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Wooden beams with reinforcement along a curvilinear trajectory

Artyom Koshcheev, Svetlana Roshchina, Mikhail Lukin & Mikhail Lisyatnikov
The article is devoted to the investigation of a new type of reinforcement of wooden beams for floors and coatings with using steel cable reinforcement located in a solid wood along a curved S-shaped trajectory. The basic principles of a new type of reinforcement are set up. The schemes of various reinforcement paths are given. Mathematical models of studied structures are formed. The stress-strain state of several beams with different variants of reinforcing paths in...

Computational modelling of stiffness and strength properties of the contact seam

Anatoliy Lukashevich
The problem of contact interaction of structures taking into account the deformation and strength properties of the contact seam material is considered. To discretize the contact layer, frame-rod contact finite elements (CFE) are used, by means of which the physical properties of the seam material (initial strength, line and nonlinear deformability) are modelled. By means of CFE are also modelled various contact conditions – separation, clutch, friction-sliding, etc. On the base of the proposed discrete...

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