.

Monitored soil moisture and temperature in Indiana crop rotated field

Stuart Smith, Keith Cherkauer & Laura Bowling
Soil moisture and temperature data were collected at five different depths from October 2017 to September 2019 in a crop rotated field.

LIS-Noah daily hydroclimatic dataset for ten U.S. Midwest sites 1980-2012

Elin Jacobs
Simulated dataset with air temperature, precipitation, ET, soil water content (4 layers) and soil temperature (4 layers) at a daily time scale (1980-2012) for ten 4 by 4 km grids across the U.S. Midwest.

In Situ TEM Mechanical Testing of Irradiated Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Kayla Yano & Janelle Wharry
This is a dataset comprised of videos and raw load-displacement text files of experiments run to demonstrate the use of in situ TEM mechanical testing to find meaningful mechanical properties of as received, self-ion, and proton irradiated Fe-9%Cr...

Ethiopian sorghum landrace SNP and phenotype data

Gezahegn Tessema, Habte Nida, Amare Seyoum, Moges Mekonen, Amare Nega, Dagnachew Lule, Kebede Desalegn, Alemnesh Bekele, Adane Gebreyohannes, Adedayo Adeyanju, Alemu Tirfessa, Getachew Ayana, Taye Taddese, Firew Mekbib, Ketema Belete, Tesfaye Tesso, Gebisa Ejeta & Tesfaye Mengiste
Phenotypic and SNP datasets generated for a study on Ethiopian sorghum genomics and gene mining for important traits.

Melting point simulation using OpenKIM

Martin Hunt & Alejandro Strachan
Computes melting point using a coexistence technique using interatomic potentials from OpenKIM

Peking University Resistive-Switching Random Access Memory (RRAM) Verilog-A Model

Weijie Xu & Jinfeng Kang
The Peking University RRAM Model is a SPICE-compatible compact model which is designed for simulation of metal-oxide based RRAM devices. It captures typical DC and AC electrical behaviors of the RRAM devices with physics-based model descriptions.

FunUQ for MD

Sam Reeve & Alejandro Strachan
Functional uncertainty quantification for molecular dynamics

Polyvalent Nanoparticle Binding Simulator

, JCS Kadupitiya & Vikram Jadhao
Simulates the binding of ligand-decorated nanoparticles to cell membrane driven by ligand-cell-receptor attraction

Jupyter Notebook (hub version 6.0)

Martin Hunt
Jupyter notebook running in anaconda-6 environment

PhysiCell: infected system and off-site immune system

Parichit Sharma & Yafei Wang
Studying the interaction between an ODE driven offsite system and a system under invasion through Agent Based Modelling in PhysiCell.

Replication Competent Oncolytic Virus expressing secretable trimeric TRAIL: hypothesis testing

Adrianne Jenner & Paul Macklin
Using PhysiCell to simulate a replication competent oncolytic virus expressing secretable trimeric TRAIL which induces apoptosis in nearby cells

Nanosphere Electrostatics Lab

JCS Kadupitiya, Nicholas Brunk, Sohile Ali, & Vikram Jadhao
The Nanosphere Electrostatics Lab empowers users to simulate the self-assembly of ions near a spherically shaped nanoparticle, and extract the effective electrostatic properties.

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