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Micro level household survey data of transaction for VDSA generation-1 in Maharashtra state during 1975-1989

Anupama GV (ICRISAT); Uttam Deb (ICRISAT); Bantilan MCS (ICRISAT); Mohanrao Y (ICRISAT); Chopde VK (ICRISAT); GD Nageswara Rao (ICRISAT); Ravi Chand K (ICRISAT); Elias Khan Patan (ICRISAT)

Assessment of Work Environment Health in a Suburban Nursing Facility

Wesley E. Cook
Background: Developing and maintaining healthy work environments in healthcare organizations is vital to quality outcomes and optimized reimbursement. While the American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments are well established in the acute care setting, little is known about their impact in the post-acute environment. Methods: A modified version of the Healthy Work Environment Assessment Tool (HWEAT) was distributed electronically to nurses, unlicensed assistive personnel, and nurse leaders...

Self-Disclosure and Response Behaviors in Socially Stigmatized Contexts on Social Media

Nazanin Andalibi
Social computing platforms are often celebrated for their capacity to connect; yet expressing one's identity, and seeking as well as providing support on these platforms can be difficult when people experience distress and stigma. In this dissertation, I theorize social media behaviors such as sensitive disclosures and interactions around them. I address how we can design social computing systems that facilitate disclosures of difficult and stigmatized human experiences and enable supportive interactions to form around...

Data From RIDER_Lung CT

Binsheng Zhao, Lawrence H Schwartz & Mark G Kris
The RIDER Lung CT collection was constructed as part of a study to evaluate the variability of tumor unidimensional, bidimensional, and volumetric measurements on same-day repeat computed tomographic (CT) scans in patients with non–small cell lung cancer. Thirty-two patients with non–small cell lung cancer, each of whom underwent two CT scans of the chest within 15 minutes by using the same imaging protocol, were included in this study. Three radiologists independently measured the two greatest...

Data from ACRIN-FMISO-Brain

Paul Kinahan, Mark Muzi, Brian Bialecki & Laura Coombs
The objective of the ACRIN 6684 multi-center clinical trial was to determine the association of baseline FMISO PET uptake (maximal tumor to blood ratio, hypoxic volume) and MRI parameters (Ktrans, CBV) with overall survival, time to disease progression, and 6-month progression free survival in participants with newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). The trial also collected standard brain cancer data such as Karnofsky performance status, but also pathological biomarkers that included MGMT status, HIF1-alpha, GLUT1, CAIX,...

Genomic variation for 104 rice elite cultivars, landraces and wild relatives

Jorge Duitama
Genomic variation obtained from analysis of high throughput sequencing (HTS) illumina data for 94 varieties of Oryza sativa and 10 wild relatives from O. rufipogon and O. nivara. The 94 O. sativa varieties include 21 latin american elite cultivars from the CIAT rice breeding program, 33 north american elite cultivars from USDA, as well as 40 landraces and 10 wild relatives sequenced and previously analyzed (doi: 10.1038/nbt.2050). Raw sequencing data was analyzed using the NGSEP...

The California Community College Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program: A Case Study of Baccalaureate Degree Implementation

Susan Cadavid Yeager
This case study examined the implementation of a baccalaureate degree at Skyline Community College--one of the 15 California community colleges authorized to offer baccalaureate degrees established as part of a pilot program enacted by the California Legislature via Senate Bill 850 (2014). The study explored the policies and procedures in place at Skyline College to support the development and implementation of the baccalaureate degree, identified the challenges faced, and examined the leadership provided by senior...

Data From Pancreas-CT

Holger Roth, Amal Farag, Evrim B. Turkbey, Le Lu, Jiamin Liu & Ronald M. Summers
The National Institutes of Health Clinical Center performed 82 abdominal contrast enhanced 3D CT scans (~70 seconds after intravenous contrast injection in portal-venous) from 53 male and 27 female subjects. Seventeen of the subjects are healthy kidney donors scanned prior to nephrectomy. The remaining 65 patients were selected by a radiologist from patients who neither had major abdominal pathologies nor pancreatic cancer lesions. Subjects' ages range from 18 to 76 years with a mean age...

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