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Greater Houston Land Cover Change Dataset: 1997-2017

Christopher R. Hakkenberg
Land cover data for the H-GAC 13-county area at 30m spatial resolution, annual temporal resolution, 21-year temporal extent, and nine class thematic resolution. Esri binary grid format.

Air Quality Post Hurricane Harvey: BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes)

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This dataset contains post Hurricane Harvey BTEX measurements taken by static and mobile monitoring stations. About a third of the samples were collected in the Manchester area of Houston, Texas; the remaining samples were collected at various locations in Harris, Fort Bend, and Jefferson counties. Each sampling point has location information, GPS derived time-stamps, GPS track or GPS point depending on whether the location is static or mobile, and concentration results for BTEX. The data...

Recent Construction in Harris County, TX - 2005-2015

Curated subset of Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) data containing information about recently-constructed buildings.

New Building Permits in Harris County, TX - 2005-2015

Curated subset of Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) data containing records of new building permits issued to residential and commercial properties.

Michael E. Debakey High School for Health Professions: Houston Magnet Schools and the Mandate of Integration

Benjamin Jones
In the 1970s, the Houston Independent School District embarked on an ambitious program of voluntary desegregation driven by magnet schools. The DeBakey High School for Health Professions, which offered high quality career education to students across the district, quickly became the program’s flagship institution. Forty years later, DeBakey serves a disproportionately white and Asian student body and integration is no longer a goal of the school. The language of choice, once used by segregationists, has...

A Virgin Queen, But Not by Choice

Emily Abdow
“A Virgin Queen, But Not By Choice” explores the question of why Queen Elizabeth I never married. The essay argues that Elizabeth’s gender required her to have the full support of both her privy council and parliament to tie the knot on a marriage, which proved an impossible feat. In addition, the essay argues the debates surrounding each potential match- including fears of a Catholic suitors influence in Protestant England - were political repercussions of...

\"Two Wongs Can Make It White\": Charlie Chan and the Orientalist Exception

Haiyan Lee

\"We Welcome Mr. Trump, But...\": Donald Trump and the Ambivalence of the Japanese Conservatives

Eiji Oguma
The following three characteristics can be discerned among reactions by conservative elements in Japan to Trump’s ascendancy to the US presidency: 1) approval of Trump’s defeat of “liberal” forces in the 2016 election; 2) approval of the new US president’s criticism of China and support for Japan’s nuclear armament, and; 3) belief that Trump’s victory represents an opportunity to bring about change in Japan. However, such conservative elements are polarized between those holding pro- and...

The Shafi Controversy: Context and Preliminary Takeaways

David R. Brockman
Religion nonresident scholar David R. Brockman examines an attempt to force the removal of Tarrant County GOP vice chair Dr. Shahid Shafi because he is Muslim. The paper places the controversy within the context of Islamophobia in politics and outlines the challenges the case presents for the Republican Party both nationally and statewide.

FEMA Individual Assistance Open Disaster Statistics - October 12, 2018 Aggregated Data

FEMA's IndividuaFEMA's Individual Assistance data for declaration dates between June 2, 2017 and September 29, 2018. Dataset date stamp: October 12, 2018. Includes Hurricane Harvey data. Data aggregated at the zip code level. No personally identifiable information provided.

American Community Survey (ACS) 2017 Data for Brazoria County, Texas, USA

Demographic data on education, employment, families, households, housing units, poverty level, transportation to work, nativity/citizenship, language. From the ACS 5-year 2013-2017 estimates. Brazoria County (TX).

Remembering Rice: How Should the University Acknowledge and Represent its Founder’s Past?

Andrew Maust
William Marsh Rice, who chartered the Rice Institute, is popularly remembered for his philanthropy and for his dramatic murder. Often left out of the common narrative is his involvement in slavery, and the Texas cotton trade. This paper explores the current remembrance of Rice, details his connections to slavery, and provides a recommendation to Rice University on how to address the history of its founder. This recommendation is contextualized with how other universities have begun...

Sociology of Laughter and Humor

The Psychological Basis for Religion

The 2012 Houston Education Survey: Public Perceptions in a Critical Time

Stephen L. Klineberg, Jie Wu & Kiara Douds
This report presents some of the most important findings from the Houston Education Survey, the second of three focused surveys that are together called the “SHEA” studies (“Surveys of Health, Education, and the Arts”). Supported by a grant from Houston Endowment Inc., this research project was designed to assess the experiences, beliefs, and attitudes of Harris County residents with regard to these three critical areas of life in the Houston area. The separate surveys complement...

Shared Prospects: Hispanics and the Future of Houston

Stephen L. Klineberg, Jie Wu, Kiara Douds & Diane Ramirez
For the past 33 years, the Kinder Institute Houston Area Survey (KIHAS, 1982-2014) has been measuring systematically the economic and demographic trends in Harris County and recording the way area residents are respond­ing to them. Since 1994, the surveys have been expanded to reach larger annual samples from the county’s major ethnic communities and have included questions about the respondents’ and their parents’ place of birth. In the past 21 years of surveys (1994-2014), the...

Houston in Flux: Understanding a Decade of Bayou City Development

Kelsey Walker & Kyle Shelton
This report quantifies, visualizes and analyzes new construction and demolition in Harris County between 2005 and 2015. By showing both demolition and construction, this report spotlights the effects of economic booms and busts, illuminates the locations where development pressures are either most extreme or nonexistent and draws attention to communities rebuilding themselves within a decade. These changes are often discussed anecdotally in Houston, but quantifying construction and demolition offers a concrete and nuanced look at...

Filling Potholes: Analyzing the City of Houston's Response

Kelsey Walker & Kyle Shelton
All mayors pledge to fix potholes. When Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner made the promise, he also created a website where citizens could track whether a pothole had been filled. The Kinder Institute conducted an independent analysis to verify the numbers collected on that site between January 4 and January 21, 2016.

Consolidation or Collaboration? Common Solutions to Reduce Overlapping Services in Local Government

Jesseca Lightbourne
Across the nation, local governments are increasingly under pressure to perform efficiently and effectively in an environment marked by limited financial resources. For this reason, the topic of overlapping services, which occurs when two or more public entities provide a similar service to citizens within the same jurisdiction,1 has become a major concern not only in Houston but also in cities across the county. With this conversation well underway across the various municipalities within Harris...

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund Needs Assessment: Phase One

Jie Wu, Mingming Zhang, Carlos Villegas, Grant Patterson, Kyle Shelton, Samantha Love, Jesseca Lightbourne & Katya Wowk
This document represents the first phase of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research’s needs assessment work on behalf of the Greater Houston Community Foundation and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. This fund was jointly created by Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to accept private donations to aid in hurricane relief and recovery. The report includes an analysis of 211, 311, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual Assistance (IA) data....

Developing Houston: Land-Use Regulation in the \"Unzoned City\" and its Outcomes

Alexius Marcano, Matthew Festa & Kyle Shelton
Houston is recognized nationally for its unique approach to land-use regulation and lack of formal zoning. The city possesses a number of tools that are or can be used to regulate and shape development in lieu of zoning. The tools that exist in Houston are similar to those found in peer cities such as Dallas and Los Angeles. And in all three cities there are similar development patterns, especially in residential development. While much of...

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