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Rural Districts Left Behind? Rural Districts and the Challenges of Administering the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Holly Yettick, Robin Baker, Mary Wickersham & Kelly Hupfeld

Three Rejoinders in Search of an Author

Craig B. Howley, Aimee Howley & Jacqueline Yahn

Motives, Methods or Quality?: Making Sense of Howley, Howley and Yahn

Amy Price Azano

The Value of People, Place and Possibilities: A Multiple Case Study of Rural High School Completion

Kristen Campbell Wilcox, Janet I. Angelis, Linda Baker & Hal A. Lawson

Trades and Aides: The Gendering of Vocational Education in Rural Alberta

Alison Taylor, Laura Servage & Zane Hamm

Early Experiences Implementing Voluntary School District Mergers in Vermont

John D. Rogers, Talia J. Glesner & Herman W. Meyers

The Role of Postsecondary Institutional Urbanicity in College Persistence

P. Johnelle Sparks & Anne-Marie Nunez

Motives for Dissertation Research at the Intersection Between Rural Education and Curriculum and Instruction

Craig B. Howley, Aimee Howley & Jacqueline Yahn

Book Review, Rethinking Rural Literacies: Transnational Perspectives

Simone White

Mentored Research in a Tribal College Setting: The Northern Cheyenne Case

Carol Ward, Kacey Widdison Jones, Ryan Coles, Loren Rich, Stan Knapp & Robert Madsen

Connecting for Innovation: Four Universities Collaboratively Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Teach in Rural and Remote Western Australia

Sue Trinidad, Elaine Sharplin, Sue Ledger & Tania Broadley

School Closures in Rural Finnish Communities

Outi Autti & Eeva Kaisa Hyry-Beihammer

In the wake of heroes

Dan Norris

Cases in Health Care Management

Sharon B Buchbinder, Nancy H. Shanks & Dale Buchbinder
Summary: From the authors of the bestselling Introduction to Health Care Management comes this compendium of 101 case studies that illustrate the challenges related to managing healthcare services. Segmented by topic and setting, these cases span the full spectrum of issues that can arise in a variety of healthcare settings. With a writing style that is lively and engaging, undergraduates in healthcare management, nursing, public administration, public health, gerontology, and allied health programs will find...

National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference: Feminist Transgressions

National Women'S Studies Association
Digital program for the National Women's Studies Association 35th Annual Conference, held November 13-16, 2014, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(A AND Randomized AND Controlled AND Trial AND of AND Prison-Initiated AND Buprenorphine: AND Prison AND Outcomes AND "and" AND Community AND Treatment AND Entry)

Frank J. Vocci, Kevin E. O’Grady, Terrence T. Fitzgerald, Robert P. Schwartz, Timothy W. Kinlock & Michael S. Gordon
Background Buprenorphine is a promising treatment for heroin addiction. However, little is known regarding its provision to pre-release prisoners with heroin dependence histories who were not opioid-tolerant, the relative effectiveness of the post-release setting in which it is provided, and gender differences in treatment outcome in this population. Methods This is the first randomized clinical trial of prison-initiated buprenorphine provided to male and female inmates in the US who were previously heroin-dependent prior to incarceration....

Severity, frequency and variety of crime in heroin-dependent prisoners enrolled in a buprenorphine study

K.E. O’Grady, Robert P. Schwartz, T.W. Kinlock & Michael S. Gordon

Women and Meds: A Documentary about Women, Meds & Pregnancy

Dina Fiascanaro
Summary: "Moms & Meds: Navigating Pregnancy and Psychiatric Medication is a documentary film that explores the options women face when they want to have children, but take psychotropic medication for mental illness. The film follows multiple women as they attempt to navigate the conflicting attitudes surrounding this issue"--Container.

The RVAAM Alumni Academy Forum Quarterly Newsletter

Debbie Bradley, Michelle Lee, Keith Gethers, Ashley Fundack & Heather Pfeifer
Quarterly newsletter.

The RVAAM Alumni Academy Forum Quarterly Newsletter

Debbie Bradley, Michelle Lee, Keith Gethers, Ashley Fundack & Heather Pfeifer
Quarterly newspaper

The RVAAM Alumni Academy Forum Quarterly Newsletter

Debbie Bradley & Heather Pfeifer
Quarterly Newsletter

Market inefficiency, insurance mandate and welfare: U.S. health care reform 2010

Juergen Jung & Chung Tran
We quantify the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) using a stochastic general equilibrium overlapping generations model with endogenous health capital accumulation calibrated to match U.S. data on health spending and insurance take-up over the lifecycle. We find that the introduction of an insurance mandate and the expansion of Medicaid which are at the core of the ACA increase the insurance take-up rate of workers to almost universal coverage but decrease capital accumulation, labor...

Does Every Research Library Need a Digital Humanities Center?

Jennifer Schaffner & Ricky Erway

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