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MD Sandbox

Daniel Nguyen, Zachary Bastian, Michael Sakano, Saswat Mishra & Alejandro Strachan
Molecular Dynamics Ensemble Sandbox

Purdue Physical Chemistry Lab CHM37301

Michael Reppert
This tool is a front-end for content for the Purdue Physical Chemistry Laboratory CHM37301. It fetches updates automatically from the github.com/mreppert/CHM37301content project.

EOLAS NEGF Transport Simulator

Alfonso Sanchez & Thomas Kelly
Effective-mass / NEGF simulator for electronic transport in Si nanostructures

Machine Learning Lab Module

A lab activity for introduction to machine learning in materials science

PhysiCell model for COVID19

Randy Heiland, Yafei Wang & Paul Macklin
Prototype 2-D multicellular simulation of COVID19.

CompuCell3D v4 Main Tool

Juliano Gianlupi & T.J. Sego
Base tool for CompuCell3D version 4 and greater. Allows running any of the demos included with CC3D (<HOME>/CompuCell3D_Demos/Demos)

PIOT hub for Automated Generation of Regional PIOTs

Shweta Singh, Lan Zhao, Jaewoo Shin & Venkata Vunnava
PIOT hub for python models

Chemical Autoencoder for Latent Space Enrichment

Bryan Arciniega, Mackinzie Farnell, Nicolae Iovanac & Brett Savoie
Chemical Autencoder uses machine learning for property prediction


Colin McAndrew

Simple Photonic Crystals

Jing Ouyang, Xufeng Wang & Minghao Qi
Photonic Crystal characteristics in an easy way

Mass spectrum ion trajectory

Wei Xu, William Chappell, Zheng Ouyang & Xufeng Wang
Ion tracing program for ion trap Mass Spectrometry chemical sensing

Continuous casting of weld filler wire

Kyle Fezi, Martin Hunt, Matthew Krane, Benjamin Haley & Alejandro Strachan
The continuous casting of weld filler wire is simulated using a 1D finite volume method.

DDSCAT Convert: A Target Generation Tool

John Feser & AbderRahman Sobh
Convert .obj files to DDSCAT shape files

Gaussian process regression in 1D

Ilias Bilionis, Alejandro Strachan, Benjamin Haley, Martin Hunt, Rohit Tripathy & Sam Reeve
Use Gaussian processes to represent x-y data

1-D Phonon BTE Solver

Joseph Sudibyo, Amr Mohammed & Ali Shakouri
Simulate heat transport by solving one dimensional Boltzmann transport equation.

Quantum Dot Lab

Prasad Sarangapani


Kirk Bevan
Non-equilibrium Green's Function Density Functional Theory Simulator

Thermophotonic Selective Emitter Simulation

Anubha Mathur, Enas Sakr & Peter Bermel
Simulate Thermophotovoltaics With Rare Earth-Based Selective Emitters

Hot Carrier Degradation Universal Scaling

Xin Jin
This tool involves discovering the universality of the HCI damage


Rohith Chandrasekar, Urcan Guler, Ludmila Prokopeva & Alexander Kildishev
Scattering solutions for a core-shell spherical particle on a planar lamellar substrate

Polymer Modeler

Benjamin Haley, Nate Wilson, Chunyu Li, Andrea Arguelles, Eugenio Jaramillo & Alejandro Strachan
Build thermoplastic polymer chains and run LAMMPS to relax the chains and study mechanical properties


Nahil Sobh, AbderRahman Sobh, Obaid Sarvana, John Feser, Prashant Jain, Jacob Faucheaux, Jeremy Smith, Jeremy Smith & Sarah White
Combines the Discrete Dipole Scattering (DDSCAT) tool with the DDAConvert tool for a single workflow for custom shapes.

Band Structure Lab

Samik Mukherjee, Abhijeet Paul, Neophytos Neophytou, Raseong Kim, Junzhe Geng, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Arvind Ajoy, Bozidar Novakovic, Sebastian Steiger, Michael McLennan, Mark Lundstrom & Gerhard Klimeck
Computes the electronic and phonon structure of various materials in the spatial configuration of bulk , quantum wells, and wires

Coarse-Grained Model of RF MEMS Device

Alina Alexeenko, Guoheng Chen, Derrick Kearney, Michael McLennan, Venkattraman Ayyaswamy, Gabriela Venturini & Alejandro Strachan
Dynamic model of RF MEMS Device under external loads and damping.

Thermophotonic Selective Emitter Simulation

Anubha Mathur, Enas Sakr & Peter Bermel
Simulate Thermophotovoltaics With Rare Earth-Based Selective Emitters

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