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Disteln in Osttirol

Dietmar Brandes

Automatic Power Factor Correction

Ferranti Effect

Importance of Reactive Power for System

Power Quality

Vibration Damper in Transmission Line

Advantages of using magnetic resonance in cardiology 3

Alessandra Piccitto

Poster: The rocking multi-anvil-press: Some applications. A tribute to Max Schmidt and Peter Ulmer, ETH Zürich

M. Koch-Müller, F. Deon, M. Mrosko, J. Müller, A. Watenphul & B. Wunder

Database of Pompeian Houses

Miko Flohr

16S partial sequences for 16 Legionella species

Meghan May, Ryan Relich, Bryan Schmitt & Sara Blosser

Partial 16S rRNA gene seqeunce - Legionella species

Meghan May, Ryan Relich, Sara Blosser & Bryan Schmitt

Application of artificial intelligence to medical data

Christopher W Oliver

Does a chin rest versus no chin rest affect the results of the RightEye Fixation stability test?

Melissa Hunfalvay, Nicholas P. Murray & Paul Harris


Piero Belforte & Vincenzo Bernardini

CAPÍTULO 10 - Problema 6. Diseño de geodatabase Caso manzanas Medellín

Carlos Arturo Castro Castro, Juan Carlos Valdés Quintero & Helena Pérez Garcés

Thermo-acoustic Instabilities in a Model Annular Gas Turbine Combustor

& James R. Dawson

Extended abstract: Fast Power-of-Two RNS Scaling Algorithm for Large Dynamic Ranges (in Russian)

Konstantin Isupov, Vladimir Knyazkov & Alexander Kuvaev

ICAR IISR Soybean Market Monitor Oct-Dec 2017

& Ram Manohar Patel

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