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Luminance distributions in the tropical sky conditions

Nguyen Phuong
Lighting engineering in construction is a complex scientific field, which requires the amalgamation of knowledge in the field of daylighting, construction and architecture, as well as other areas, including the humanities. Many studies have proven the benefits of natural light on health, activity, visual well-being and human productivity. Global environmental issues and the sustainable development movement require architectural design to achieve maximum energy efficiency. For all intents, daylighting calculations depend on the luminance distributions of...

Cement based foam concrete with aluminosilicate microspheres for monolithic construction

Aleksei Steshenko & Aleksandr Kudyakov
The present paper investigates cement foam concrete of natural hardening with aluminosilicate microsphere made from bottom ash waste from Seversk Heat and Power Station in Tomsk Region. The relevance of the given study is conditioned by the necessity to provide the required process parameters of mixture for transportation and laying the formwork, as well as providing strength and thermal and physical characteristics of wall structures for economy-class housing construction. Porous microsphere from bottom ash wastes...

Fireproof suspended ceilings with high fire resistance limits

Marina Gravit, Elena Golub, Denis Grigoriev & Igor Ivanov
Suspended ceiling is an effective way to fire protection of horizontal structures with steel beams due to its lightness, reliability and functionality. Three designs of fireproof suspended ceiling with silicate plates on cement binder are considered. A detailed description of the tested structures is given. Experiments were carried out to determine the fire resistance of the samples. The results of fire tests on suspended ceilings under standard fire temperature regime are presented in this study....

Biostable silicic rock-based glass ceramic foams

Vladimir Erofeev, Alexander Rodin, Aleksej Kravchuk, Sergej Kaznacheev & Elena Zaharova
The search for the possibility of expanding the resource base through the use of local rocks, as well as reducing the cost of final product, is one of the scientific research areas in the field of obtaining foam glass-based building materials. The aim of the research is the development of compositions and recommendations for the production of silicic rock-based glass ceramic foams. These studies will allow to create strong and durable building materials with low...

Fiber concrete for the construction industry

Sergey Klyuev, Alexander Klyuev & Nikolai Vatin
The article considers the use of dispersed concrete reinforcement. The efficiency of reinforcing of concrete by a fiber is proved as its strength and deformative characteristics increase. For receiving composite binders were used: Portland cement of TsEM I 42.5H GOST 31108-2003 (Russian State Standard), blast furnace granulated slag with Mo =1.14 and Ma = 0.2, mineral plasticizer Tricosal 181 softener in essence supplementing particle size distribution knitting, waste of wet magnetic separation of ferruterous quartzites...

Scheduling workflows for scattered objects

Yuri Kalugin & Roman Romanov
As a rule, the task of optimal scheduling, including reducing the total duration of the project occurs when developing and adjusting schedules. The essence of flow shop scheduling problem on the scattered objects with the use methods and models calendar planning was presented. The branch and boundary method were proposed as an exact method for determining the optimal permutation including the scheme of branching and rules for determining the lower boundaries. Heuristic algorithms for determining...

Rational use of HPSFRC in multi-storey building

Karina Buka-Vaivade, Janis Sliseris, Dmitrijs Serdjuks, Leonids Pakrastins & Nikolai Vatin
Fibres improve concrete properties that can be used to solve the problem of limited resources. This research includes the numerical comparison of high-performance concrete (HPC) and high-performance steel fibre reinforced concrete (HPSFRC) behaviour. The numerical comparison is based on the analyse of stress-strain curves of considered materials. The limits of rational use of HPC and high-performance steel fibre reinforced concrete HPSFRC have been determined based on typical stress resultants values acting in the elements of...

Damage prediction model for concrete pavements in seasonally frozen regions

Qianqian Zhao, Peifeng Cheng, Jianwu Wang & Yuwei Wei
Vehicle loads and environmental differences are the key technical factors in the model construction of concrete pavement damage prediction. According to the data of the 168-month actual number of actions of different vehicle axle types, average temperature, average wind speed, rainfall, snowfall and days below 0 ℃ collected from the Mudanjiang-provincial section of the He-da highway in China, the broken slab ratio of cement concrete (DBL) was calculated. Cracking rate(CRK) and environmental factor(SF) were introduced...

Residual resource of a one-storey steel frame industrial building constructed with bridge cranes

Tatiana Zolina & Pavel Sadchikov
The scheme of an integrated approach to the study of changes in the stress-strain state of the frame one-story industrial building constructed with bridge cranes, caused by accumulation of damage caused during the operation. The algorithm has been developed for estimating and predicting the residual resource of a production facility on the basis of processing the results of a series of surveys. It allows to obtain the values of reliability indicators in the correlation approximation...

Ventilation impact on VOC concentration caused by building materials

Jurgis Zemitis, Anatolijs Borodinecs & Austris Lauberts
Many of building products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) therefore reducing the indoor air quality. The emitted amount and pollution type depends on each specific source. This paper analyses the VOC concentration change caused by such sources as sprayable window cleaner, aroma candles, sprayable air refresher, waterborne acryl-based paint, solvent based paint and acrylic based hermetic sealant. The tests are done at both closed and ventilated climatic chamber conditions. The results show that three different...

Thermal protection of low-rise buildings from light steel thin-walled structures

Terentii Kornilov & Alexsandr Nikiforov
Thermal protection providing of frame buildings in the extreme conditions of the Far North depends on air infiltration. Elements of buildings frame on light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS below) technology – lightweight, thin-walled steel profiles make up multiple thermal bridges. The basic principles of designing the exterior walling of low-rise buildings from LSTS in the Far North are developed with taking into account the increased air infiltration and the heat transfer components and assemblies. The...

Dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization

Salis Bairamukov & Zurijat Dolaeva
Research in the area of Dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization has shown that there are a number of important issues that require effective and rapid solutions. The purpose of research is the organization of repair and construction works by modeling the organizational and technological solutions to the use of energy-saving technologies for the comprehensive modernization of the housing stock. The proposed method of an integrated approach to the modernization of the...

Bearing capacity of facade systems fixing to sandwich panels

Alexander Galyamichev, Victoria Kirikova, Ekaterina Gerasimova & Andina Sprince
The article presents results of the experimental and theoretical research of bearing capacity determination for fixings, used for bearing and supporting brackets in facade systems with the base from sandwich panel. The experiment included the consideration of several types of brackets fixing: using self-tapping screws and threaded rods, taking into account the variation in the thickness of the bearing steel plates. The required values of the research were critical longitudinal force for the pull-out from...

Survivability criteria for reinforced concrete frame at loss of stability

Vitaly Kolchunov & Sergey Savin
Analysis of scientific publications on the assessment of resistance of structures to progressive collapse, as well as existing and projects of design codes of different countries, in particular the project of Design Code "Protection of buildings and structures against progressive collapse. The design requirements. General conclusions", shows, that the main evaluating criteria are strength parameters. At the same time, structures, which are made of high– strength materials and have small sizes of cross-sections, as well...

Напряженное состояние защитных оболочек в зоне отверстий вследствие кривизны преднапряженных элементов

Владимир Алексеевич Соколов, Дмитрий Александрович Страхов, Леонид Николаевич Синяков & Софья Васильевна Васютина
В данной работе рассматривается напряженное состояние конструкции вокруг отверстий в цилиндрической части предварительно напряженных бетонных защитных оболочек. Это напряженное состояние вызвано общим предварительным напряжением оболочки, необходимым для компенсации внутреннего аварийного давления, и кривизной арматурных элементов вблизи технологических отверстий в цилиндрической части оболочки. Наличие технологических отверстий предопределяет возникновение так называемого «возмущенного» напряженного состояния локального характера (концентрация напряжений). Точного решения проблемы концентрации напряжений при любой нагрузке не существует даже для пластины. Поэтому предлагается приближенное решение с использованием...

Adhesive dry mix using an amorphous aluminosilicates

Kristina Zhegera, Irina Pyshkina & Georgiy Martyashin
In the paper, it is proposed to use synthesized amorphous aluminosilicates as a modifying supplement in cement adhesive dry mixes. The results of the analysis of the chemical composition and microstructure of the developed supplement based on amorphous aluminosilicates used as a modifying supplement in the recipe of adhesive dry mixes are given. A method for evaluating the shear strength of a solution layer using the device GT 2.2.3 is proposed. The methods of testing...

Critical section and critical depth in open flows finding device

Nurliza Yerzhanova, Zhassulanbay Mussin, Saparbek Dzholdasov & Aliya Altynbekova
There is theoretically shown that pressure is equal to half of flow depth at state of speed flow, i.e .It is equal to half of critical depth. Knowing it, authors offer a device that is designed to finding critical section and critical depth in open flows which are defined by consecutive measurements of dynamic pressure and depth of flow by means of the device in various cross sections and section findings where the dynamic pressure...

Diagnostics of fatigue fractures of building structures elements

Oganes Chibukhchyan, Grigor Chibukhchyan & Vardan Sogomonyan
The article deals with the issues of increasing the fatigue strength of critical parts and components of construction machines and equipment, which are more often subjected to fatigue failure under the influence of variable complex loading. A quantitative estimate of the size of the fatigue fracture zones in the parts and joints installed in the building structures and power circuits of this construction equipment has been made. A new technique for technical diagnostics of the...

Influence of heat conducting inclusions on reliability of the system “sandwich panel – metal frame”

Iuliia Vedishcheva, Michail Ananin, Mohamad Al Ali & Nikolai Vatin
The paper presents results of numerical research oriented to the influence of heat conducting inclusions on thermo-technical properties of vertical and horizontal sandwich panels. Sandwich panels consist of flat steel sheets and thermal insulation core (from foam polystyrene, foam polyurethane and rock wool). Thread forming screws, which cross the sandwich panel through its depth, and connect the sandwich panel to frame, creates the heat conducting inclusions. The numerical analysis is carried out using software ANSYS....

Probabilistic seismic assessment of concrete frame with mass irregularity

Elahesadat Hashemi, Ali Kheyroddin & Mohsen Gerami
As mass irregular structures are more influencing on the behavior of the structures, it is investigated the effect of these irregularities according to the probabilistic approach. Comparison of seismic performance of ten regular and irregular 6-story concrete special moment frame is done, based on the Mean Annual Frequency (MAF) method. The probability of collapse in all irregular models has exceeded the 1 % that is permissible value specified in the ASCE/SEI 7-16. The largest rate...

Stress-strain state of clamped rectangular Reissner plates

Mikhail Sukhoterin, Sergey Baryshnikov & Tatiana Knysh
The paper focuses on obtaining numerical results for a rectangular Reissner plate with clamped contour under the influence of a uniform load using the iteration superposition method of four types of trigonometric series (correcting functions). The initial function of bendings is selected as a quartic polynomial which turns into zero on the contour and is a specific solution to the main bending equation. Discrepancies in rotation angles from the initial polynomial are eliminated in turn...

Dome houses made of soil-concrete based on local raw materials

Lubov Zakrevskaya, Petr Lubin, Sergey Avdeev, Igor Gandelsman & Sergey Filippov
The work presents the results of research on the strengthening of soil basement in the center of the urban nucleus of Vladimir, which are loam, sandy loam in soft-plastic state, and also sandy loam with silt. The technology of applying the strengthening composition in the soil has been developed. The results of the investigation of physical and mechanical properties of soils and their water resistance have been presented. The microstructure of the concrete has been...

Water permeability of the polymer screen with a system of slits of hydraulic structures

Yuri Kosichenko & Oleg Baev
The calculation of water permeability through a system of defects (long narrow slits in the junctions) in the screen is considered based on the filtration model. Its structural layout and description of the model main elements are given. The solution is carried out for the plane formulation of the problem by the methods of the filtration theory using the method of conformal mappings and the velocity hodograph method. A distinctive feature is the study of...

Local fuse to improve the behavior of concentric braces

Ali Kachooee, Mohammad Ali Kafi & Mohsen Gerami
The concentrically braced system is one of the most common lateral load bearing systems among steel structures. These systems have remarkable lateral stiffness and strength, but their compressive buckling prevents them from being ductile and absorbing optimal energy. In this study to solve this problem, by using numerical and experimental studies, a heuristic method is presented. In this method, a local fuse is used along the rectangular hollow section brace. This fuse is mounted by...

Earthquake engineering optimization of structures by economic criterion

Nikolai Vatin, Andrei Ivanov, Yury Rutman & Sergey Chernogorskiy
The article deals with an economic optimization problem of structures designed on areas exposed to seismic hazard. Profit (cost-effectiveness) from building usage due its design life-cycle is considered as objective function in this optimization task. Building damage state evaluation procedure and repair cost estimation method are proposed in this study. A criterion and a variable parameter of an optimization problem is suggested here as well. There is an algorithm, which combines seismic computation results with...

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