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MD Sandbox

Daniel Nguyen, Zachary Bastian, Michael Sakano, Saswat Mishra & Alejandro Strachan
Molecular Dynamics Ensemble Sandbox

Purdue Physical Chemistry Lab CHM37301

Michael Reppert
This tool is a front-end for content for the Purdue Physical Chemistry Laboratory CHM37301. It fetches updates automatically from the github.com/mreppert/CHM37301content project.

EOLAS NEGF Transport Simulator

Alfonso Sanchez & Thomas Kelly
Effective-mass / NEGF simulator for electronic transport in Si nanostructures

Calculating short circuit current density (Jsc) from external quantum efficiency (EQE)

Prateek Malhotra, & Ganesh Sharma
Jsc is an important performance parameter to study solar cells. Calculating Jsc from EQE requires a lot of effort as interpolation and integration are to be performed with precision. This tool gives results within seconds.

MIT Atomic-Scale Modeling Toolkit

Daniel Richards, Elif Ertekin, Jeffrey Grossman, David Strubbe, Justin Riley & Enrique Guerrero
Tools for Atomic-Scale Modeling

MIT Atomic-Scale Modeling Toolkit

Daniel Richards, Elif Ertekin, Jeffrey Grossman, David Strubbe, Justin Riley & Enrique Guerrero
Tools for Atomic-Scale Modeling

Viral Kinetics: Competition Between Infections for Limited Resources

Tool for teaching the general effects of competition on co-infection.

Machine Learning Lab Module

A lab activity for introduction to machine learning in materials science

PhysiCell model for COVID19

Randy Heiland, Yafei Wang & Paul Macklin
Prototype 2-D multicellular simulation of COVID19.

CompuCell3D v4 Main Tool

Juliano Gianlupi & T.J. Sego
Base tool for CompuCell3D version 4 and greater. Allows running any of the demos included with CC3D (<HOME>/CompuCell3D_Demos/Demos)

PIOT hub for Automated Generation of Regional PIOTs

Shweta Singh, Lan Zhao, Jaewoo Shin & Venkata Vunnava
PIOT hub for python models

Chemical Autoencoder for Latent Space Enrichment

Bryan Arciniega, Mackinzie Farnell, Nicolae Iovanac & Brett Savoie
Chemical Autencoder uses machine learning for property prediction

Three-Type Multicellular Simulation Lab

Paul Macklin & Randy Heiland
An analog of the 3-body problem: modeling 3 interacting cell types in a dynamic environment

Hydroglobe Tool

Adnan Rajib, I Kim, Jaewoo Shin, Venkatesh Merwade, Lan Zhao, Jack Smith & Carol Song
Hydroglobe Tool in Jupyter Notebook

PN Junction Lab (New Interactive Front End)

Daniel Mejia & Gerhard Klimeck
Visualize and explore P-N junction concepts fully interactively: Band Edge Diagrams, Charge Densities, I-V and C-V Characteristics

CompuCell3D - Cells random walking at different speeds

Juliano Gianlupi & T.J. Sego
Cells random walking at different speeds implemented through the motility plugin

COVID 19 Virtual Tissue Model - Tissue Infection and Immune Response Dynamics

Josua Aponte-Serrano & T.J. Sego
Simulates tissue and immune system interactions during a viral lung infection

CompuCell3D - Delta-Notch signaling in a group of cells

Juliano Gianlupi & T.J. Sego
CompuCell3D can solve individual cell's ODE and have the information of one cell affect another (implemented trough SBML)

pntoy using simtool infrastructure

Daniel Mejia
PNJunction Simtool

Peking University Analog-Switching Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) Verilog-A model

Lixia Han, Linlin Cai, Jinfeng Kang, Xiaoyan Liu & Peng Huang
The Peking University Analog-switching RRAM physical model can capture the pulse conductance updates of analog RRAM devices rapidly and accurately. The model is described by Verilog-A and can be embedded in SPICE and Cadence for circuit simulations.

pntoy using simtool infrastructure

Daniel Mejia
PNJunction Simtool

Parsimonious neural networks

Saaketh Desai & Alejandro Strachan
Design and train neural networks in conjunction with genetic algorithms to discover equations directly from data

Citrine Tools for Materials Informatics

Juan Gastelum & Alejandro Strachan
Jupyter notebooks for sequential learning in the context of materials design. Run your own models, explore various methods and adapt the notebooks to your needs.

PhysiCell 3D tumor

Randy Heiland, Paul Macklin, & Javier Guaje
Simulate a 3D spheroid cancer tumor with PhysiCell

Thermo-Calc Educational Package

Paul Mason & Alejandro Strachan
Thermo-Calc Educational Package

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