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Women's Movements: Cultural, Intellectual, Political Revolutions

National Women'S Studies Association
Digitized program for the National Women's Studies Association 16th Annual Conference, held June 22-25, 1995, at University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

Organizational Stress as Threat to Reputation: Effects on Anxiety at Work and at Home

Victoria Doby & Robert D Caplan
This study's premise is that job stressors that threaten an employee's reputation with his or her supervisor are particularly likely to generate anxiety symptoms that carry over from work to home. Thirty-six raters, primarily working accountants, identified job stressors as high or low on threat to reputation. Independently, 102 accountants rated their own exposure to these stressors and their anxiety at work and home. As predicted, the high-threat stressors were the most likely to generate...

Concerto for piano and orchestra

Kelly Tang

Alternatives for affordable housing

Jerome A. Tomczak

Land use issues in the State of Michigan

Naomi A. Larson

West Riverfront case study

Tonya P. Holland

Urban Affairs Program

Jane Leal Ledesma

Participation and client accountability in development

Kenneth K. Ames

Three essays on the strategic behavior of partially-regulated firms

Leslie Margaret Schenk

Foot care assessment of diabetic patients in primary care

Christine C. Cordray

A wound care protocol for an extended health care facility

Gerald W. Gertiser

Wildlife use of native and introduced grasslands in Michigan

Christine Hanaburgh

Self-efficacy and fibromyalgia

Mary B. Stelma

Famine, migration, resettlement, and recovery

John Grolle

Bus preemption signal (BPS)

Khaled Ahmad Al-Sahili

An object-oriented framework for constructing visual formalisms

Yile Enoch Wang

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