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[Dataset:] Parsons Case Studies

Arielle Parsons
Citizen science approaches are of great interest for their potential to efficiently and sustainably monitor wildlife populations on both public and private lands. Here we present two studies that worked with volunteers to set camera traps for ecological surveys. The photographs recorded by these citizen scientists were archived and verified using the eMammal software platform, providing a professional grade, vouchered database of biodiversity records. Motivated by managers’ concern with perceived high bear activity, our first...

Data Repository for "Evolution of escarpments, pediments, and plains in the Noachian highlands of Mars"

Rossman P. Irwin & Jon C. Cawley
This data repository contains Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System base mosaics (592.75 pixels/degree), Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter gridded topography (128 pixels/degree), and ArcGIS polygon shapefiles for Cawley, J. C., Irwin, R. P., III (2018). Evolution of escarpments, pediments, and plains in the Noachian highlands of Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 123, 3167-3187. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018JE005681

SDAR: A New Toolkit for Stratigraphic Data Analysis in R

John R. Ortiz & Carlos A. Jaramillo
SDAR is an analytical package designed for both plotting and facilitate the analysis of Stratigraphic Data. SDAR uses simple stratigraphic data and takes advantage of the flexible plotting tools available in R to produce detailed stratigraphic columns (SCs). SDAR is used to generate accurate and complete SC plot including multiple features (e.g., lithology, grain size, sedimentary structures, bioturbation, fossil content, color). The development of this package was supported by Carlos Jaramillo, Center for Tropical Paleoecology...

[Dataset:] Barro Colorado 50-ha Plot Taxonomy 2017

Richard S. Condit, Salomon Aguilar, Rolando Perez, Stephen Hubbell & Robin B. Foster
The 50-ha plot at Barro Colorado Island was initially demarcated and fully censused in 1982. Over 200,000 individual tropical trees were measured and mapped, but most demanding was the taxonomic component. Much collecting and sorting was done so that every individual could be matched to a previously described species from Croat's Flora of Barro Colorado (Stanford Univeristy, 1978). Over 300 taxa were separated and all but eight of those identified to species. After the 8th...

[Dataset:] Incoherently Summed SHARAD Radargrams of the South Polar Layered Deposits, Mars

Jennifer Whitten & Bruce Campbell
Full-resolution .tif files of the 86 incoherently summed radargrams analyzed in Whitten and Campbell (2018). Each radargram has been individually stretched to increase the contrast in each image and an ice depth correction has been applied, assuming a dielectric permittivity of 3.15. This value is applied across the SPLD, regardless whether CO2 ice is present. Applying 3.15 to CO2 areas does not drastically change the position of subsurface reflectors and is thus applied across the...

[Dataset:] Geologic Map of Wind-Eroded Crater Floors and Intercrater Plains, Terra Sabaea, Mars

Rossman P. Irwin & Scott C. Mest
This data repository includes a 1:1,000,000 scale ArcGIS 10.5 map of geologic units, craters, other structures, and valleys in a study area in Terra Sabaea, Mars, bounded by 19–22°S, 40.4–45.4°E. Base image mosaics are included. The study area has wind-eroded crater floors and rims with a variety of mineralogical compositions, as described in the paper.

[Dataset:] Dataset for: Social network interactions shape phenotypic variation in cooperation

Roslyn Dakin & Thomas Ryder
Social network interactions have emerged as a lynchpin in our understanding of how selection shapes phenotypic variation in social behavior. For example, indirect genetic effects (IGEs) arise when the heritable behaviors expressed by one individual stimulate or suppress behaviors in other individuals, altering evolutionary trajectories. Moreover, theory predicts that the behavioral processes that emerge from these social interactions can drive cooperation. Quantifying IGEs is challenging because it requires longitudinal data on how behavior varies across...

[Dataset:] Data from "A host-parasite model explains variation in liana infestation among co-occurring tree species"

Marco D. Visser & S. Joseph Wright
Data on prevalence of lianas in tree crowns for 21 tree species from Barro Colorado Island in Panama. All trees were ≥ 20 cm dbh, and were sampled in the 50 ha plot in 1996 and 2007 and in four 4-ha plots located near the 50 ha plot in 2005 and 2015 (Visser et al. 2018, JEcol). For each tree, crown liana infestation status was evaluated from the ground using binoculars in the years defined...

[Dataset:] R-code from "Tree species vary widely in their tolerance for liana infestation: a case study of differential host response to generalist parasites"

Marco D. Visser, Helene C. Muller-Landau & S. Joseph Wright
R-code supplied as in package format from Visser et al 2017 in the Journal of Ecology. Visser MD, Schnitzer SA, Muller- Landau HC, et al. Tree species vary widely in their tolerance for liana infestation: A case study of differential host response to generalist parasites. J Ecol. 2017. https://doi.org/10.1111/1365-2745.12815

Data Repository for Constraints on the Noachian Paleoclimate of the Martian Highlands from Landscape Evolution Modeling

Rossman P. Irwin, Yo Matsubara & Alan D. Howard
This data repository includes the Fortran source files for landscape evolution modeling, initial conditions digital elevation models (DEMs), example model result DEMs, image mosaics, and topographic DEMs for two study areas in Noachis Terra (21.6–28.6°S, 22–34°E) and Terra Cimmeria (16.5–26.5°S, 132.25–144.25°E), Mars.

[Dataset:] Inter-annual variability of fruit timing and quantity at Nouragues (French Guiana): insights from hierarchical Bayesian analyses. Supporting data.

Irene Mendoza, Richard S. Condit, S. Joseph Wright, Adeline Caubere, Patrick Chatelet, Isabelle Hardy & Pierre-Michel Forget
The timing and quantity of fruit production are major determinants of the functioning of a forest community, but both components are rarely taken into account simultaneously. We aimed at determining fruiting variability in timing and quantity in a rainforest community at two temporal scales: seasonal and inter-annual. We also examined whether dispersal type may influence fruiting variation. We developed a hierarchical Bayesian approach for analyzing a ten-year dataset (2001-2011) of fruit phenology (45 tree and...

[Dataset:] Tsunami-driven rafting: transoceanic species dispersal and implications for marine biogeography

James T Carlton, John W Chapman, Jonathan B Geller, Jessica Miller, Deborah A Carlton, Megan I McCuller, Nancy C Treneman, Brian P Steves & Gregory M Ruiz
Following the arrival in June 2012 of a large fishing dock from Misawa and of several Japanese vessels and buoys along the Oregon and Washington coasts (table S1), we established an extensive contact network of local, state, provincial, and federal officials, private citizens, and environmental (particularly "coastal cleanup") groups, in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Between 2012 and 2017 this network grew to hundreds of individuals, many with scientific if not specifically...

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