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Ann Peters

The role of norepinephrine in modulating amyloid beta peptides

Jennifer Ann Ross
Norepinephrine (NE) exerts a global influence on brain function, from modulating local neuro-inflammatory responses to facilitating large-scale, task-related behaviors. Targeting the brain NE system has proven to be a powerful tool for the treatment of stress-related psychiatric diseases such as depression and anxiety. The ability of NE to influence these highly complex disorders is at least in part due to its role in mediating the central stress response, whose dysregulation results in hyper-arousal, mood-disorders, and...


Lisa Scarpace, Adam E. Flanders, Rajan Jain, Tom Mikkelsen & David W. Andrews
Finding better therapies for the treatment of brain tumors is hampered by the lack of consistently obtained molecular data in a large sample set and the ability to integrate biomedical data from disparate sources enabling translation of therapies from bench to bedside. Hence, a critical factor in the advancement of biomedical research and clinical translation is the ease with which data can be integrated, redistributed, and analyzed both within and across functional domains. Novel biomedical...

GOMAP Wheat Reference Sequences 1.1

Carolyn Lawrence Dill

FluencyBank IISRP Corpus

Nicoline Ambros

Geometric Control of a Constrained System: Cooperative Action with a Coordinated Multiagent System

Hadi Hajieghrary
Abstract In this work we examine a differential geometric approach towards the synthesis of trajectory for each member of a team of autonomous surface vehicles which are cooperating to perform a coordinated act. In this framework the procedure of trajectory planning is done in decentralized fashion as a closed-loop control for each of the agent which is drawing feedback from the state of the consensus point of the team. The coordination/cooperation between the members of...

Fused Radiology-Pathology Lung Dataset

Anant Madabhushi & Mirabela Rusu
Data collection and analysis was provided by Case Western Reserve University. This is the first attempt of mapping the extent of Invasive Adenocarcinoma onto in vivo lung CT. The mappings constitute ground truth of disease and may be used to further investigate the imaging signatures of Invasive Adenocarcinoma in ground glass pulmonary nodules. Patient with small ground glass nodules with >2 histology slices per nodule were included. Patients with solid large nodules (>40mm), with <3...


Gernot Presting, Kevin Schneider & Daniel Laspisa
Reassemblies of the centromeric regions of Zea mays B73 constructed from existing, and publicly available PacBio read data generated for the B73 RefGen_v4 sequencing project, presented in Jiao et al. 2017 (Bioproject PRJNA10769, Pac Bio SRA Accession SRX1472849). Gaps in the centromeres and pericentromeres of the RefGen_v4 assembly were filled with previously unincorporated RefGen_v4 contigs or reads using unique junctions and the RefGen_v2 BAC by BAC assembly (NCBI Assembly Accession GCA_000005005.4) to walk across gaps....



Assessing the Impact of Climate and Land Use Change on Water Resources in Schuylkill River Watershed

Suna Ekin Sahin
The Schuylkill River watershed located in southeastern Pennsylvania caters to various services including supplying drinking water to the cities, providing water for power generation, recreation, transportation, irrigation, and supporting ecosystems. Changing climate and land use patterns are likely to impact the water resources by influencing precipitation, evapotranspiration, soil moisture, and infiltration rates at a local scale. This study attempts to build a hydrologic model to assess the impact of climate and land use change on...

Credence Cartridge Radiomics Phantom CT Scans with Controlled Scanning Approach

M Shafiq-Ul-Hassan, Geoffrey Zhang, Kujtim Latifi, Ghanim Ullah, Robert Gillies & Eduardo Moros
This collection consists of 251 CT scans of Credence Cartridge Radiomic (CCR) phantom. This texture phantom was developed to investigate the feature robustness in the emerging field of radiomics. This phantom dataset was acquired on 4-8 CT scanners using a set of imaging parameters (e.g., reconstruction Field of View, Slice thickness, reconstruction kernels, mAs, and Pitch). A controlled scanning approach was employed to assess the variability in radiomic features due to each imaging parameter. This...

RUBRIC Oxford MinION nanopore selective sequencing logfiles

Michael Bartsch
Used in conjunction with corresponding MinION nanopore fast5 sequence datasets, the logfiles in this repository provide information on how individual reads were handled by the RUBRIC (Read Until with Basecall and Reference Informed Criteria) selective sequencing software, i.e., whether individual reads were admitted to the selection process and whether they then received "skip" or "sequence" decisions. Details of the corresponding experiments and analysis of selective sequencing results for these datasets are provided at https://doi.org/10.1101/460014 .

Predictors of Hemoglobin A1c Among Adults 40 to 59 Years of Age in the United States

Michele Nicolo
Objective: The risk for type 2 DM increases with age, becoming more significant after 45 years of age. The present research is intended to expand upon the current literature by investigating whether dietary magnesium intake, indirect measures of body composition (Body Mass inDex (BMI), waist circumference, waist-to-height ratio) and sedentary behavior activity are predictive of hemoglobin A1c percentage. Research Design and Methods: We used cross-sectional data, including adults 40 to 59 years of age, from...

A new 2.5 D representation for lymph node detection in CT

Roth Holger, Le Lu, Ari Seff, Kevin M Cherry, Joanne Hoffman, Shijun Wang, Jiamin Liu, Evrim Turkbey & Ronald M. Summers
This collection consists of Computed Tomography (CT) images of the mediastinum and abdomen in which lymph node positions are marked by radiologists at the National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center. Radiologists at the Imaging Biomarkers and Computer-Aided Diagnosis Laboratory labeled a total of 388 mediastinal lymph nodes in CT images of 90 patients and a total of 595 abdominal lymph nodes in 86 patients. The collection is aimed at the medical image computing community for...

RHDBank Controls Corpus

Melissa Johnson

Variety Counts

Hoori Rafieian
My dissertation research explores how variety seeking tendencies differ when consumers are in pursuit of a self-regulatory goal. In general, variety is shown to increase consumption by reducing boredom and satiation. All else being equal, consumers demand and choose variety among their options to the extent that sometimes they let go of their favorite option only for the sake of having variety. In this research, I show how consumers’ perception of variety in consumption change...

Crowds Cure Cancer: Crowdsourced data collected at the RSNA 2017 annual meeting

Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Andrew Beers, Artem Mamonov, Erik Ziegler, Rob Lewis, Andre Botelho Almeida, Gordon Harris, Steve Pieper, Ashish Sharma, Lawrence Tarbox, Jeff Tobler, Fred Prior, Adam Flanders, Jamie Dulkowski, Brenda Fevrier-Sullivan, Carl Jaffe, John Freymann & Justin Kirby
Many Cancers routinely identified by imaging haven’t yet benefited from recent advances in computer science. Approaches such as machine learning and deep learning can generate quantitative tumor 3D volumes, complex features, and therapy-tracking temporal dynamics. However, cross-disciplinary researchers striving to develop new approaches often lack disease understanding or sufficient contacts within the medical community. Their research can greatly benefit from labeling and annotating basic information in the images such as tumor locations, which are obvious...

Maize Leaf Metabolome GWAS

Shaoqun Zhou
This dataset contains LC-MS raw files and mass feature-SNP marker association results filtered by -log(p) < 5 Files in the metaboliteFastGlm_boxCoxTransformed sub-directory contain genome-wide association study (GWAS) results from maize secondary metabolites in tab-delimited format. Data were generated from association analyses of ~4,000 mass spectrometry features with ~80M single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers with the generalized linear model implemented in the FastGLM pipeline, and filtered by statistical significance of association (-log(p) > 5). This dataset...

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