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Agrivoltaic Simulation

Allison Perna, Hans Torsina & Peter Bermel
Simulates agrivoltaic systems based on photovoltaic system geometries to form shadow maps, power, and irradiance data

PN Junction Lab

Daniel Mejia & Gerhard Klimeck
Visualize and explore P-N junction concepts fully interactively

Crystal Viewer Lab (New Interactive Front End)

Daniel Mejia, Gerhard Klimeck & Yuanchen Chu
Visualize and interact with various Crystalline Materials and all Bravais Lattices

Zooley's Test 1

Shawn Rice
A simple linux tool

PhysiCell cancer biorobots simulation

Randy Heiland & Paul Macklin
2D simulation of biorobots delivering a drug to cancer cells

Graphene Nanopore Drilling

Jae Park, Darren Adams & Narayan Aluru
Drilling a nanopore in graphene by Si-nanoparticle bombardment

Melting Point Simulation using KIM

Martin Hunt & Alejandro Strachan
Melting Point Simulation using KIM


The ENCODE Encyclopedia organizes the most salient analysis products into annotations, and provides tools to search and visualize them. The Encyclopedia has two levels of annotations: Integrative-level annotations integrate multiple types of experimental data and ground level annotations. Ground-level annotations are derived directly from the experimental data, typically produced by uniform processing pipelines.

RCSP Ceramics Collections at Antiochia ad Cragum, 1997 and 2004

Matthew Dillon, H. Kızılarslanoğlu, Stanislav Pejša & Nicholas Rauh
Rough Cilicia Survey Project Ceramics Collections at Antiochia ad Cragum, 1997 and 2004

T1-weighted brain atlas for adolescent collision-sport athletes in Purdue Neurotrauma Group longitudinal database

Yukai Zou, Wenbin Zhu, Ho-Ching Yang, Thomas Talavage & Joseph Rispoli
A population-specific brain atlas based on the T1-weighted MR scans from 215 adolescent collision-sport athletes in the longitudinal database of Purdue Neurotrauma Group.

Shape-from-Echoes: MAGMA Code V1

Gregor Kemper
MAGMA Code to compute

Evaluation of nitrogen stabilizers - nitrogen use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta cereal crops

Miles Dyck, Len Kryzanowski, Yuanpei Gao & Dick Puurveen
These data files summarize spring wheat yields and annual soil N2O emissions (non-steady-state chamber measurements) at two sites in Alberta, Canada (Lethbridge and Ellerslie) over 2016 and 2017.

RCSP Ceramics Collections in the Coastal Ridge Region 2000-2004

Matthew Dillon, H. Kızılarslanoğlu, Stanislav Pejša & Nicholas Rauh
Rough Cilicia Survey Project Ceramics Grab Collections in the Coastal Ridge Region, 1997

In situ TEM cantilever bend testing of Fe-9%Cr ODS videos and load-displacement text files

Kayla Yano, Yaqiao Wu & Janelle Wharry
This dataset includes all original bright field transmission electron microscopic videos of each Fe-9%Cr ODS cantilever bend test conducted. It also includes the corresponding raw load-displacement data in text file format.

Environmental Response Data for Tanzanian Sand Dams

Jessica Eisma & Venkatesh Merwade
This dataset provides environmental data for three sand dams in Tanzania resulting from a year-long field study.

Functional traits of non-native woody plants in the United States

Songlin Fei, Qinfeng Guo, Gabriela Nunez-Mir & Basil Iannone
The dataset includes 45 functional traits of over 800 nonnative woody plant species in the U.S.

Environmental issue conceptualization by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (SES)

Hwanseok Song, Neil Lewis, Matthew Ballew, Mario Bravo, Julie Davydova, H. Gao, Robert Garcia, Sofia Hiltner, Sarah Naiman, Adam Pearson, Rainer Romero-Canyas & Jonathon Schuldt
Survey data from an mTurk sample to analyze how different social groups (race, ethnicity, SES) conceptualize what constitutes environmental issues.

Global CO Dynamics Model Output during 1901-2100

Licheng Liu & Qianlai Zhuang
Global soil CO fluxes during 1901-2013, 2000-2013 and 2014-2100 from model simulations. Together with published paper, figures and tables.

Modeling the Sea Level Changes in Guam

Avnika Manaktala
This project works on understanding the different statistical models that are available to analyze and predict mean sea level changes in Guam.

Structural diversity and ecosystem function

Elizabeth Larue, Brady Hardiman, Jessica Elliott & Songlin Fei
Codes and data for published article: LaRue, EA, BS Hardiman, JM Elliott, S Fei. 2019. Structural diversity as a predictor of ecosystem function. Environmental Research Letters. https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ab49bb

Mobile LiDAR for highway

Yi Lin, Yi-Ting Cheng & Ayman Habib
Highway data collected by mobile LiDAR, including point cloud, images, and trajectory.

Busia Crop Suitability Maps

Joshua Minai & Darrell Schulze
These are suitability classes defining the requirements for various crops/ land use types.

Soil Property Data for Spatial Prediction of Soil Properties for the Busia Area, Kenya

Joshua Minai & Darrell Schulze
Soil property data mined from the Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Busia Area (quarter degree sheet No. 101) for digital soil mapping.

FoRDy: Rocking Shallow Foundation Performance in Dynamic Experiments

Andreas Gerasimos Gavras, Bruce L. Kutter, Manouchehr Hakhamaneshi, Sivapalan Gajan, Angelos Tsatsis, Keshab Sharma, Tetsuya Kouno, Lijun Deng, Ioannis Anastasopoulos, George Gazetas & Krishnan Athipotta Variam


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