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Kristi Lee Holmes

The politics of representing disability: exploring news coverage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Shawn Burns & Beth Haller
Twenty-five years on from the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), media representation of people with disability has become even more significant. More recently, the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia has placed people with disability, and the issues they face, at the forefront of political discourse. This study looks at the media coverage of the ADA and the NDIS as significant social and political landmarks in their respective...

To grow old: regulatory role of ethylene and jasmonic acid in senescence

Joonyup Kim, Caren Chang & Mark L. Tucker
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Discontinuity of maximum entropy inference and quantum phase transitions

Jianxin Chen, Zhengfeng Ji, Chi-Kwong Li, Yiu-Tung Poon, Yi Shen, Nengkun Yu, Bei Zeng & Duanlu Zhou
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Multimodal Data Fusion: An Overview of Methods, Challenges and Prospects

Dana Lahat, Tuley Adali & Christian Jutten
copyright 2015 IEEE

The First European Colonization of the North Atlantic

George Hambrecht
Many facets of what are commonly considered to be novel and unique characteristics of modern Capitalism have their roots, often in a mature form, in the Medieval Period (Abu-Lughod 1991; Crosby 2004; Hoffmann 2001; Marks 2007). Archaeological work focusing on the Norse North Atlantic from the Early Medieval Period through to the Early Modern Period has been especially effective at revealing certain of these phenomena, specifically those dealing with the commoditization of natural resources and...

Precarity: NWSA 36th Annual Conference

National Women'S Studies Association
Digital program for the National Women's Studies Association 36th Annual Conference, held November 12-15, 2015, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Classroom-Based Formative Assessments--Guiding Teaching and Learning

Francis Fennell, Beth Mccord Kobett & Jonathan A. Wray
The article describes the classroom-based formative assessment (CBFA) techniques for mathematics teaching and learning. Two of the CBFA techniques are described which include the Show Me method and the hinge-questions method. The book "Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All" by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is highlighted.

QUANTITY: An Isobaric Tag for Quantitative Glycomics

Shuang Yang, Meiyao Wang, Lijun Chen, Bojiao Yin, Guoqiang Song, Illarion V. Turko, Karen W. Phinney, Michael J. Betenbaugh, Hui Zhang & Shuwei Li
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Prosodic Structure as a Parallel to Musical Structure

Christopher C. Heffner & L. Robert Slevc
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The RVAAM Alumni Academy Forum: Quarterly Newsletter

Debbie Bradley & Heather Pfeifer
January edition of the RVAAM quarterly newsletter.

The RVAAM Alumni Academy Forum Quarterly Newsletter April 2015

Debbie Bradley, Michelle Lee, Keith Gethers, Ashley Fundack & Heather Pfeifer
Quarterly newsletter that is published along with annual gatherings.

Hogan's 'Tax' on State Workers

Stephanie B. Gibson & Heather Pfeifer
Although Gov. Larry Hogan campaigned on no new taxes and, in fact, wants to roll back some of the taxes he thinks were unfairly instituted, his budget proposal actually levies a specific (and punitive) tax, through a contorted fiscal slight of hand, on state employees. The way this is accomplished is by his decision to recast the cost of living adjustment state employees just received this fiscal year into a "bonus."

Bit by Bit: Using Design-Based Research to Improve the Health Literacy of Adolescents

Mega Subramaniam, Beth St. Jean, Christie Kodama, Rebecca Follman, Dana Casciotti & Natalie Greene Taylor
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“It’s Got to Be on This Page”: Age and Cognitive Style in a Study of Online Health Information Seeking

Emily M. Agree, Abby C. King, Cynthia M. Castro, Adrienne Wiley & Dina LG Borzekowski
Funding for Open Access provided by the UMD Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund.

State Policy Responses to Ensuring Excellent Educators in Rural Schools

Douglas J. Gagnon & Marybeth J. Mattingly

Working with What They Have: Professional Development as a Reform Strategy in Rural Schools

Nathan Barrett, Joshua Cowen, Eugenia Toma & Suzanne Troske

Exploring Place and Practicing Justice: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Success in Rural Schools

Amy Price Azano & Trevor Thomas Stewart

Book Review, Dynamics of Social Class, Race, and Place in Rural Education

Patrick Shannon

Rural Elementary Teachers and Place-Based Connections to Text During Reading Instruction

Rachael Waller & Shelby J. Barrentine

Tensions Impacting Student Success in a Rural Community College

Karen R. Hlinka & Deronda C. Mobelini

Identifying, Analyzing, and Communicating Rural: A Quantitative Perspective

Natalie A. Koziol, Ann M. Arthur, Leslie R. Hawley, James A. Bovaird, Kirstie L. Bash, Carina McCormick & Greg W. Welch

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