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Mathematical Model of Gender Bias and Homophily in Professional Hierarchies

Eric A. Autry; Avinash J. Karamchandani; Grace Sun; Sara M. Clifton; Patrick McMahon; Kaitlin Hill

Learning Analytics SPEC Kit 360

Dorothea Salo; Michael R. Perry; M. Brooke Robertshaw; Kyle M. L. Jones; Andrew Asher; Abigail Goben; Kristin A. Briney

Evaniidae Phylogeny PeerJ 2018


Supplemental Materials to Bayesian Adaptive Methods for Clinical Trials, 1st Edition

Bradley P Carlin

Selective Electron Beam Melting Of Co-Cr-Mo: Microstructure And Mechanical Properties

Tan, Xipeng; Wang, Pan; Nai, Sharon; Liu, Erjia; Tor, Shu Peng

Heat capacity of Mg3Sb2, Mg3Bi2 and their alloys

G. Jeffrey Snyder

Annealing of Selective Laser Melted NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

Chua, Chee Kai; Liu, Yong

Effect Of Fiber Reinforced Polymer On Mechanical Performance Of 3D Printed Cementitious Material

Lim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Li, Mingyang

Influences Of Scanning Speed On Selective Laser Melting: A Computational Study

Tang, Chao; Wong, Chee How;

Process Parameter Optimization For Additively Manufactured Stainless Steel 316L Parts By Selective Electron Beam Melting

Wang, Chengcheng; Tan, Xipeng; Liu, Erjia; Tor, Shu Beng

Clients' Perspectives on Unresolved Therapeutic Impasses

David A. Petersen
A therapeutic impasse is a stalemate between a client and a therapist that grinds progress in therapy to a halt. Left unresolved, therapeutic impasses typically lead to the client dropping out of treatment (Weiner, 1974). Although there is some agreement in the clinical literature about what factors contribute to therapeutic impasses, there has been minimal empirical research in this area. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine the factors associated with unresolved impasses...

Making It: A Qualitative Study of Resilience Among Single Mothers Raising Daughters in Risky Neighborhoods

Anne E. Brodsky
Most prior research has identified only pitfalls for urban, low-income, African American, single mothers. This qualitative study focused on resilient single mothers and using semi-structured interviews allowed participants to define and describe their own experiences, both stresses and strategies for coping. Ten women who had been single mothers for at least two years were identified as resilient by school-based key informants and participated in two hour-long individual interviews. The risky neighborhoods in which these women...

Who Wants to be a College President? Forms of Capital and the Career Aspirations of Senior College Administrators

Paul D. Umbach
This study used the theories of human, social and cultural capital as a lens to study the career aspirations of senior administrators, specifically vice presidents and deans already in the pipeline to the college presidency, particularly as they related to race and gender. More than 2,700 vice presidents and deans at American Association for State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) member institutions were asked to provide demographic information, ant to respond to survey items assessing their...

Dynamics of a Helicopter-Slung Load System

Prasad Sampath
Stability of a tandem rotor helicopter (347/HLH) carrying a slung cargo container has been investigated. Lagrange equations were used to write the equations of motion. The cables of the sling were modeled as massless rigid extensible rods, which collapse under compressive loads. Extensibility was provided by considering the rods as linear spring with viscous damping. Aerodynamics of the cable were neglected. Tabulated static aerodynamic data were considered for the helicopter as well as the load....

Tensile Properties Of ASTM A131 EH36 Shipbuilding Steel Processed By Selective Laser Melting

Wu, Wenjin; Tor, Shu Beng; Merchant, Aziz Amirali

3D Printing Of Fiber Reinforced Soft Robotics

Yap, Yee Ling; Lee, Yi Wei; Yeong, Wai Yee

3D Printing Electro-Catalysts For Hydrogen Production

Hegde, Chidanand; Yan, Qingyu; LI, Hua

Additive Manufacturing As A Platform For Introducing Cyber-Physical Services

Khajavi, Siavash; Holmström, Jan; Baumers , Martin

Towards Automated Remanufacturing Process With Additive Manufacturing

Aprilia, Aprilia; Nguyen, Wei Liang Keith; Khairyanto, Ahmad; Pang, Wee Ching; Tor, Shu Beng; Seet, Gerald

Design And Development Of Novel Feed Spacers In Spiral Wound Membrane Modules With 3D Printing

Tan, Wen See; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Chong, Tzyy Haur

The Potential Of UHP And Waterjets For Additive Manufacturing

Hashish, Mohamed; Mital, Greg

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