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Karen Patterson, Kevin Hammett, Jamie Edwards & Chamisa Carson
This report became the basis for the service model in McKeldin library with unified Services Desk on the 1st floor. It went into effect in the Fall of 2015.

Virtual Invormation Services Task Force Report

Elizabeth Larson, Judy Markowitz, Elizabeth Soergel, Nedelina Tchangalova & Hilary Thomson
The Report provides 10 general recommendations and two possible models for online reference/information services, based on findings, which have been adopted into practice since.

The College Crisis: Fiscal Constraints, Increased Demand and President Obama’s Call to Action

Lorenda Naylor
The U.S. higher education system is in a state of crisis. It is addressing what is called “the iron triangle,” which includes cost, access and quality. Cost includes rising tuition and proliferating student loan debt. A consequence of rising cost is that it decreases access for middle and lower income students. Fewer students can afford to pay for college. Of those low-income students who attend college only 25 percent graduate within six years. The third...

Containment Schemas, Scripts, And Connection In D.H. Lawrence's "Daughters Of The Vicar," Iris Murdoch's A Fairly Honourable Defeat, And Monica Ali's Brick Lane: An Examination Of Englishness

Chinwe Morah
This study will look at the representation and manifestation of physical and emotional connections between people and how they reflect the need to belong through three texts which suggest the creation of modern Britain. They include D.H. Lawrence's short story "Daughters of the Vicar" (1914), Iris Murdoch's A Fairly Honourable Defeat (1970), and Monica Ali's Brick Lane (2003). In studying the representation of physical and emotional connections, the writer will use script theory and containment...

The Effect Of Quality Matters Certification On Student Satisfaction, Grades, And Retention At Florida International University

Allison G. Miner
The rate of college graduation is dismal in the US. Less than half of college freshmen that started college in 2004 graduated within six years. The new knowledge economy requires an educated populace, and online learning has the potential to solve the problem of ready access to higher education. Many educators, administrators, parents, and potential employers have a low opinion of online learning. Part of the concern is lack of quality assurance. Quality assurance through...

An Examination Of The Relationship Between Learner Interactions And Student Satisfaction Among Graduate Students In An Online Learning Environment

Bernice Marie Alston
Online learning is a growing trend among higher education institutions. One area of concern in the literature has been the relationship between student interactions and student satisfaction with an online course. The purpose of this study was to determine if there is an association between graduate students' perceptions of the level of interaction and their satisfaction with an online course. Student satisfaction is an important variable because many studies have suggested that student satisfaction can...

The Transition From Secondary To Post-Secondary Education For Students With Disabilities

Susan Anita Marine
The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the transition from secondary to postsecondary education for students with disabilities. A comparison was made between participants with invisible and visible disabilities. After the data were analyzed, several themes (and sub themes) and commonalities in the perceptions of the six participants of this study were discovered. Those themes were: student expectations to attend college, transition/cultural shock, perceptions of disability, support systems, high school and college accommodations,...

A Model To Improve Security Questions Through Individualized Assistance

Andrew H. Mangle
Security questions are considered a viable alternative for secondary and supplementary authentication. Security questions can offer a low-cost alternative for password resets as well as an additional layer of security beyond traditional username and passwords, security questions are a human-authentication method leveraging unique private knowledge. Information system security is meant to protect and limit access to select individuals. All access control techniques are susceptible to attackers. Security questions are susceptible to three types of attacks...

Pioneering The Change To Be Better: Jennie Davis Porter And Cincinnati's All-Black Harriet Beecher Stowe School, 1914-1935

Tina Louise Ligon
The debate about the appropriate mode of schooling for African-American children has existed for decades. Educators, community leaders, and parents have argued over whether black students would perform better in integrated or segregated schools. This dissertation examines how educator Jennie Davis Porter's educational philosophy, which consisted of progressive pedagogy and conservative thinking, shaped how black students learned in the Cincinnati Public Schools. She believed that African-American students performed better in an all-black environment where the...

Differences In Special Education Teachers' Perceptions Of School Climate Before And After No Child Left Behind And Idea

Diane Lane
This study sought to examine the extent to which special education teachers' perceptions have changed over time due to changes that have occurred in the delivery of services to exceptional students. This study was accomplished by examining secondary data obtained from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS) during the 1993-1994, 1999-2000, 2003-2004, and 2007-2008 school years. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) periodically collects, analyzes,...

The Relationship Between School Connectedness And Behavior Patterns Among Students Attending An Alternative School

Francis Ochieng Lando
Many studies in education have primarily placed emphasis on the impact of school context on the academic outcomes of students. This has given far less attention to the relationship between school's social environment and the psychosocial development of the learners. Even fewer studies examining these constructs have been conducted among students with emotional disorders in alternative educational programs even though this group of learners has greater social and behavioral needs than their peers in regular...

New Definition Of Transit Oriented Development (Tod) Based On Context Sensitive Paradigm

Safieh Laaly
A great deal of attention has been given to the environmental impacts of Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) on global warming in recent years. It has also been noted that sprawl developments generate additional demand for motorized transportation to move people and goods, thus increasing Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) which has imposed exponential stress on social, economic, environmental and global sustainability. An antidote to sprawl is smart land-use planning with sustainable development strategies. During the past...

Pakistani-American Relations During The South Asia Crisis Of 1971

Mansoor Ahmed Kayani
The aim of this study was to investigate the U.S policy regarding the 1971 crisis of East Pakistan. The 1971 East Pakistan crisis provides important information on the U.S. Pakistan alliance during the Cold War. Both countries needed each other's support to protect their Cold War interests. Therefore, the U.S. support for Pakistan in the 1971 crisis in East Pakistan was designed to protect the American security interests in Asia. The U.S. alliance with Pakistan...

Lift Every Voice: Informal And Formal Social Support Experiences Among African-American Gay Men 50 Years And Older Living With Hiv/Aids

Rodrica Michael Jones
The purpose and goal of this qualitative hermeneutic phenomenology study was to explore and understand the informal and formal social support experiences among African-American gay men that are 50 and over living with HIV/AIDS. The data collection process included the in-depth interviews of 12 participants. The findings of this study included six themes: 1) HIV Diagnosis Challenges/Coping Abilities 2) Formal Support Resource Availability 3) Perceived Informal and Formal HIV-related stigma 5) Ageism Bias 6) HIV...

Rising Above: How Women's Entreprneurial Intentions Improve Through Stereotype Protection And Stereotype Boost

Golshan Javadian
To date, much of women entrepreneurship has been focused on documenting the differences between male and female entrepreneurs and their ventures (Jennings & Brush, 2013). The literature on women's entrepreneurship has mostly focused on problems and challenges, the causes and roots of such problems, and on offering explanations for these problems (James, 2012). Previous research has failed to provide an explanation for how women overcome such problems. This leaves a gap in the literature on...

The Relationship Between Ptsd Symptoms, Social And Mental Health Factors, And Quality Of Life Outcomes In A Sample Of African-American Women Combat Veterans

Iris L. Jackson
The purpose of this study was to explore how trauma exposure during combat deployment, PTSD symptoms and other mental health factors, affected the Quality of Life (QOL) in a sample of African American women combat veterans. Most early and current research on combat trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) placed focus on male samples. The majority of these studies examined factors related to how male combat Vietnam veterans responded to war-related trauma. With growing numbers...

Operating Within "Transit Deserts": The Application Of Just, Open And Equitable Circulator Systems Within Outer Urban Residential Neighborhoods

Diane Jones Allen
ABSTRACT Title of Dissertation: Operating within "Transit Deserts": The Application of Just, Open and Equitable Circulator Systems within Outer Urban Residential Neighborhoods By: Diane Jones Allen, Doctor of Engineering May 2014 Dissertation directed by: Reginald Amory, Ph. D Professor Department of Civil Engineering Morgan State University Within the past five decades, public transit dependent, and urban oriented populations have been relocated or shifted to outer-urban, auto-oriented neighborhoods at rates equaling the Great Migration of African-Americans...

Historical Archaeology And Black Life During The Early Republic: A View Toward The Hill

Brittany Monique Hutchinson
The Hill is a historically African American neighborhood located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is thought to have been established prior to the 1790s making it, quite possibly, the oldest free black neighborhood in the country. What makes this particular neighborhood unique, besides its early establishment, is its potential to provide a comprehensive account of the African American experience within a purely African American context. While slavery was a dominant force in Maryland's...

The Experiences Of English-Speaking Caribbean Students In American Schools

Christine Angela Haynes
This phenomenological study examined the perceived adaptation experiences of English-speaking Caribbean K-12 immigrant students in American Schools through the telling of their stories. These stories were substantiated by their parents, and in some cases, close family friends, regarding their interactions with some American schools. The study was framed using Adaptation Theory which was supported by Bourdieu's Theory of Cultural Capital, Intercultural Communication Theory, John Ogbu's Cultural Ecological Theory, and Bowen's Family System Theory. The findings...

Cross Layer Optimization Of Complex Wireless Environments

Stephen Bobga Gwanvoma
The limited ability of traditional layered architectures to exploit the unique nature of wireless communication has fostered the introduction of cross-layer design solutions that allow optimized operation for mobile devices in the modern heterogeneous wireless environment. Cross-layer design and optimization is a new technique which can be used to design and improve the performance in both wireless and wireline networks [1] The central idea of cross-layer design is to optimize the control and exchange of...

Frederick Douglass High School In The Era Of Desegregation, 1954-2006: A Historical Analysis

Nakia Cherise Green
The issue of school desegregation in America has received attention from scholars who have examined the phenomenon within the context of Civil Rights activism during which under the auspices of the NAACP, Thurgood Marshall successfully argued against practices of racial segregation in schools. Widely known accounts of school integration, such as the Little Rock Nine event in 1957, have been highlighted when dissecting the challenges African American students faced after the 1954 Brown v. The...

A High Assurance Firewall In A Cloud Environment Using Hardware And Software

Arya Golriz
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular and offers a wide variety of advantages over conventional networking, including the ability to centralize resources both physically and financially. While implementing a cloud infrastructure does raise security concerns, a secure cloud infrastructure similar to that of a conventional network can be achieved using tools and tactics deployed to protect the network from adversaries and various malicious attacks. One primary component in any secure network, cloud or otherwise, is...

Socially, Psychologically, And Therefore Physically Unbeautiful: An Examination Of The Early 1900S Black American Female Perception Of Beauty

Leah Tonnette Gaines
Combining a psycho-social perspective, Black feminist thought, and an Afrocentric framework, this thesis will utilize selected Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper articles and advertisements in order to examine some of the possible factors that affected the early 1900s Black female perception of her social, psychological, and physical beauty. To determine the early 1900s perception of Black female social beauty, this thesis will use Afro articles to better understand the dynamics of race and gender in early 1900s...

Transformed Neighborhoods And Household Characteristics

Ajibola T. Fakiyesi
Over the years, neighborhoods across the country have undergone transformation. There has always been a tendency to examine the superficial causes of transformations. Several studies in the literature focus on racial transformation as a key driver of neighborhood change. This study departs from the usual trend of examining neighborhood transformation by looking at just the racial component of neighborhood change. Rather, in addition to examining the racial composition of neighborhoods, it also seeks to analyze...

Evaluation Of The Presentation Of Network Data Via Visualization Tools For Network Analysts: Comparison Of Node-Link, Parallel Coordinates And Tabular Displays

Renee Etoty
Computer Network Defense (CND) analysts require tools that give accurate and current data information about the state of security for the networks they monitor. These reports of data usually generated by Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) such as the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL)'s Interrogator have traditionally been presented to the analysts via a tabular visual representation on a display. The increasing data fusion from myriad heterogeneous distributed network sensors requires visual displays that can effectively...

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