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Strength of composite steel and concrete beams of high-performance concrete

Vladimir Travush, Denis Konin & Alexey Krylov
A brief review of the use of high-performance concrete in monolithic structures in Russia in recent years is made; the last experimental work for the study of high-performance concrete in composite steel and concrete structures is observed. Strength assessment of composite steel and concrete beams has been carried out by a pure-bending test. The models destruction pattern has been described. Vertical displacement and crack width measurement results have been conducted; comparison with the standardized values...

Constructive-technological decisions in regulating the flow of atmospheric precipitation

Olga Degtyareva, Georgy Degtyarev, Nikolai Lavrov & Djouhar Aliev
Practically all sources of fresh water suitable for agriculture, water supply to the population and vacationists, as well as for industrial development on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus either have completely exhausted themselves or are on the verge of their possibilities. Further development of the region is directly related to the resolution of this problem. The solution of the problem is possible when the system for regulating precipitation flow is implemented. The proposed...

Indoor environment of a building under the conditions of tropical climate

Jose Castro, Daria Zaborova, Tatiana Musorina & Ivan Arkhipov
This paper is focused on having a different approach to energy efficiency and the way it is employed in industry. It considers the real case of Latin-America where normal temperature during day drastically changes from 0 to 25 degrees. Such temperature variation affects the indoor climate and its comfort. Therefore, one of the important tasks in construction of such regions is the correct choice of building materials for the enclosing structures. This article studies the...

Aerodynamics of building structures for flue gas removal

Vadim Akhmetov, Viktor Shkadov & Pavel Konon
Natural fuel burning in modern heat power plants with flue gas formation is accompanied with harmful environmental impact and potential opportunity of acid fallout. This can lead to local or even global catastrophe under adverse circumstances. High-rise structures combining a smokestack and a cooling tower are used for ecological natural fuel burning. The most important problem of these structures design is to study gas-dynamic behavior of flue gas mixing with warm ambient air flow during...

Purification of hot water by zeolite modified with manganese dioxide

Alexey Chechevichkin, Nikolai Vatin, Vyacheslav Samonin & Mikhail Grekov
A new material is proposed for complex purification of hot water from iron and hydrogen sulphide – natural zeolite modified by manganese dioxide. It has been shown experimentally that this filtering material has high efficiency of water purification from iron and hydrogen sulphide, low mechanical degradability during operation, as well as low water consumption for washing during regeneration of the filtration media. The complex cleaning of hot water is proposed to carry out by means...

Performance characteristics of differentially quenched rails

Sergey Kosenko & Sergey Akimov
With the development of railway transport, the train speed, the traffic intensity, and the axle load all permanently increase in magnitude. This increase adversely affects the rail operation. The quantity of rail defects and, especially, the rate of rail-head surface wear both show an increase. Such service conditions require an enhanced mechanical strength of rails, their enhanced resistance to wear, and prolonged service life. In the present study, we analyze the operation performance of modern...

Distribution of temperature, moisture, stress and strain in the highway

Bagdat Teltayev, Jiankun Liu & Elena Suppes
The paper analyzes regularities for the distribution of temperature, moisture, stresses and strains in pavement and subgrade of the highway, located in northern part of Kazakhstan, within one year, especially during cold season. Distribution of temperature and moisture has been determined experimentally with the use of special sensors. Stresses and strains have been calculated with the use of elastic multilayer semi-space model. It has been shown that the stiffness (elasticity modulus) of asphalt concrete layers...

Organizational and technological reliability of the construction process

Vadim Kabanov
Construction projects of buildings and structures, as well as plans of construction and installation works are often subjected to fair criticism from the Pro-producers of the work. Such criticism is that the calculated cost value and long lasting-STI CMP does not take into account the specificity of real contractors. To address these criticisms and proposals were developed for the assessment of such intensity values of SMR production, which most realistically take into account the actual...

Dynamic buckling of stiffened orthotropic shell structures

Alexey Semenov
Explored orthotropic shallow shells of double curvature, as well as cylindrical panels that are reinforced from the concave side by an orthogonal grid of stiffeners. The external transverse load acting on the structure is uniformly distributed and has a linear dependency on time. A geometrically nonlinear variant of the model which also takes into account orthotropy of the material and transverse shears are considered. The model is presented as a functional of total deformation energy...

Critical section and critical depth in open flows finding device

Nurliza Yerzhanova, Zhassulanbay Mussin, Saparbek Dzholdasov & Aliya Altynbekova
There is theoretically shown that pressure is equal to half of flow depth at state of speed flow, i.e .It is equal to half of critical depth. Knowing it, authors offer a device that is designed to finding critical section and critical depth in open flows which are defined by consecutive measurements of dynamic pressure and depth of flow by means of the device in various cross sections and section findings where the dynamic pressure...

The efficiency of the noise barrier installed on the acoustically untreated gallery

Aleksandr Shasurin
The research is targeting at multi-level overpasses which offer one of the solutions for laying the highway in conditions of dense residential development and close proximity to bedroom communities. In terms of acoustics, multi-level overpasses are semi-enclosed structures made of metal and reinforced concrete, where a complex sound field with numerous re-reflections is formed. There is no method of calculating noise from such structures in the literature of our country, therefore forecasting sound levels in...

Water resistance of polymer compounds

Denis Vakulenko & Robert Turusov
Composite materials have high physical and mechanical properties, but their widespread use is hampered by a lack of tightness (impermeability to moisture and gases). Mainly this is due to the stress-strain state of the composite structure at the micro level as a result of a comprehensive extension of the polymer owing to the adhesion of the matrix to the fiber. The development of cracks and epoxy binder swelling causes its shrinkage and thus, may change...

Composition and rheological characteristics of bitumen in short-term and long-term aging

Bagdat Teltayev, Cesare Rossi & Saltanat Ashimova
This paper investigates the impact of sequential short-term and long-term aging of blown bitumen of the grade BND 70/100 on its mechanical characteristics in the temperature interval from 76°С to -36 °С. Group chemical composition of the bitumen has been determined by the method of liquid adsorption chromatography by the chromatograph “Gradient M”. Short-term aging has been performed in the vertical rolling thin film oven (RTFOT) under the standard of AASHTO T 240-08, and the...

Treatment of wastewater resulting from iron ore beneficiation

Tatyana Budykina
The overall objective of this article is to study the potential of the reagent treatment of wastewater resulting from the iron ore beneficiation process, as well as preventing the discharge of the wastewater into the open waters. The wastewater at the Mikhailovskii iron ore beneficiation plant (Kursk Region, Russia) discharged into a tailings pond has become an object of the research. This article looks at the sedimentation kinetics of the wastewater resulting from the wet...

Approximated methods of estimation of the reliability of framed railway structures of railway bridges

Andrey Indeykin, Sergei Chizhov, Ekaterina Shestakova, Anatoly Antonyuk, Nikolay Kulagin, Vladimir Smirnov, Vladimir Karpov & Dmitriy Golitsynsky
The development of methods for rapid assessment of the reliability of span structures of beam railroad bridges is relevant in connection with the trend towards increasing loads from the reversing freight rolling stock and the speeds of movement on the main transport with a mixed cargo-and-passenger turnover. This problem is especially urgent for the creation and implementation of special technical conditions (STC) for the design of bridges on high-speed lines (BCM), as in Europe and...

Modeling of porous material fracture

Andrey Levandovskiy, Boris Melnikov & Artemiy Shamkin
Wide use of various porous materials in construction engineering applications requires development of up to date methods of non-destructive characterization and optimization of such materials. This work explores an approach to modeling of fracture of a brittle porous material. Available 3D digital data on the specimen geometry is converted into uniform finite element mesh consisting purely of elements of cubic shape. Fracture model is based on a series of linear solutions. Thus approach to linear...

Structural seismic design optimization by economic criteria with consideration of base-isolation system

Andrei Ivanov, Sergey Chernogorskiy & Mark Vlasov
Structural seismic design optimization researches reviewing shows that existing economic effect assessment methods take into account only traditional seismic retrofit schemes excluding base-isolation system employment. The purpose of this study is to obtain economic optimization which allows to compare the economic effect E of base-isolated structure among with traditional seismic retrofit schemes. Here the approach is proposed of earthquake caused damage state "D" _"rel" computation in base-isolated structure considering repair works with due regard to...

Compressed-bent masonry walls reinforced with composite materials

Romuald Orlovich, Vladimir Bespalov & Valery Derkach
Despite the wide spread of surface composite reinforcement of masonry structures, there is not enough information concerning methods of calculating such reinforced structures in the actual normative literature. The article proposes a numerical model for estimating the effect of composite reinforcement on the bearing capacity of a compressed-bent masonry wall which is constructed on the basis of experimental studies of walls from cellular concrete blocks. The numerical model takes into account the plastic work of...

Diagnostics of fatigue fractures of building structures elements

Oganes Chibukhchyan, Grigor Chibukhchyan & Vardan Sogomonyan
The article deals with the issues of increasing the fatigue strength of critical parts and components of construction machines and equipment, which are more often subjected to fatigue failure under the influence of variable complex loading. A quantitative estimate of the size of the fatigue fracture zones in the parts and joints installed in the building structures and power circuits of this construction equipment has been made. A new technique for technical diagnostics of the...

Productivity of microalgae as biofuel for bioadaptive systems of facades

Ekaterina Zalata, Iurii Shavrov, Kseniya Strelets & Maria Emelyanova
Microalgae are one of the promising fuel sources and many specialists associate it with the future of alternative energy. A promising area of application of photobiological devices is their conjugation with the architectural covers of a building and formation of bio-adaptive facades. The determining criteria for the organization of the microalgae biomass production process in the facade structure is solar radiation, ratio of light and dark growth phase and ambient temperature. The goal of this...

Reliability of the bottom for scour protection design near the platform "Prirazlomnaja"

Vitaly Klimovich & Konstantin Pariev
Results of experimental researches of scour protection for marine ice-resistant platform (MIRP) "Prirazlomnaja" at impact of irregular waves together with a current are presented and analyzed in the article. Experimental researches were executed taking into account maintenance of the basic similarity criterions. In particular, difference of density of sea water in natural conditions and density of fresh water in modelling conditions was taking into account at physical modelling. The various directions of irregular waves relatively...

Thermal cracking resistance in massive steel-reinforced concrete structures

Aleksandra Bushmanova, Daria Kharchenko, Kirill Semenov, Yuriy Barabanshchikov, Victoria Korovina & Aleksandra Dernakova
The work is dedicated to research of the thermal crack resistance in massive steel-reinforced concrete structures in construction period. The article examines the results of the analysis of the thermal stress state, which occurs in massive steel-reinforced concrete column. The steel part of the column is represented by a system of cross UC-beams. The study was conducted with using analytical models, which include the factor of steel profiles availability in comparison with simplified methods. Authors...

Vertical transport: resource by the criterion of safety

Nadezhda Sevryugina & Mikhail Stepanov
The issue of engineering systems safety in particular of vertical transportation is revealed. Inconsistency in the implementation of theoretical developments in practice is defined because of the probabilistic calculation of the parameters modeled by monotone-logical functions, when real systems are non-monotone functions. The duality of the results of the processes theoretical description is revealed. A typical algorithm of safety analysis is based on the deductive abilities of a researcher when drawing up a scenario of...

Biostable silicic rock-based glass ceramic foams

Vladimir Erofeev, Alexander Rodin, Aleksej Kravchuk, Sergej Kaznacheev & Elena Zaharova
The search for the possibility of expanding the resource base through the use of local rocks, as well as reducing the cost of final product, is one of the scientific research areas in the field of obtaining foam glass-based building materials. The aim of the research is the development of compositions and recommendations for the production of silicic rock-based glass ceramic foams. These studies will allow to create strong and durable building materials with low...

Heating and charring of timber constructions with thin-layer fire protection

Evgeniy Polishchuk, Andrey Sivenkov & Samat Kenzhehan
The results of fire tests of constructions (beams) with fire retardant film coating in one-side fire effect under standard temperature fire regime are shown in this article. Intensity dynamics of samples heating and their charring process in thickness and along the perimeter were chosen as the key indicators. It is shown that the use of thin-layer non-swelling fire retardant coatings does not influence the intensity dynamics, in case of high-temperature exposure generates from the side...

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