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An Assessment of Possible Alternative Price Policies for Cotton in Syria

Ahmad Sadiddin, Basem Al-Joumani, Mahmoud Al-Shareef, Loay Al-Shakouhi & Raghad Shweikh

Distribution and community composition of demersal fish in shallow nearshore waters of Port Curtis.

David Currie & Rod M. Connolly

Application of Fuzzy Mathematics to Speech-to-Text Conversion byElimination of Paralinguistic Content

Sachin Lakra, T. V. Prasad, Deepak Kumar Sharma, Shree Harsh Atrey & Anubhav Kumar Sharma

Offline Indoor Localization leveraging Human Perception of Textual Signs

Shrijit Pillai, Abhishek Kejriwal & Vimalendu Shekhar

Despite Highly Concordant Systemic and Local (Nasal) Immune Responses Following Exposure to House Dust Mite (HDM) in an Allergen Challenge Chamber (ACC), HDM–atopic but not Non-atopic Individuals Develop Symptoms

Daniel A. Ramirez, Weijing He, Fabio Jimenez, Hernan Martinez, Nathan Harper, Muthu Saravanan Manoharan, Andrew Carillo, Puraskar Ingale, Ella Koppelaar, Minh-Hieu Thi Pham, Tuan Le, Cynthia G. Rather, Seema S. Ahuja, Robert E. Esch, Charles P. Andrews, Robert L. Jacobs & Sunil K. Ahuja

Technology and Global Integration (CD including doctoral papers)

David Bennett, Ben Clegg, Andrew Greasley, Pavel Albores, Mario Binder & Miles Weaver

The Misleading Dodo Bird Verdict (published full text above)

Günter Schiepek, Giulio De Felice, Nicolò Musmeci, Katherine Viol & Franco Orsucci

Revista Cultural "Credo". (Edición facsimilar)

Iván González Cruz

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