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Influence of an external electric field on particle generation during laser-plasma treating of metals

A.Yu. Ivanov, A.V. Kapytski & S.V. Vasiliev
Evolution of plasma torch at the surface of some metals (Cu, Al, Sn, Pb) induced by varying external electric field of different polarity from 0 to 106 V/m-1 in the course of laser processing with the mean radiation flux density ∼106 W/cm-2 is studied. A size of the target material droplets, carried out from the irradiated zone, becomes several times less, as the field strength amplitude grows, independently of the field polarity. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_16

Reduction of graphene from graphene oxide in different media

V.A. Labunov, L.V. Tabulina, I.V. Komissarov, L.A. Mikhnavets & A.N. Tkach
Features of the reduction of graphene from graphene oxide in media containing hydrazine hydrate, ethylene glycol, and hydrogen are studied. X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy data indicate that this process proceeds through the high-temperature annealing of graphene oxide in a hydrogen environment. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_1

Effect of cooling rate on the crystallization of aluminum alloys under pressure

Maksim S. Denisov
The influence of pressure on the compressibility of liquid metal and the release of latent crystallization heat is studied. It is found that the pressure application combined with the cooling rate creates metastable structures. It can be used for improvement the properties of metals and alloys. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_14

Sr-doping effect on apatite type La10Si6O27 electrolyte: experiments and ab-initio calculation

Yangzhou Ma, Nouredine Fenineche, Omar Elkedim & Michel Moliere
Apatite-type lanthanum silicates draw researchers’ attention due to their good performance as electrolyte materials for IT-SOFC (intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells). In this paper we present Sr-doping effect on La10Si6O27 (LSO) via experimental method and ab-initio calculation: the samples were prepared through an optimized water-based sol-gel process. High purity, crystallinity compounds with and without Sr-doping LSO are obtained and the resulting materials were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy....

Use of X-ray analysis for conducting input and process control of electronics materials

Aleksandra N. Matvienko, Sergey P. Teslenko & Svetlana V. Shtelmah
The paper presents examples of using X-ray diffraction and X-ray phase analysis for monitoring and researching materials for electronic equipment. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_13

Scaling of low field magnetoelastic hysteresis in antiferromagnetic Dy

Iu. Liubimova, M. L. Corró, J. Torrens-Serra, V. Recarte, J.-I. Pérez-Landazábal & S. Kustov
We investigate reversible inverse magnetostriction in order to study scaling properties of magnetic hysteresis in the helical antiferromagnetic phase of polycrystalline Dy. We argue that the experimental method used is more sensitive than studies of conventional magnetic hysteresis. This advantage allows us to study hysteretic properties of antiferromagnetic Dy over the temperature ranges, not accessible previously. We introduce generalized coercivity of magnetoelastic hysteresis and show that it demonstrates, under different experimental protocols, the same exponents...


О.Ю. Курапова, В.Г. Конаков, А.С. Гращенко, Н.Н. Новик, С. Н. Голубев, А.В. Орлов & И.А. Овидько
В работе двухслойные композитные медные фольги были получены электрохимическим осаждением на постоянном токе из суспензий графит-графеновой смеси, стабилизированных неионными поверхностно-активными веществами ПАВ (Pluronic F-127, полиакриловая кислота - ПАК). Методом сканирующей электронной микроскопии изучена микроструктура внешней стороны фольг, а с помощью атомно-силовой микроскопии - микроструктура их обратной стороны. Методом рентгенофазового анализа доказано, что в случае фольг, полученных из суспензий, содержащих Pluronic F-127, осаждение тонкого слоя медной подложки приводит к росту двойникованных кристаллов меди. С помощью Рамановской...

Morphology investigation of nanoporous anodic alumina films with image analysis

N.V. Lushpa, H.T. Dinh, K.V. Chernyakova & I.A. Vrublevsky
Aluminum films approximately 100 nm thick were deposited on silicon substrates (SiO2 / Si) by thermal evaporation in a vacuum. Porous anodic alumina films were obtained in a potentiostatic mode at 20 V in 0.3 M aqueous solution of oxalic acid and 1.8 M aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The main pore diameter was determined using the ImageJ software from SEM images. An algorithm determining the pore diameter in porous anodic alumina films was developed....

Electron tunneling to the surface states at photocatalysis

T.N. Sidorova & Alexander L. Danilyuk
Simulation of tunneling electrons excited by the sunlight in TiO2 to surface states is performed for TiO2/Si nanostructure. The tunneling transmission coefficient of the surface states created by organic compounds was calculated by phase function method. Dependence of the transmission coefficient of tunneling electrons on potential barrier parameters is explained by interference of transmitted and reflected waves. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_3

Mechanical impulse enhancement in a microsystem based on nanoporous silicon combustion

S.K. Lazarouk, A.V. Dolbik & V.A. Labunov
Nanostructured porous silicon impregnated by solid state oxidizer has been studied in order to provide the mechanical impulse for jet-propulsion microsystems. The system with jet-propulsion motion on a silicon chip has been tested for impulse measurements. The silicon chip has been fastened on a carrying platform through an elastic spacer. The elastic spacer promotes the combustion and prevents from explosion of porous silicon fast oxidation. It is shown that such a microsystem gains the impulse...

Multiscale simulations of novel additive manufactured continuous fiber-reinforced three-component composite material

A.U. Zobacheva, A.S. Nemov & A.I. Borovkov
The paper is dedicated to simulation of novel three-component composite material obtained by layer-by-layer 3D printing mechanical behavior on the basis of detailed reproduction of its microstructure. Results of numerical study of the microstructure parameters influence on the mechanical characteristics of the composite material produced by 3D printing are presented and discussed.

Effect of anodic voltage on parameters of porous alumina formed in sulfuric acid electrolytes

X. Huang, W. Su, L. Sun, J. Liu, D.A. Sasinovich, O.V. Kupreeva, D.A. Tsirkunov, G.G. Rabatuev & S.K. Lazarouk
Local porous aluminum anodizing with a photolithography mask has been carried out at anodic voltages varying from 15 to 200 V in sulfuric acid electrolytes. Record anodic voltages at room temperature have been achieved leading to new parameters of porous alumina such as interpore distance up to 320 nm, forming cell factor up to 1.2 nm/V, thickness expansion factor up to 3.5, porosity up to 1%, sulfur concentration up to 7.7 at.%. A central angle...

Photoluminescence of Hg0.5Cd0.5Te structures grown with molecular-beam epitaxy

A.O. Timoshkov, N.L. Bazhenov, K.D. Mynbaev, V.S. Varavin, M.V. Yakushev, N.N. Mikhailov & S.A. Dvoretsky
Photoluminescence (PL) of Hg1-xCdxTe-based ( x ~ 0.5) structures grown with molecular-beam epitaxy on GaAs and Si substrates was studied. The studied structures appeared to have substantial compositional fluctuations, which at low temperatures ( T < 200 K) strongly affected the value of “optical” bandgap obtained in the experiment. Comparison of the experimental results with the data available in the literature showed that such fluctuations were in general typical of Hg1-xCdxTe with x ~ 0.5...

Added mass study of plane structures at their various motions

Daniil Morozov, Dmitry Indeitsev & Alexander Michailov
Using FE analysis, this work fully devoted to added masses determination of the plate in infinite liquid in the case of different movements. Various forms and sizes of the plate are considered. The problem consists of two parts: first is studying of the plate motion in liquid as rigid; second is studying of the plate vibrations in its own modes, fixed with a hard screen and contacting with liquid by one side. The condition observance...

Influence of LCV bearing stiffness on its static and dynamic characteristics of stability and steerability

Anton V. Tumasov, Sergey Y. Kostin, Danila A. Butin, Aleksey A. Vasiliev & Pavel V. Sereda
Study of the frame stiffness influence on vehicle dynamics and stability of light commercial vehicle is done. The simulations were conducted by using ADAMS/CAR software package. The model approbation was carried by comparing the results of simulation and real tests. The objects of the studies were four different models of a vehicle having different parameters of the frame rigidity. For the needs of the research where conducted such tests as: "going into corner", "line change"...


Г.В. Козлов & И.В. Долбин
Показано, что в рамках перколяционной модели усиления полимерные наноструктурированные композиты делятся на три класса: истинные и промежуточные нанокомпозиты, а также микрокомпозиты, причем один и тот же композит может относиться к разным классам в зависимости от содержания 2D-нанонаполнителя (его структуры). Эффективные модули упругости 2D-нанонаполнителя и межфазных областей существенно снижаются в указанной последовательности, что и определяет уменьшение общего модуля упругости этих наноматериалов. Модифицированное правило смесей, оперирующее реальными, а не номинальными, характеристиками компонент композита, корректно описывает модуль упругости...

Shape memory Cu-Al-Ni single crystals for application in rotary actuators

A.I. Priadko, V.I. Nikolaev, S.A. Pulnev, S.I. Stepanov, A.V. Rogov, A.V. Chikiryaka & O.A. Shmakov
Physical and technical potential of shape memory single crystals for applications in rotary actuators was experimentally studied. Single-crystalline Cu-Al-Ni cylindrical rods for tests and actuator applications were grown from melt by Stepanov method. The crystals were tested by tension under conditions simulating their work in the proposed design of a rotary actuator. Actuator performance parameters such as rotation angle, torque and useful work were estimated basing on experimental results. Actuators employing shape memory effect outperform...

Sr-doping effect on apatite type La10Si6O27 electrolyte: experiments and ab-initio calculation

Yangzhou Ma, Nouredine Fenineche, Omar Elkedim & Michel Moliere
Apatite-type lanthanum silicates draw researchers’ attention due to their good performance as electrolyte materials for IT-SOFC (intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells). In this paper we present Sr-doping effect on La10Si6O27 (LSO) via experimental method and ab-initio calculation: the samples were prepared through an optimized water-based sol-gel process. High purity, crystallinity compounds with and without Sr-doping LSO are obtained and the resulting materials were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy....

Tetrahedral miniand midi-fullerenes

Alexander I. Melker, Sergey A. Starovoitov & Ruslan M. Zarafutdinov
We have considered possible ways of forming the simplest tetrahedral fullerenes, namely elementary tetrahedron C4, truncated tetrahedron C12, half-truncated cube C16, fullerenes C28 and C36. By analogy with ionic crystals, we introduced "mathematical" compounds, which form a topological cube of two tetrahedra inserted into each other, and construct graphs for them. Combined with the graph analysis, this approach allows obtain a clear knowledge of the tetrahedral fullerene structure. We extended our model to other tetrahedral...

Skew Brownian motion with dry friction: Pugachev-Sveshnikov approach

Sergey Berezin & Oleg Zayats
The Caughey-Dieness process, also known as the Brownian motion with two valued drift, is used in theoretical physics as an advanced model of the Brownian particle velocity if the resistant force is assumed to be dry friction. This process also appears in many other fields such as applied physics, mechanics, astrophysics, and pure mathematics. In the present paper we are concerned with a more general process, skew Brownian motion with dry friction. The probability distribution...

Evolution of steam and gas plume generation on laser treating of metals in liquid

A.Yu. Ivanov, A.V. Kapytski & S.V. Vasiliev
Evolution of steam and gas plume generation on the surface of an irradiated metal was investigated experimentally. It is shown that on using GOR-100M operating in a free oscillating regime the form of a crater developed in an irradiated target beingin water and air differs drastically.It is found that the substantial difference in the forms of crater surfaces developed is determined by different character of plasma, steam and gas mixture flow. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_15

Physical and information parameters of nanoscale electronic elements as a part of computing systems with neural network architecture

Mikhail Makarov
Problem of ensuring specified reliability indices when designing computation components of the telecommunication systems built via use of a nanoscale electronic element base is considered. Computer models of the computation components with neural network architecture and integrated nanoscale titanium oxide-based memristors and nanoscale graphene-based field-effect transistors are studied. Correlation between the physical and information parameters, integrated into the system of nanoscale electronic elements, as well as an impact of parameter variation on the system reliability,...

Nanostructured composite materials for 3D elements of advanced optical systems

Ioury Timoshkov, Victor Kurmashev, Anastasiya Sakova & Vadim Timoshkov
Nanocomposite materials electroplating for nano- and micro-fabrication with Si mold and LIGA-like technological process is proposed. UV lithography based on SU-8 photoresist for ultra-thick 3D structures is described. Two-stage process for high aspect ratio vertical metal structures fabrication is considered. Possible applications of the proposed technological approaches for advanced optical systems are described. doi: 10.18720/MPM.4112019_10

Sumanene and fullerene C60

Alexander I. Melker, Maria A. Krupina & Ruslan M. Zarafutdinov
In this contribution we have considered fusion reaction of carbon clusters obtained from the natural blocks of sumanene. We obtained four natural isomers of fullerene C60. Together with the fifth natural isomer found elsewhere through the use of the Endo-Kroto mechanism (dimer embedding model), now we have the structure of all the experimentally observed isomers of fullerene C60. One isomer is a perfect, the other are imperfect and differ in the number of pairs of...

Modeling fullerene growth by fusion reactions of cupola half-fullerenes: Δn=16 series

Alexander I. Melker, Tatiana V. Vorobyeva & Ruslan M. Zarafutdinov
Fusion reactions of cupola half-fullerenes C22, C24, C32, C40 and C48 with each other are considered on the basis of Arrhenius’s postulate. It means that at first there forms an intermediate compound and only afterwards a usual chemical reaction is going on. The final structure of fullerenes is obtained with the help of geometric modeling and is optimized through the use of Avogadro package. In general, the fullerenes which tend to take the appearance of...

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