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Predictive Validity Of Multiple Measures As A Placement Method For Developmental Mathematics Courses At Chesapeake College

Adugna Kebede Mekonnen
This study develops a multiple measure placement method (MMPM) that is comprised of predictor variables such as ACCUPLACER math (ACCM), ACCUPLACER reading (ACCR), arithmetic diagnostic test (ADT), high school grade point average (HSGPA), high school mathematics performance (HSMP), and duration since last mathematics course taken in high school (DLMC) selected on the basis of research reported in the body of literature. Data is collected from 79 participants of MAT 031(elementary algebra) and 43 participants of...

A Snapshotof Student Assessment Practices In The Virginia Community Colleges

Marsha Carter McLean
In 1987, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) mandated institutions in Virginia to develop student assessment plans. After 21 years, Virginia community colleges are still experiencing challenges with meeting the mandate. This descriptive study provided a snapshot of the current student assessment practices in the Virginia community colleges. The administrators surveyed revealed complacency instead of a sense of urgency to meet the spirit of the SCHEV mandate. For instance, the results indicated...

A Framework System To Connect Children With Nearby Nature

Roberta Marmer McConochie
Arguably the most savvy of any generation, today's children reside in a state of "Nature Deficit Disorder" (Louv (2005). Though programs approach the problem, children's current condition presents challenges beyond those of landscape architecture and allied professional practices. Currently, there is no comprehensive system to address the full range of children's developmental needs, nor to integrate needs with specific local resources. This thesis develops such a system, a framework to connect children and nature. Input...

Soul Navigation: A Collection Of Stories And Its Influences

Joseph John Maria
This thesis presents a collection of short stories, "Soul Navigation." The stories explore the toll that modern living in the United States takes on the human spirit and how that spirit can be renewed. The stories depict characters that are aware of the torpor and oppression in their lives and seek change, freedom, and the restoration of decency. The characters experience an inner struggle that leads to a tipping point where something extraordinary happens and...

Examining Student Engagement Of African American Community College Students: Focusing On The Ccsse Benchmarks

Saundra Elaina Lynch Ervin
Research in the area of student engagement has shown that the more engaged minority students are with faculty and staff, with other students, and with the subject matter they study, the more likely they are to learn and persist toward achieving their academic goals. Secondary data from the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) were used to measure the student engagement benchmarks from the perspective of African American community college students. The National 2006...

A Bankruptcy Prediction Model With Nontraditional Measures

Cynthia Beatrice Lloyd
The purpose of this study is to examine whether a more relevant bankruptcy model is derived by combining unconventional measures with traditional financial statement ratios. A growing literature suggests that instead of only financial accounting ratios, long-term firm performance models are enhanced, balanced and more relevant by adding such alternative measures. Qualitative factors are included in the model to capture perceivable threats to operations, to measure management's reaction to those threats and the association of...

The Relationship Between Psychosocial Factors And Weight Status Among African American Adolescents

Monica JaTonya Lathan
Stigma, self-esteem and self-efficacy, under-investigated psychosocial factors, may be used to combat the overweight and obesity epidemic among African American adolescents (AA). Literature that examines psychosocial factors and weight status typically focuses on girls. Omitting examinations of these factors in males thwarts overall understanding of the relationship between psychosocial factors and weight status. The aims of the research are to determine the relationship between psychosocial factors and weight status among AA adolescents and identify gender...

West Indian Cultural Influences On Female Identity Development In Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones, Praisesong For The Widow, And Daughters

Renee Sabrina Latchman
The problem of this study is to examine in Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones (1959), Praisesong for the Widow (1983), and Daughters (1991) how West Indian culture influences identity development in female immigrants in America who use their collective community, cultural practices, and ambition to maintain their cultural values. The writer will employ theories from Edward Said, Homi Bhabha, and James Marcia to locate immigrant women as the Other, to establish hybrid communities and practices,...

Entrepreneurial Idea Identification Through Online Social Networks

Matthew C. Lang
The increasing use of social network websites may signal a change in the way the next generation of entrepreneurs identify entrepreneurial ideas. An important part of the entrepreneurship literature emphasizes how vital the use of social networks is to entrepreneurial idea identification, opportunity recognition, and ultimately new venture creation. The explosive growth of these online social networking sites provides millions with the ability to communicate more information to a larger group of people with greater...

African American Baptist Adults: The Degree To Which Selected Social And Cultural Variables Influence The Execution Of Advance Directives

Tina Louise Jordan
The purpose of this research study was to investigate the degree to which selected demographic, social and cultural variables influence the execution of advance directives amongst African American Baptist adults. Research hypotheses were: (1) There is an association between gender, age, educational status, socio-economic status, marital status, family composition, employment status, racism, and the degree to which African American Baptist adults execute advance directives; (2) There is an association between gender, age, educational status, socio-economic...

A Descriptive Case Study Of A School Resource Officer Program In One Urban Middle School

Kendra Vernelle Johnson
Urban public school educators are charged with responding to the tenets of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). In an effort to address the school safety tenet of NCLB, many urban educators collaborate with the local police agencies to implement a School Resource Officer Program (SROP). The goal is to create a safe and orderly environment in order to ultimately improve student outcomes (Warren, 2002); however, educators are rarely able to assess the SROP's...

"Hip-Hop Hooray . . . Ho, Hey, Ho!": Hip-Hop Origin And Its Affect On Modern Day Culture, 1965-2008

Ramon DeMar Jenkins
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze critically the culture of hip-hop from a political standpoint. Understanding how hip-hop is an expressive culture that has a tremendous affect on contemporary society politically, socially, and economically this thesis argues that African Americans use hip-hop to assert agency for civil rights. Using poetry, films, speeches, and the music itself as primary sources I separated hip-hop into four different political stages that served as a point of...

Leading From Behind: The Role Of Women In Sharp Street United Methodist Church, 1898-1921

Felicia Lorraine Jamison
This thesis will demonstrate the monumental role that African-American women played in Sharp Street United Methodist Church from 1898 to 1921. It was not until 1898 that women began to form independent organizations to assist in defraying the newly acquired $70,000 debt for the new edifice. Gaining a sense of autonomy, they began to assert themselves in their community and nation by participating in the Women's Club Movement and the Progressive Movement. The study concludes...

Racial/Ethnic Patterns Of Psychotropic Medication Use In Medicaid-Insured Youth

Aloysius Chukwunonye Ibe
In 2003, the Institute of Medicine reported that racial/ethnic disparities in mental and behavioral problems hinder the nation's effort to improve overall health, mostly because of the risk of poorer health status and lower levels of access to healthcare in non-whites compared with white Americans. Earlier studies have shown that African American and Hispanic youth are significantly less likely to be prescribed psychotropic medications than white youth with Medicaid insurance. Aim 1 of this study...

An Exploratory Analysis Of Attitudes Toward Religious Help-Seeking Among African-American Christians

Kimberly Michelle Hardy
This dissertation used an exploratory, cross-sectional research design to: (1) understand African-American Christians' attitudes toward religious and professional help-seeking; (2) understand whether or not African-American Christians are seeking help from their church leaders to assist in the amelioration of serious personal and/or mental health issues in lieu of mental health professionals; and (3) understand the dynamics of the religious help-seeking relationship. Using an electronic survey, a sample of 146 self-identified African-American Christians participated in the...

Sic Dmosfet Characterization And Evaluation For Power Electronics Applications

Ronald Green
As SiC MOSFET technology continues to mature, an assessment of device reliability becomes essential for the development of large power modules utilizing this technology. This dissertation investigated state-of-the-art 4H-SiC DMOSFETs for continuous power electronics applications. The research methodology consisted of performing a variety of electrical measurements that characterized device performance, and studied device stability and reliability. A 400-A power module utilizing SiC MOSFET technology was fabricated, tested and implemented in a continuous power conversion application...

Assessing Degree Of Virtuality And Its Impact On Team Effectiveness

Mary Kuchta Foster
The use of virtual teams is widespread and growing in importance. Yet, our knowledge about virtual teams has lagged behind their use. In research, virtual teams have often been treated as undifferentiated entities, resulting in a lack of comparability between studies, inconsistent findings, and an inability to replicate findings. Furthermore, virtuality is often operationalized as a one-dimensional dichotomous construct. Virtual team effectiveness models have been limited by the exclusion of virtuality as a construct and...

Mikkie, Bob, And Aie: Flash Fiction And The Uses Of Fragmented Narrative Threads

Sonjurae Mikel Cross
This thesis presents twenty-six original works of flash fiction set in Hagerstown, Maryland and involving three main characters: Bob, Mikkie, and Dr. Aie who share common emotional territory. The works are introduced by an essay that explores the nature and dynamics of flash fiction and how the genre can be used to experiment with fragmentation, narrative line, and alienation. The essay also addresses the consequences that fragmented, fractured, and missing narrative threads may have on...

The Influence Of Social Presence On E-Loyalty In Women Online Shoppers: An Application Of The Social Identity Approach To Website Design

Tonjia Simmone Coverdale
The objective of this study is to propose and test the Social Identity Approach to Website Design research model, which extends the traditionally examined interaction between website design and e-Commerce Success by considering the role of Social Identity in the development of e-Loyalty in women online shoppers. The Social Identity Approach is a well-researched theoretical perspective in the field of social psychology that includes the Social Identity Theory (Tajfel, 1978) and the Self-Categorization Theory (Turner...

Racial Harmony In Winston-Salem, North Carolina: North Carolinian Myth Of Racial Progressiveness Versus Civil Rights, 1954-1980

Ashley Carter
Traditionally, North Carolina has been looked at as a state that experienced little racial disturbances during the Civil Rights Movement. Because of this, North Carolina developed a progressive image in terms of race relations that state citizens accepted. This image implied that North Carolina's treatment of its black citizens was unequaled in the South. This study examines the dynamic racial climate of Winston-Salem during the Civil Rights Movement in order to gain perspective over the...

Gendered Discourse In The Confessionalists And The New Journalists

Brett Howard Butler
This study compares the discourse of male female American authors who produced works between 1960 to 1975 in order to challenge existing theories of gender and discourse. It focuses on identifying the similarities and differences in the way male and female authors describe male and female characters and in the way they narrate selective events in their works. This study also identifies how the male and female authors from this time period assign or remove...

"Let My Mountains Be"

Angela Burrus
This thesis presents two chapters of an original novel, "Let My Mountains Be." The novel tells the story of Ruby Jamison, a woman from a small, rural southern community who struggles to sustain true happiness and stability while struggling to reunite with her daughter. In introducing "Let My Mountains Be," the writer explores the journey to wholeness through a three-part process: acknowledgement, transformation, and redemption. Alice Walker's The Third Life of Grange Copeland is used...

The Naked Sublime

Jessica Margaret Brophy
This study investigates the sublime in three of Sharon Olds' collections, The Father, The Gold Cell, and Blood, Tin, Straw. It offers a reading of the sublime that counters the trend within the discourse to define the concept as either masculine or feminine, expands the sublime moment to include the sensory and the beautiful, and shifts the sublime from domination to reconciliation. Promoted by Immanuel Kant and Edmund Burke, a masculine narrative emphasizes male autonomy...

The Mississippi State Colonization Society And The Key Figures In The Mississippi Colonization Scheme

Antuian Rivarius Bradford
The colonization of free blacks to the Liberian coast by the American Colonization Society was one of the most interesting historical events of the 19th century. Many states took part in the colonization scheme and Mississippi was no different. In 1831, the Mississippi State Colonization Society saw the colonization of free blacks as a necessity for the preservation of the slave society in the state; however, this would not be the only reason the colonization...

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