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[Illinois]: Running Average

Bara Saadah, Nahil Sobh, Jessica Johnson & NanoBio Node
This tool implements a running average of a noise series.

[Illinois] A Response of a Single Neuron with Positive Feedback

Bara Saadah, Nahil Sobh, Jessica Johnson & NanoBio Node
This tool stimulates the pulse or step response of a single neuron with positive feedback

Finite Buffer Method for Direct Solution of Discrete Chemical Master Equation

Youfang Cao, Anna Terebus & John Feser
Finite Buffer dCME

Illinois Tools: NP Junction: Long-Base Depletion Approximation

Nahil Sobh & Mohamed Mohamed
Tool Description

Periodic Potential Lab

Abhijeet Paul, Junzhe Geng & Gerhard Klimeck
Solve the time independent schrodinger eqn. for arbitrary periodic potentials

Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) in Nanoparticles

Natalia Noginova, Quincy Williams & Rabia Hussain
This tool simulates Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) absorption spectrum and its first derivative (the EMR signal) in Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs).


Jeff Gray & Michael McLennan
Simulates 1D heterostructures, including solar cells

LCOE Calculator

Gregory Forcherio
Calculate the Levelized Cost of Energy for a facility or system over its lifetime.

Illinois Tools: Nanoparticle Quantitative Lab

Nahil Sobh & Zuhaib Sheikh
Quantitative Simulation of the interaction of electromagnetic wave with metallic nano-particle

Periodic Potential

Heng Li & Alexander Gavrilenko
Calculation of the allowed and forbidden states in a periodic potential


Alexander Gavrilenko & Heng Li
Kronig-Penney Potential


Alexander Gavrilenko & Heng Li
Kronig-Penney Potential

Passive Filter Circuits

Rhea Khanna, Ogaga Odele, Krishna Madhavan & Aung San
Simulation of first and second order Passive Filter circuits.

MVS Nanotransistor Model (Silicon)

Shaloo Rakheja & Dimitri Antoniadis
The MIT Virtual Source (MVS) model is a semi-empirical compact model for nanoscale transistors that accurately describes the physics of quasi-ballistic transistors with only a few physical parameters.

Spin Switch Model

Samiran Ganguly

FET pH Sensor Model

Piyush Dak & Muhammad Alam
The FET pH sensor model is a surface potential compact model for FET based pH sensors that accurately describes the physics of electrolyte and surface charges that respond to pH.

Analytic Spin Precession Simulator

Jing Xu & Ian Appelbaum
Simulate spin precession effect in pure silicon

Crystal Viewer Tool

Yuanchen Chu, Daniel Mejia, James Fonseca, Michael Povolotskyi & Gerhard Klimeck
Visualize different crystal lattices and planes


Jeremy Smith, Jacob Faucheaux, Sarah White, AbderRahman Sobh, John Feser, Prashant Jain & Nahil Sobh
Calculate scattering and absorption of light by targets with arbitrary geometries and complex refractive index.

OMEN Nanowire

SungGeun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Benjamin Haley, Abhijeet Paul, Saumitra Mehrotra & Gerhard Klimeck
Full-band 3D quantum transport simulation in nanowire structure

Normal Distribution

Ogaga Odele, Francesca Polo, Hanjun Xian & Krishna Madhavan
Simulate the normal distribution curve with varying mean and standard deviation

Polymer Modeler

Benjamin Haley, Nate Wilson, Chunyu Li, Andrea Arguelles, Eugenio Jaramillo & Alejandro Strachan
Build thermoplastic polymer chains and run LAMMPS to relax the chains and study mechanical properties

Forced Protein Unfolding

Ashlie Martini, Benjamin Rafferty & Zachary Flohr
Molecular dynamics simulation of forced protein unfolding

Process Lab:Oxidation

Shuqing Cao, Yang Liu & Peter Griffin
Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process Simulation

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