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Seedling growth and fall armyworm feeding preference influenced by dhurrin production in sorghum

Shelby Gruss & Mitchell Tuinstra
Dhurrin plays a key role in host-plant defense of sorghum. Studies of genetic mutants coupled with nondestructive phenotyping techniques revealed a significant metabolic tradeoff between dhurrin production and plant growth in sorghum seedlings.

Employing Overlayers to Improve the Performance of Cu2BaSnS4 Thin Film based Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction Device

Scott McClary
<p>This dataset contains data associated with our publication in Chemistry of Materials:</p> <p>J. Ge, P.J. Roland, P. Koirala, W. Meng, J.L. Young, R. Petersen, T.G. Deutsch, G. Teeter, R.J. Ellingson, R.W. Collins, and Y. Yan, &ldquo;Employing overlayers to improve the performance of Cu2BaSnS4 thin film based photoelectrochemical water reduction devices&rdquo; Chem. Mater. 29, 916-920 (2017).</p> <p>DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b03347</p> <nb:citations></nb:citations>

Winter Road Operations: Development of an Intelligent Snow Plow

Justin Mahlberg, Jijo Mathew & Darcy Bullock
Guidance and resources associated with the intelligent snowplow database maintained by Purdue's Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP).

Purdue Physical Chemistry Lab CHM37301

Michael Reppert
This tool is a front-end for content for the Purdue Physical Chemistry Laboratory CHM37301. It fetches updates automatically from the github.com/mreppert/CHM37301content project.

MD Sandbox

Daniel Nguyen, Zachary Bastian, Michael Sakano, Saswat Mishra & Alejandro Strachan
Molecular Dynamics Ensemble Sandbox

High Entropy Alloy Melting Point Calculation

Zachary McClure, Saaketh Desai & Alejandro Strachan
Calculate melting point of high entropy alloys through phase coexistence method

Carbonation depth

Liuzhuo Chen
The database collects the carbonation depth of ordinary concrete and concrete with single or mixed mineral admixtures at different times and depths. The test methods include rapid carbonation, indoor natural carbonation and outdoor natural carbonation.


Discovery is the digital repository of research, and related activities, undertaken at the University of Dundee. The content held in Discovery is varied and ranges from traditional research outputs such as peer-reviewed articles and conference papers, books, chapters and post-graduate research theses and data to records for artefacts, exhibitions, multimedia and software. Where possible Discovery provides full-text access to a version of the research. Discovery is the data catalogue for datasets resulting from research undertaken...


ArkeoGIS is a unified scientific data publishing platform. It is a multilingual Geographic Information System (GIS), initially developed in order to mutualize archaeological and paleoenvironmental data of the Rhine Valley. Today, it allows the pooling of spatialized scientific data concerning the past, from prehistory to the present day. The databases come from the work of institutional researchers, doctoral students, master students, private companies and archaeological services. They are stored on the TGIR Huma-Num service grid...

Rice imputation files: reference panel and recombination map

Diane Wang, Francisco Agosto-Perez, Dmytro Chebotarov, Yuxin Shi, Jonathan Marchini, Melissa Fitzgerald, Kenneth McNally, Nickolai Alexandrov & Susan McCouch
Files required for imputation of rice genomes using IMPUTE-2 software.

EOLAS NEGF Transport Simulator

Alfonso Sanchez & Thomas Kelly
Effective-mass / NEGF simulator for electronic transport in Si nanostructures


Reference anatomies of the brain and corresponding atlases play a central role in experimental neuroimaging workflows and are the foundation for reporting standardized results. The choice of such references —i.e., templates— and atlases is one relevant source of methodological variability across studies, which has recently been brought to attention as an important challenge to reproducibility in neuroscience. TemplateFlow is a publicly available framework for human and nonhuman brain models. The framework combines an open database...

U.S. Instrumentation and Data Processing for the 4-Story RC and Post-Tensioned E-Defense Building Tests (NEES-2011-1005)

John Wallace
<p><strong>Title</strong>: U.S. Instrumentation and Data Processing for the Four-Story Reinforced Concrete and Post-Tensioned E-Defense Building Tests (NEES-2013-1005)</p> <p><strong>Year Of Curation: </strong>2013</p> <p><strong>Description: </strong>Researchers from Japan and the United States have been collaborating during the past two years on building tests to be conducted at the E-Defense shake table facility in Miki City, Japan, in December 2010, where two four-story, full-scale buildings will be tested side by side subjected to three dimensional seismic shaking. As the...

An Investigation of the Unit Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete Beams

Matthew Murray & Santiago Pujol
<table> <tbody> <tr> <td width="30%"><br /> <a href="/site/resources/2014/12/00090/01_Project_994_Shear_Strength_of_Scaled_RC_Beams_-_DSC00851.JPG"><img alt="image" class="contentimg" src="/site/resources/2014/12/00090/01_Project_994_Shear_Strength_of_Scaled_RC_Beams_-_DSC00851.JPG" style="float: left; width: 450px" /><u> </u></a><br /> &nbsp; <p>&nbsp;</p> </td> <td><br /> <br /> This study examines the influence of beam size on the shear capacity of geometrically scaled reinforced concrete beams without web reinforcement. The experimental program included six 12-in. deep beams and two 30-in. deep beams. All components of the large beams were geometrically scaled to have 2.5 times the dimensions of...

SASW Measurements at USGS Hawaiian Strong Motion Network (NEES-2008-0523)

Ivan Wong, Brady Cox & Kenneth Stokoe
<p><strong>Title:</strong> SASW Measurements at USGS Hawaiian Strong Motion Network (NEES-2008-0523)</p> <p><strong>Year Of Curation: </strong>2011</p> <p><strong>Description: </strong>The SASW technique has been used to obtain VS profiles at USGS strong motion sites in the U.S. (e.g., Seattle, the Imperial Valley, and Los Angeles), and this technique has been well validated against other approaches, such as down-hole surveys. The technique has been particularly useful in volcanic regimes where interbedded volcanic sequences can result in low-velocity zones.</p> <p><strong>Award: </strong>FEMA...

Lateral Load Behavior and Modeling of Shear-Dominant RC Walls for Performance-Based Design (NEES-2012-1131)

John Wallace
<p><strong>Title</strong>: Lateral Load Behavior and Modeling of Shear-Dominant RC Walls for Performance-Based Design (NEES-2012-1131)</p> <p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2014</p> <p><b>Description: </b>The goals of the research are to develop and validate new modeling approaches appropriate for combined gravity and earthquake loads for buildings that utilize solid reinforced concrete walls. In particular, the project will study the structural performance of reinforced concrete walls, which are commonly used in the low-, medium-, and high-rise building construction, to develop new...

Experimental Study of Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Setback Buildings

Bahram Shahrooz & Jack Moehle
<p style="font-style: normal">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&quot;A one-quarter scale model of a two-bay by two-bay, six-story reinforced concrete ductile moment resisting frame having 50 percent setback at mid-height was designed, constructed, and tested. The prototype structure was designed for combined gravity and seismic effects determined according to the requirements of the 1982 Uniform Building Code. Proportion and details were provided to satisfy the seismic provisions of Appendix A of the ACI Building Code (ACI 318-83) and the ACI-ASCE Committee...

Experimental Investigation of a Prototype Elastomeric Structural Damper (NEES-2007-0411)

James Ricles & Richard Sause
<p><strong>Title</strong>: Experimental Investigation of a Prototype Elastomeric Structural Damper (NEES-2007-0411)</p> <p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2011</p> <p><b>Description: </b>For many years, the design of seismic resistant building structures has had the goal of preventing collapse, and avoiding injury and loss of life in the event of an earthquake. More recently, seismic design practice has sought to reduce structural damage and nonstructural damage from seismic events. A variety of seismic protective systems are now utilized to reduce structural response...

Machine Learning Lab Module

A lab activity for introduction to machine learning in materials science

Experimental Modelling and Analysis of Three One-Tenth-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame-Wall Structure (NEES-2011-1053)

Mete Sozen
<p><strong>Title: </strong>Experimental Modelling and Analysis of Three One-Tenth-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame-Wall Structure (NEES-2011-1053)</p> <p><strong>Year Of Curation: </strong>2014</p> <p><strong>Description: </strong>A cooperative research program was initiated between the United States and Japan in 1977 to investigate the relationship among large-scale tests, small-scale tests, component tests, and analytical models.</p> <p><strong>Award: </strong>PRF 80-07713</p> <p><strong>PIs &amp; CoPIs: </strong>Mete Sozen</p> <p><strong>Dates: </strong>May 29, 1981 - February 17, 1983</p> <p><strong>Organizations: </strong>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, United States</p> <p><strong>Facilities: </strong>University of Illinois...

Real-time Fast Hybrid Testing Steel Frame Test (NEES-2011-0004)

Eric Stauffer
<p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2011</p> <p><b>Description: </b>The nonlinear behavior of a w8x35 (the experimental substructure) within a 2 bay 2 story steel frame structure (the analytical substructure) is tested in real-time.</p> <p><b>Award: </b></p> <p><b>PIs &amp; CoPIs: </b>Eric Stauffer</p> <p><b>Dates: </b>January 11, 2004 to Present</p> <p><b>Organizations: </b>,University of Colorado at Boulder, CO, United States</p> <p><b>Facilities: </b>,Default Organization,University of Colorado at Boulder, CO, United States</p> <p><b>Sponsor: </b>None</p> <p><b>Keywords: </b></p> <p><b>Publications </b></p> <nb:citations></nb:citations>

Cyclic Tests of Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC) Walls

Xiaodong Ji, Jiaru Qian, Zao Jiang, Ya Sun & Xinzheng Lu
<p>This dataset contains tests conducted at Tsinghua University on thirteen steel reinforced concrete shear walls. The shear walls had aspect ratios ranging from 2 to 2.3. All but two contained embedded structural steel sections in the boundary elements. Different shapes were examined, including: I-shaped, channel, hollow square, hollow circular, and dual hollow circular.&nbsp;<span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal">The parameter set used to describe these tests&nbsp;was modeled after the parameter set</span><span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal">&nbsp;used in the...

SAC Steel Project: Phase 2: Seismic Design Criteria For Steel Moment Frame Construction: Connection Tests (NEES-2005-0101)

Michael Engelhardt, Gary Fry & Chia-Ming Uang
<p><strong>Title</strong>: SAC Steel Project: Phase 2: Seismic Design Criteria For Steel Moment Frame Construction: Connection Tests (NEES-2005-0101)</p> <p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2014</p> <p><b>Description: </b>This project contains data from the SAC-FEMA Joint-Venture Steel Project. The project focused on seismic design criteria for steel moment frame connections.</p> <p><b>Award: </b>FEMA</p> <p><b>PIs &amp; CoPIs: </b>Michael Engelhardt, Gary Fry, Chia-Ming Uang</p> <p><b>Dates: </b>November 14, 1996 - January 11, 2000</p> <p><b>Organizations: </b>Arizona State University, AZ, United States, &nbsp; &nbsp; Bucknell University, PA,...

Deep Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in the Las Vegas Basin (NEES-2009-0672)

Barbara Luke
<p>Title: Deep Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in the Las Vegas Basin (NEES-2009-0672)</p> <p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2011</p> <p><b>Description: </b>UNLVa??s Applied Geophysics Center (AGC) had a Small Grant for Exploratory Research from the National Science Foundation to use the NEES@UTexas Liquidator vibroseis for seismic surface wave measurements in the Las Vegas and Pahrump Valleys, Nevada. Testing was conducted over the period November 4-15, 2008. The purpose of this study is to determine subsurface shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles....

Leveraging Tsunami Research - Wave Loading on Residential Structures with Earthquake and Hurricane Applications (NEES-2009-0665)

John Lindt & Rakesh Gupta
<p><b>Title: </b>Leveraging Tsunami Research - Wave Loading on Residential Structures with Earthquake and Hurricane Applications (NEES-2009-0665)</p> <p><b>Year Of Curation: </b>2009</p> <p><b>Description: </b>This Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER) Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Research (NEESR) payload project will utilize the experimental test set-up of the NSF-funded project (CMMI-0530759) entitled "NEESR SG: Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering, PBTE" at the NEES tsunami wave basin at Oregon State University during June - December 2007. The objective...

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