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Two Rural Worlds: Differences of Rural High School Students' Motivational Profiles in Indiana and Colorado

Patricia L. Hardre & Maeghan N. Hennessey

The Rural Context and Postsecondary School Enrollment: An Ecological Systems Approach

Mary Ann Demi, Alisha Coleman-Jensen & Anastasia R. Snyder

An Examination of the Provision of Supplemental Educational Services in Nine Rural Schools

Zoe A. Barley & Sandra Wegner

School, Community, and Church Activities: Relationship to Academic Achievement of Low-Income African American Early Adolescents in the Rural Deep South

Matthew J. Irvin, Thomas W. Farmer, Man-Chi Leung, Jana H. Thompson & Bryan C. Hutchins

A Phenomenological Study of Rural School Consolidation

Keith A. Nitta, Marc J. Holley & Sharon L. Wrobel

Book Review, Traveller, Nomadic and Migrant Education

Colin Clark

Elementary education

Laura Oakley

National Women's Studies Association 31st Annual Conference: Difficult Dialogues II

National Women'S Studies Association
Digitized program for the National Women's Studies Association 31st Annual Conference, held November 11-14, 2010, in Denver, Colorado.

DNA Transposon Hermes Inserts into DNA in Nucleosome-Free Regions in Vivo

Sunil Gangadharan, Loris Mularoni, Jennifer Fain-Thornton, Sarah J. Wheelan & Nancy L. Craig
Transposons are mobile genetic elements that are an important source of genetic variation and are useful tools for genome engineering, mutagenesis screens, and vectors for transgenesis including gene therapy. We have used second-generation sequencing to analyze ≈2 × 10⁵ unique de novo transposon insertion sites of the transposon Hermes in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome from both in vitro transposition reactions by using purified yeast genomic DNA, to better characterize intrinsic sequence specificity, and sites recovered...

An Examination of Drug Craving over Time in Abstinent Methamphetamine Users

Gantt P. Galloway, Edward G. Singleton, Raymond Buscemi, Matthew J. Baggott, René M. Dickerhoof & John E. Mendelson
Craving for addictive drugs may predict relapse in abstinent addicts. To assess relationships between craving and use, we examined changes in craving for methamphetamine (MA) in a sample of 865 outpatients in a multisite 16‐week MA‐treatment study. Craving was assessed on a 0–100 scale, and MA use was assessed by self‐report and confirmed by urinalysis. We hypothesized that the magnitude of craving would decline (decay) with increased time of abstinence, and that decay would be...

Global social interactions with sequential binary decisions: the case of marriage, divorce, and stigma

Finn Christensen & Juergen Jung
This paper studies global social interactions in a stylized model of marriage and divorce with complementarities across agents. The key point of departure from traditional models of social interactions is that actions are interrelated and sequential. We establish existence and uniqueness results akin to those in traditional models. In contrast to these models, however, we show that the presence of strategic complementarities is no longer sufficient to generate a social multiplier that exceeds one in...

Health care financing over the life cycle, universal medical vouchers and welfare

Juergen Jung & Chung Tran
In this paper we develop a general equilibrium overlapping generations (OLG) model with health shocks to analyze the life-cycle pattern of insurance choice and health care spending. We use data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) and show that our model is able to match the life-cycle trends of insurance take up ratios and average medical expenditures in the U.S. We then demonstrate how this model can be used to conduct health care policy...

Does the availability of parental health insurance affect the college enrollment decision of young Americans?

Diane M. Harnek Hall, Juergen Jung & Thomas Rhoads
The present study examines whether the college enrollment decision of young individuals (student full-time, student part-time, non-student) depends on health insurance coverage via a parent’s family health plan. Our findings indicate that the availability of parental health insurance has significant effects on the probability that a young individual enrolls as a full-time student. A young individual who has access to health insurance via a parent is up to 22 percent more likely to enroll as...

Subjective health expectations

Juergen Jung & Kim P. Huynh
Subjective health expectations are derived using data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). We first use a Bayesian updating mechanism to correct for focal point responses and reporting errors of the original health expectations variable. We then test the quality of the health expectations measure and describe its correlation with various health indicators and other individual characteristics. Our results indicate that subjective health expectations do contain additional information that is not incorporated in subjective...

Medical consumption over the life cycle: facts from a U.S. medical expenditure panel survey

Juergen Jung & Chung Tran
We investigate the association between age and medical spending in the U.S. using data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). We estimate a partial linear seminonparametric model and construct “pure” life-cycle profiles of health spending simultaneously controlling for time effects (i.e. institutional changes and business cycles effects) and cohort effects (i.e. generation specific conditions). We find that time and cohort effects introduce a significant estimation bias into predictions of health expenditures per age group,...

The macroeconomics of heath savings accounts

Juergen Jung & Chung Tran
We analyze whether the introduction of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), which is a health insurance reform coupled with a capital tax reform, can reduce health care expenditures in the United States, while simultaneously increasing the fraction of insured individuals. Unlike previous studies on HSAs, our analysis relies on a general equilibrium framework and therefore fully accounts for feedback effects from general equilibrium price adjustments. Our results from numerical simulations indicate that the introduction of HSAs...

A macroeconomic analysis of the fiscal system in Egypt

Gerhard Glomm & Juergen Jung
We construct a dynamic general equilibrium model to analyze the fiscal situ- ation of Egypt. We model Egypt as a small open economy that takes real interest rates and world prices of fuel as given. Since a large component of the government budget consists of pensions payments, we use an overlapping generations struc- ture. The model contains descriptions of the public and private sector, as well as descriptions of the production sectors for a public...

The Naked Sublime

Jessica Margaret Brophy
This study investigates the sublime in three of Sharon Olds' collections, The Father, The Gold Cell, and Blood, Tin, Straw. It offers a reading of the sublime that counters the trend within the discourse to define the concept as either masculine or feminine, expands the sublime moment to include the sensory and the beautiful, and shifts the sublime from domination to reconciliation. Promoted by Immanuel Kant and Edmund Burke, a masculine narrative emphasizes male autonomy...

The Mississippi State Colonization Society And The Key Figures In The Mississippi Colonization Scheme

Antuian Rivarius Bradford
The colonization of free blacks to the Liberian coast by the American Colonization Society was one of the most interesting historical events of the 19th century. Many states took part in the colonization scheme and Mississippi was no different. In 1831, the Mississippi State Colonization Society saw the colonization of free blacks as a necessity for the preservation of the slave society in the state; however, this would not be the only reason the colonization...

Differences Between African Americans And Whites In Theprogression From First Full Cigarette To Nicotine Dependence

Roxanne Patrice Beharie
There are significant health disparities and social problems associated with nicotine dependence. While White adults have a higher prevalence of lifetime smoking, and current smoking than African Americans, African Americans suffer higher incidence rates from smoking-related health problems such as respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and cancer, than Whites. Research has shown racial/ethnic differences in the process of becoming nicotine dependent, with African Americans being more likely to become nicotine dependent than Whites. Data from Wave...

The Persistence Of African American College Men

Tyson J. Beale
This study explored the family dynamics of persistent African American college men. These students were typical Black males, not those pre-categorized as high-achieving or unprepared for college. The stories of participants revealed their strength, ambition, and intentions to successfully gain a baccalaureate degree. In general Black males are known more for their crimes than their persistence. The portrayal of Black men as troublesome is a consistent theme within the media and social science literature. Typical...

From Humble Beginnings To A Profound Impact: A Brief History Of Lovely Lane United Methodist Church And Its Effect On The African American Community Of Baltimore, Maryland

Simone Renee Barrett
The first Methodist Episcopal Church (ME Church) of Baltimore, Maryland was founded in 1772 by Reverend Joseph Pilmoor, an English missionary and disciple of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. Pilmoor was sent to America from England by Wesley in 1769, to teach the Methodist faith. He landed in Philadelphia and made his way to Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina, preaching the Methodist religion. While preaching in Baltimore, he was granted use of Otterbein Chapel...

An Examination Of Happiness And Its Relationship To Community College Students' Coping Strategies And Academic Performance

Janet Elaine Barber
The purpose of this study was to examine happiness and its relationship to the coping strategies and academic performance (grade point average) of community college students. The independent variable was happiness and the dependent variables were coping strategies and self-reported GPAs (academic performance). A commuter community college campus located in an urban-suburban area with a focus on student-centered learning and improving academic performance was chosen. The study focused on 139 student participants between the ages...

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