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Academy Forum: Continuing the Message of the Roper Victim Assistance Academy

Debbie Bradley, Keith Gethers, Ashley Fundack & Heather Pfeifer
Sometimes we may not understand why a victim focuses on a particular thing or issue when we believe there are more pressing matters to address. But being sensitive to all the needs of a victim is paramount if we want to be able to help them move forward to a life without abuse. As we know, a victim’s needs aren’t always black and white, and sometimes they may even appear to be irrational or illogical.

OCLC Research: 2014 Highlights

OCLC Research

Shaping the Library to the Life of the User: Adapting, Empowering, Partnering, Engaging

Merrilee Proffitt, Jim Michalko & Melissa Renspie

Degrees of Inequality: How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream

Lorenda Naylor
In this article the impact and implementation of remedial law in the United States is examined. A case study method is employed with a focus placed on a single state in the substantive policy area of child welfare. A review of remedial law literature is presented, followed by an overview of the theoretical framework. Next, the state-vs-child welfare case is described followed by data analysis. The analysis identifies a group of variables that contributes to...

Liberty and Equality: In Defense of Same Sex Marriage

Lorenda Naylor
Marriage equality has gained international attention in public discourse. Laws that prohibit same-sex marriage may be categorized as both paternalistic and moralistic. This article addresses ethical and legal considerations surrounding the right of same-sex couples to marry. Three subject areas are analyzed: equality, individual liberty, and morality. The implications of the analysis reveal that prohibition of same-sex marriage is not justified based upon the criteria necessary for paternalistic and moralistic policies.

The Relationship Between Environmental Mediators And Intrapersonal Factors For Men Of Color In Community Colleges

Derek James Moore
The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between Mediators (finances and transportation) within the Environmental Domain and Intrapersonal Factors (action control, locus of control, and self-efficacy) of the Non-Cognitive Domain within the Socio-Ecological Outcomes (SEO) model, as defined by Wood and Harris (2013). The researcher used ex post facto data collected from the Community College Survey of Men (Wood & Harris, 2013) through several Minority Male Initiative programs throughout the United States....

Development Of Rapid Analysis System Based On Microwave-Accelerated Bioassay Technique For Point-Of-Care Applications

Muzaffer Mohammed
The release of biological and chemical agents into water resources, air, and soil, and even in remote areas causes loss of human life, significant damage to the economy and long term effects on environment and health. Biosensors are useful tools for the assessment and monitoring of environmental and health disasters caused by biological and chemical attacks, accidental release of harmful agents into water shed and food chain. The field of point-of-care systems has emerged rapidly...

Guns, Grub, And Gasoline: How The American Supply System Helped Win World War Ii

Matthew Hudson Mitchell
Abstract Title of Dissertation: Guns, Grub, and Gasoline: How the American Supply System Helped Win World War II Matthew Hudson Mitchell, Morgan State University, PhD, History, December 2015 Dissertation Chaired by: Debra N. Ham, PhD Department of History Over generations of warfare, logistics have remained the lifeblood of great military campaigns. In spite of the U.S.A having a relatively little experience in mechanized warfare, the United States military forces used overwhelming logistical strength to help...

Factors Associated With Fathers' Involvement With Their Children Among Black Fathers With Criminal Records

Branden Anthony McLeod
The benefits of fathers' involvement in their children's lives are well documented. However, the effects of over incarceration have contributed to disbanded family bonds, especially, Black families. Spells of incarceration disrupt family relationships and having a criminal record results in formerly incarcerated men being jobless and unable to financially contribute to their families. Society continues to reinforce traditional conceptualizations of father involvement as being breadwinning and resident fathers. However father involvement is complex, particularly, within...

Striving For The Magis: An Ethnographic Case Study Of Transformative Learning And Sustained Civic Engagement At A Jesuit University

Dennis McCunney
This ethnographic case study describes how civically engaged students at a Jesuit institution understand their commitment to social change. Literature on civic engagement and service-learning abound, yet gaps exist in understanding how students interact with campus mission and culture. Using the lenses of transformative learning, emerging adulthood, and civic engagement, this study attempts to understand a subculture of students at a Jesuit university. Ethnographic case study methodology is used in order to understand broader context...

Firm-Initiated Clawback Provisions: Real Activities Earnings Management, Analyst Coverage, And Innovation

Henry Kimani Mburu
"Clawback Provisions" have been defined as corporate governance mechanisms intended to reduce executive risk-taking and opportunistic behavior. Although firm-initiated clawback provisions have been associated with several positive consequences in extant literature, there is little empirical evidence of their having a diminishing effect on executive risk-taking and opportunistic behavior. Additionally, there is a need to better understand the consequences of voluntary clawback adoption as the debate on mandatory clawback provisions for all publicly traded companies in...

African American Students' Decision To Attend College, College Choice Experience, And The Decision To Attend An Historically Black College Or University

Ebonee Rae Mayo-Mitchell
The intent of this research is to explore African American students' decision to attend college, their college choice experiences and the factors that influenced their decision to attend an HBCU. This qualitative study examined the interviews of 23 African American traditional age college students who decided to attend an HBCU. Their interviews were coded and reviewed for common themes using college choice as the lens. The frequently mentioned factors were parents, costs, reputation, and location....

Metal-Assisted And Microwave-Accelerated Evaporative Crystallization: Application To Lysozyme Protein

Kevin A. Mauge-Lewis
In response to the growing need for new crystallization techniques that afford for rapid processing times along with control over crystal size and distribution, the Aslan Research Group has recently demonstrated the use of Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Evaporative Crystallization MA-MAEC technique in conjunction with metal nanoparticles and nanostructures for the crystallization of amino acids and organic small molecules. In this study, we have employed the newly developed MA-MAEC technique to the accelerated crystallization of chicken...

Exercise Self-Efficacy And Perceived Wellness In Community College Students

Caryn Sue Martin
Contemporary community colleges are challenged to provide comprehensive services to diverse student populations. Research has shown that college students in general, and community college students in particular, have poor health habits. With the diversity of community college students and the increased focus on personal wellness, relevant information is required to develop curricula designed to address students' wellness and exercise needs. Not only is information about community college students' perceived wellness scarce, but it is unclear...

An Exploration Of Chronic Absenteeism From The Perspective Of Students In An Urban Public High School

Sheila Lucas
School attendance is a critical issue facing schools today. Many studies have been conducted nationally and internationally concerning poor school attendance. Findings from these studies have revealed that poor school attendance not only hinders academic achievement but also contributes to a poorly educated society. The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine chronic absenteeism from the student perspective. Nine participants who were 18 years old, from urban communities in Washington, D.C., and attend an...

"Real Gods Require Blood": The Religious Significance Of Death In James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain And If Beale Street Could Talk

Michael Martir Lindsay
This dissertation proposes that in Go Tell It on the Mountain and If Beale Street Could Talk, James Baldwin uses death as a religious experience that represents a spiritual reckoning for characters in each novel. Baldwin's interpretation of death and the ramifications concerned with the realities of death, thematically tie together in both novels to formulate a theological proclamation. Chapter two focuses on the father/son theme in the novels and reinterprets this theme using the...

Maintaining Transformer Equilibrium In The Presence Of Electric Vehicles Using Incremental Learning: Predictive Analytics

Nii Laye
Maximum utilization of transformers has become the norm in deregulated electric markets. As electric vehicles are integrated into the distribution system the demand footprint grows, inducing significant fluctuations in power supply profile, besides degrading quality of service, or instigating frequent local power failures. While traditional forecasting tools have been deployed to control some of these problems, they have low early detection and intervention potential and no data-sensing capabilities under real-time conditions or the abilities to...

Social Institutions Of The New African Diaspora: A Study Of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, North America, 1992-2012

Frederick Olumide Kumolalo
The Redeemed Christian Church of God, North America (RCCGNA), which began operation in the US in 1992, was not just another Pentecostal church creating a branch in the United States; it marked the beginnings of a concerted effort aimed at creating a cultural enclave where many Nigerians, mainly Yorubas, were able to experience "home away from home." The RCCGNA, one of the largest social institutions of the new African Diaspora, emerged as a cultural force...

Examining The Relationship Between Mentoring Experiences And Intent To Persist And Complete For African American Male Students At Maryland Community Colleges

Sung-Yoon Kim
The purpose of this correlational study was to examine the relationships between Nora and Crisp's (2007) four mentoring variables and intent to persist and intent to complete among African American male community college students. In addition, the study sought to determine which of the four mentoring variables best predict intent to persist and intent to complete. The seesaw model of Challenge-Support-Outcome served as the framework for examining the relationship between these variables. The independent variables...

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