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Bearing capacity of facade systems fixing to sandwich panels

Alexander Galyamichev, Victoria Kirikova, Ekaterina Gerasimova & Andina Sprince
The article presents results of the experimental and theoretical research of bearing capacity determination for fixings, used for bearing and supporting brackets in facade systems with the base from sandwich panel. The experiment included the consideration of several types of brackets fixing: using self-tapping screws and threaded rods, taking into account the variation in the thickness of the bearing steel plates. The required values of the research were critical longitudinal force for the pull-out from...

Напряженное состояние защитных оболочек в зоне отверстий вследствие кривизны преднапряженных элементов

Владимир Алексеевич Соколов, Дмитрий Александрович Страхов, Леонид Николаевич Синяков & Софья Васильевна Васютина
В данной работе рассматривается напряженное состояние конструкции вокруг отверстий в цилиндрической части предварительно напряженных бетонных защитных оболочек. Это напряженное состояние вызвано общим предварительным напряжением оболочки, необходимым для компенсации внутреннего аварийного давления, и кривизной арматурных элементов вблизи технологических отверстий в цилиндрической части оболочки. Наличие технологических отверстий предопределяет возникновение так называемого «возмущенного» напряженного состояния локального характера (концентрация напряжений). Точного решения проблемы концентрации напряжений при любой нагрузке не существует даже для пластины. Поэтому предлагается приближенное решение с использованием...

Influence of heat conducting inclusions on reliability of the system “sandwich panel – metal frame”

Iuliia Vedishcheva, Michail Ananin, Mohamad Al Ali & Nikolai Vatin
The paper presents results of numerical research oriented to the influence of heat conducting inclusions on thermo-technical properties of vertical and horizontal sandwich panels. Sandwich panels consist of flat steel sheets and thermal insulation core (from foam polystyrene, foam polyurethane and rock wool). Thread forming screws, which cross the sandwich panel through its depth, and connect the sandwich panel to frame, creates the heat conducting inclusions. The numerical analysis is carried out using software ANSYS....

Local fuse to improve the behavior of concentric braces

Ali Kachooee, Mohammad Ali Kafi & Mohsen Gerami
The concentrically braced system is one of the most common lateral load bearing systems among steel structures. These systems have remarkable lateral stiffness and strength, but their compressive buckling prevents them from being ductile and absorbing optimal energy. In this study to solve this problem, by using numerical and experimental studies, a heuristic method is presented. In this method, a local fuse is used along the rectangular hollow section brace. This fuse is mounted by...

Method for calculating strongly damped systems with non-proportional damping

Olga Nesterova, Alexander Uzdin & Maria Fedorova
The calculation of systems under seismic excitations is performed both dynamically by time integration and quasistatically under inertial seismic loads using linear response-spectra method (RSM). Dynamic timing calculation can be performed either using direct integration of the initial system of motion equations, or by using the spectral decomposition of motion equations by shape modes. RSM is completely based on spectral decomposition. However, the spectral decomposition was worked out only for systems with proportional damping, when...

The temperature waves motion in hollow thick-walled cylinder

Oleg Samarin
A hollow cylinder with thick walls is one of the most complex objects to calculate the un-steady temperature field, so this field is the least studied. However, such objects are found in many modern constructions of systems of generation and distribution of heat. In the proposed work it deals with the study of propagation of temperature waves in the wall of the hollow cylinder after a sudden temperature change of the internal environment, fuss-causes upon...

Expanding cements hardening within the limited deformations conditions

Igor Kharchenko, Andrey Pustovgar, Stanislav Pashkevich, Aleksey Eremin, Irina Ivanova, Yuri Bazhenov & Aleksey Kharchenko
The features of expanding cement strength and structure formation at different constrained deformation conditions were studied (without constraint of deformations, uniaxial constraint of deformations, biaxial constraint of deformations, and triaxial constraint of deformations). The study was conducted for three doses of 5 %, 15 % and 25 % of expander on the calcium sulfoaluminate basis in Portland cement of CEM 42.5 mark. For experimental data interpretation in the analysis of structure and phase composition, the...

Strength of composite steel and concrete beams of high-performance concrete

Vladimir Travush, Denis Konin & Alexey Krylov
A brief review of the use of high-performance concrete in monolithic structures in Russia in recent years is made; the last experimental work for the study of high-performance concrete in composite steel and concrete structures is observed. Strength assessment of composite steel and concrete beams has been carried out by a pure-bending test. The models destruction pattern has been described. Vertical displacement and crack width measurement results have been conducted; comparison with the standardized values...

Temperature and velocity conditions in vertical channel of ventilated facade.

Elena Statsenko, Anastasiia Ostrovaia, Vyacheslav Olshevskiy & Mikhail Petrichenko
The most economically viable and practicable method of moisture removal from the air gap with the help of free convective air flows are presented in the article. An experiment conducted on a laboratory bench simulating a hinged ventilated facade is described. The parameters and design features of a particular building envelope are determined. Also, the impact of technological gaps – grooved lines is described, which influence the air velocity in the ventilated channel, which in...

Construction of autonomous buildings with wind power plants

Vasily Titkov, Amangeldi Bekbayev, Toleuhan Munsyzbai & Kalizhan Shakenov
The use of renewable energy converters, including local wind power plants to provide private households and houses with electricity, is gaining popularity, especially in countries where there are appropriate state subsidies. In this paper considered approach to the use of the building roof in the conversion of the kinetic energy of the incoming wind into electrical energy by a closed wind power plant (WPP). The construction of the WPP and the roof are converted into...

Water resistance of polymer compounds

Denis Vakulenko & Robert Turusov
Composite materials have high physical and mechanical properties, but their widespread use is hampered by a lack of tightness (impermeability to moisture and gases). Mainly this is due to the stress-strain state of the composite structure at the micro level as a result of a comprehensive extension of the polymer owing to the adhesion of the matrix to the fiber. The development of cracks and epoxy binder swelling causes its shrinkage and thus, may change...

The effect of reinforcement corrosion on the adhesion between reinforcement and concrete

Valeria Yuryevna Lushnikova & Ashot Georgiyevich Tamrazyan
Due to aggressive environmental conditions, the adhesion between reinforcement and concrete deteriorates. This factor has a significant influence on the safety and efficiency of buildings and structures. The strength of adhesion between reinforcement and concrete decreases in the process of corrosion, and therefore requires a longer anchoring length of the reinforcement. The longer the anchoring length, the greater the guarantee that the destruction of the reinforcement in concrete does not occur until the lifetime of...

Методы оценки срока службы асфальтобетонного покрытия

Михаил Александрович Завьялов & Андрей Михайлович Кириллов
В предыдущих исследованиях была показана возможность учета энергетических изменений, происходящих в системе дорожное покрытие – транспортное средство, и их вклад в формирование научно обоснованной системы назначения сроков ремонтных работ. В связи с этим также перспективным является развитие результатов работ, в которых приводится анализ зависимостей термодинамических функций дорожного покрытия от времени эксплуатации. Несмотря на то, что ранее был сформулирован термодинамический подход, удобные расчетные формулы для определения межремонтного срока службы покрытия отсутствуют. На основании анализа полученных соотношений,...

Strength evaluation of the Prussian vaults made from brick aggregate concrete

Romuald Orlovich, Rafal Nowak, Nikolai Vatin & Vladimir Bespalov
The behavior of Prussian vaults of brick aggregate concrete differs both from the behavior of brick vaults and classical flat slabs. Such vaults are particularly susceptible to physical damage and deterioration. To determine the real bearing capacity of the vaults, the authors not only performed the in-situ determination on several sections with deflection control, but also numerical simulations of the multi-span system of Prussian vaults in the program complex Abaqus. Moreover, experimental comparisons between damaged...

Refined methods for calculating and designing engineering structures

Volodymyr Mushchanov, Anatoly Orzhekhovskii, Anna Zubenko & Serafim Fomenko
В статье рассмотрено совершенствование методов расчета различных конструкций инженерных сооружений, которое осуществляется на основных этапах проектирования: 1) формирование нагрузок (для конструкций вертикальных цилиндрических резервуаров); 2) совершенствование проектных решений (для конструкций жесткой ошиновки); 3) оценка надежности принятых проектных решений вероятностно-статистическим методам (на примере рамно-консольных покрытий над трибунами стадионов). Основной целью исследования, проведенного при решении первой проблемы, является улучшение метода нормирования ветровой нагрузки на поверхности цилиндрического резервуара объемом 20000–50000 м3 с учетом типа крыши (провисающей мембраны) и...

Treatment of wastewater resulting from iron ore beneficiation

Tatyana Budykina
The overall objective of this article is to study the potential of the reagent treatment of wastewater resulting from the iron ore beneficiation process, as well as preventing the discharge of the wastewater into the open waters. The wastewater at the Mikhailovskii iron ore beneficiation plant (Kursk Region, Russia) discharged into a tailings pond has become an object of the research. This article looks at the sedimentation kinetics of the wastewater resulting from the wet...

Finite element models in stresses for bending plates

Yury Tyukalov
Finite element models for plate bending problems are constructed on the basis of approximations of moments fields. The bending and twisting moments are approximated in the finite element area by piecewise constant functions. The solution is based on the functional of the additional energy. Algebraic equations of equilibrium of nodes of grid of finite elements are formed using the principle of possible displacements and are included in the functional with the help of Lagrange multipliers....

Compressed-bent masonry walls reinforced with composite materials

Romuald Orlovich, Vladimir Bespalov & Valery Derkach
Despite the wide spread of surface composite reinforcement of masonry structures, there is not enough information concerning methods of calculating such reinforced structures in the actual normative literature. The article proposes a numerical model for estimating the effect of composite reinforcement on the bearing capacity of a compressed-bent masonry wall which is constructed on the basis of experimental studies of walls from cellular concrete blocks. The numerical model takes into account the plastic work of...

Alternative engineering of steel girder cages by geometrical methods

Andrey Chernyaev
Steel girder cages are widely used as plant buildings ceilings, bridge vaults, locks of hydraulic engineering constructions and other construction objects. An important task in case of their designing is the search of the most economic constructive decision with the smallest amounts of material. Therefore the great value in construction mechanics is attached to the development of methods of search of the most rational and optimal constructive solutions. The new technique of alternative engineering of...

The efficiency of the noise barrier installed on the acoustically untreated gallery

Aleksandr Shasurin
The research is targeting at multi-level overpasses which offer one of the solutions for laying the highway in conditions of dense residential development and close proximity to bedroom communities. In terms of acoustics, multi-level overpasses are semi-enclosed structures made of metal and reinforced concrete, where a complex sound field with numerous re-reflections is formed. There is no method of calculating noise from such structures in the literature of our country, therefore forecasting sound levels in...

Ultra-light hybrid composite wood-polymer structural materials in construction

Aleksandr Rassokhin, Andrey Ponomarev & Oleg Figovsky
In the 21st century, wood construction is again widespread. Industrial wood ceased to be perceived as a material for household buildings and low-rise rural houses and began to be used in the construction of large-span, high-rise and unique buildings and structures. The paper analyzes the use of wood for the construction of large-span, high-rise and unique buildings and structures. The results of experimental studies of hollow wooden parts, developed by the authors, impregnated with epoxy...

Engineering solutions for the social housing, integrated into urban environment

Daria Zaborova, Kseniya Strelets, Jose Del Carmen Bonivento Bruges, Margarita Asylgaraeva, Marcelo De Andrade Romero & Claus Steffan
Deprived areas integrated into actively developing environment of the modern cities is a burning issue which is being studied in megalopolises of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Diverse controversial issues emerge in the interaction between the city community and inhabitants of the favela. The article deals with the solution for this issue based on the example of interaction between Brazilian favela “Sao Remo” and the University campus of Sao Paulo. Nowadays, this University conducts constant...

Analytical determination of thermal expansion of rocks and concrete aggregates

Aleksandr Denisov & Andina Sprince
The article provides selection and approbation of the model and the model-based method for the analytical determination of thermal expansion and rock fracturing (decompression) and concrete mineral aggregates according to the data about thermal deformations of minerals based on information of the mineral composition, the average grain fineness of minerals and the elasticity modulus of rock. To accomplish the research, the author has used two models available in scientific publications: 1. Balashov and Zaraisky Model...

Seismic input models for tuned mass damper designing

Albert, Anzhelika Dolgaya, Tatiana Ivanova, Olga Nesterova, Aleksandr Uzdin, Jhy Guan, Dmitry Ivashintzov, Oleg Voronkov, Vladimir Shtilman, Sergey Shulman & Anatoliy Khrapkov
The subject of investigations is seismic input models for tuned mass damper designing. Some features of simulating design accelerograms for estimating seismic stability of a structure with a mass damper are considered. The method of accelerogram modeling, proposed by Dolgaya A.A., approved by the Building Ministry of Russian Federation and included and in the corresponding Recommendations in 1996, is considered as the basic one. In accordance with this method, an accelerogram is modeled by a...

Получение строительных материалов из отработанных аккумуляторных электролитов

Михаил Петрович Федоров, Елена Игоревна Макарова & Тамила Семеновна Титова
В статье рассмотрена проблема утилизации отработанных аккумуляторных электролитов с точки зрения негативного воздействия на окружающую среду. Проанализированы современные способы переработки, как отработанных аккумуляторов, так и их электролитов. Авторами предложено новое технологическое решение утилизации отработанных аккумуляторных (кислотных и щелочных) электролитов. Суть решения заключается в применении отработанных аккумуляторных электролитов в качестве дополнительного компонента жидкости затворения в фосфатных системах, отличающихся высокими механическими свойствами, термо- и кислотостойкостью. Также предлагается использовать отработанный электролит в качестве жидкости затворения при получении шлакощелочных...

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