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Manuel Gastelo, Maria Bastos, Katherine Quispe, Luis Diaz & Merideth Bonierbale

Does Collaboration in Teaching Situations Help in Enhancing Teacher’s Job Satisfaction?

Pavneet Bharaj
Collaboration dismantles the compartmentalized structure of educational organizations and creates a safe and supportive environment for its teachers. This helps them to share valuable knowledge related to content or pedagogy, with the common interest of creating a better learning environment for the students. Collaboration supports teachers in instructional practices as well as contributes to their job satisfaction. The structure of this paper is guided by theoretical frameworks by DuFour, Eaker, and DuFour’s (2005) on collaboration,...

The San Carlos Reservoir Cultural Resources Survey: Report

Claudine Gravel-Miguel
At the request of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and in collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Affairs' San Carlos Irrigation Project (SCIP), the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) undertook a Class III cultural resources inventory on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in the vicinity of San Carlos Reservoir, developed a cultural affiliation statement for human remains and associated objects encountered within the project area, and prepared an overview and needs assessment for cultural resources...

ICRISAT HOPE Baseline Survey in Gujarat during 2008-2009

TL-II & IFAD Baseline Surveys - Ehiopia

Replication data for: Evaluation of advanced potatoes clones for drought tolerance in arid zone in Rajasthan, India.

Neeraj Sharma, Sanjay Rawal, Mohinder Kadian, Sushma Arya, Merideth Bonierbale & Birpal Singh
Eight CIP-bred potato clones (V1 = 392745.7, V2 = 392780.1, V3 = 397006.18, V4 = 399101.1, V5 = 301029.18, V6 = 380583.8, V7 = 388972.22, V8 = 391580.30) were evaluated along with two control varieties Kufri Pukhraj (early bulking) and Kufri Surya (heat tolerant). Sprouted seed tubers of 40-45 mm size were planted on 5 November 2012 at 60 x 20 cm distance in a plot size of 4.8 × 1.2 m2. The field experiment...

Replication data for: African pink stemborer, Sesamia calamistis (Hampson 1910)

George Ongamo, Nancy Khadioli, Bruno Le Ru, Norma Mujica & Pablo Carhuapoma
The effect of temperature on the development of immature stages and survival, as well as adult longevity and reproduction of Sesamia calamistis was studied in controlled incubator chambers at eight constant temperatures from 15º to 30ºC on its host maize. Data collected in the life-table studies under constant temperature conditions were arranged in incomplete life-table formats as required by ILCYM’s ‘model builder’ to process, analyze and develop the phenology model (development time and its variation,...

Dataset for: Participatory Varietal Selection of 5 frost tolerant clones in the localities of Macullida and San Juan Bajo in La Libertad, Peru.

Merideth Bonierbale, Stef De Haan, Maria Bastos & Manuel Gastelo
The Mother and Baby (M&B) trial methodology was adapted by CIP for Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) through decentralized evaluation networks and multi-year evaluations in potato growing areas in the Andean region. The M&B trial design encourages active participation of farmers through the application of treatments through systematic evaluations and selections of treatments in their own plots called "Baby trials" (i.e. farmer managed trials) and in fields with an experimental design called "Mother trials" (i.e. researcher...

Replication data for: Effect of Landscape Structure and Intercropping System on the Leafminer Fly Liriomyza huidobrensis Population, Foliar Damage and Parasitism in Potato Agroecosystems of the Cañete Region

Norma Mujica
Study area. The study was conducted through the winter cropping season (from June to November 2007), in the localities of San Juan de Ihuanco (referred to complex landscape) and Cañete valley (referred to simple landscape) in the Cañete region. These localities are situated 130 km south of Lima, at the central coast of Peru. During the potato vegetation period, the average temperature was 15.6 ºC (13.2-18.0 ºC), with a mean monthly rainfall of 0.6 mm...

Dataset for: Rwanda Super Foods Project Endline Survey

Jan Low, Kirimi Sindi & Temesgen Bocher
Rwanda Sweetpotato Super Foods Project Endline Survey This endline survey was designed to collect data that was to be used for assessment of impact the project had on the beneficiaries. Rwanda Super Foods Project was focused on developing economically viable sweetpotato processed product value chains. The intervention had four specific objectives namely to: 1. Develop a sweetpotato value chain based on contracting fresh roots from individual farmers. The procured roots are then boiled and mashed...

Soil health data - Andhra Pradesh Primary Sector Mission

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