12 Works

[Dataset:] Parsons Case Studies

Arielle Parsons

SDAR: A New Toolkit for Stratigraphic Data Analysis in R

John R. Ortiz & Carlos A. Jaramillo

[Dataset:] Barro Colorado 50-ha Plot Taxonomy 2017

Richard S. Condit, Salomon Aguilar, Rolando Perez, Stephen Hubbell & Robin B. Foster

Data Repository for Constraints on the Noachian Paleoclimate of the Martian Highlands from Landscape Evolution Modeling

Rossman P. Irwin, Yo Matsubara & Alan D. Howard

[Dataset:] Inter-annual variability of fruit timing and quantity at Nouragues (French Guiana): insights from hierarchical Bayesian analyses. Supporting data.

Irene Mendoza, Richard S. Condit, S. Joseph Wright, Adeline Caubere, Patrick Chatelet, Isabelle Hardy & Pierre-Michel Forget

[Dataset:] Tsunami-driven rafting: transoceanic species dispersal and implications for marine biogeography

James T Carlton, John W Chapman, Jonathan B Geller, Jessica Miller, Deborah A Carlton, Megan I McCuller, Nancy C Treneman, Brian P Steves & Gregory M Ruiz

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  • 2017
  • 2018

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  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Coastal Carbon Research Coordination Network
  • eMammal