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A huge step on the way to global security

V. D. Nazarov
The review presents the history of chemical disarmament in Russia over the period from 1987 to 2017. The Soviet Union unilaterally announced termination of production of toxic substances and urged international community to get rid of chemical weapons of mass destruction. In 1993 the Russian Federation was one of the first signatories of the international Convention, and subsequently ratified it. Federal target program “Destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in the Russian Federation” was enacted by...

A multi-factor model as the basis for the environmental quality management of urban аreas

V. Sokolskaya E., I. Kochurov B., A. Dolgov Yu. & A. Lobkovsky V.
The article considers mathematical approach to environmental quality management to improve the ecological comfort of living for the population. The problem of environmental management is described using a multi-factor model of quality of the environment with the weight coefficients of the importance of its components: atmospheric air, acoustic impact, soil, water resources, and green spaces, accessibility of natural and recreational areas. The values of weight coefficients of importance of influencing factors for environmentally comfortable living...

Reducing the environmental threat of motor vehicles by converting engines for operating on natural gas

V. Romanyuk, V. A. Likhanov & O. P. Lopatin
The article explains the necessity of using natural gas (NG) for motor vehicle diesel engines, which makes it possible to reduce their environmental threat and to save motor oil fuel. The composition of the NG used and its physic-chemical properties are presented in the article. In order to determine and to optimize the amount of the NG supplied for motor diesel engines, the authors of the article have tested them on the electro-brake testing bench...

The ecological-genetic analysis of negative influence of composite hydrocarbons in modeling experiments

J. G. Shutova
Mutagen activity of some adamantan derivatives in modeling experiments with plants Allium cepa and animals Drosophila melanogaster was studied. The results obtained show that all the investigated adamantans render a mitosismodifying and mutagen influence on A. cepa. In tests on D. melanogaster adamantans lead to decrease in fruitfulness and occurrence of prepotent lethal mutations of male and female.

Production of bioorganomineral fertilizers as the direction of realization of waste-free technologies in pig-breeding

А. V. Sazanov, Yu. N. Terentyev, N. V. Syrchina, T. Ya. Ashikhmina & V. A. Kozvonin
Manure is the main waste in the production of pig-breeding. The problem of pig manure utilization has not found ecologically reasonable solution. The most perspective direction of utilization of pig manure is processing of this withdrawal into fertilizer. The purpose of this work was development of technology of processing of fresh pig manure in a bioorganic-mineral fertilizer balanced in structure, stable at storage and transportation, and not dangerous to the environment. Production of bioorganic-mineral fertilizers...

Comparative effects of herbicides Topic and Granstar on oxidative stress in leaves of cereals

А. S. Lukatkin, A. N. Gar’kova, O. V. Nushtaeva & Yu. N. Makushkina
Herbicides Granstar (Sulfonylurea class) and Topic (Aryloxyphenoxypropylate class) in short-term action and longterm aftereffects induce oxidative stress in leaves of cultural cereals – maize (Zea mays L.), rye (Secale cereale L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). The highest intensity of oxidative stress as measured by the rate of generation of superoxide anion (О2 – ) is found in plants treated with high doses of xenobiotics (300 μg / L and 10 μL / L for...

The sensitivity of biotests based on algae chlorella and scenedesmus to heavy metals

E.A. Tjutkova & Yu.S. Grigoriev
The toxic effect of cadmium, zinc and copper ions on growth and sensitivity of algae Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turp.) Breb. and Chlorella vulgaris Beijer was examined. Both cultures are widely used in the Russian Federation as test-organisms for water toxicity bioassay. Chlorella was cultured in 50% Tamiya medium in cultivator KV-05 at 36°C. Chlorella growth inhibition test was conducted in the cultivator KVM-05 during 22 hours at 36°C in Uspenskii, Prat and 2% Tamiya media. Alga...

Strategy of waste water sludge treatment utilizing

Yu. V. Kulikova, Ya. I. Vaisman, Yu. V. Zavizion & E. V. Kalinina
The article is devoted to the problem of biological waste water sludge treatment utilizing. The results of feasibility study and comparative analysis of the most promising technologies of sludge disposal and recycling are presented. Strategy of waste water sludge treatment utilizing in accordance with the result of the analysis is presented.

Study of the effectof some chemical weapons destruction products on soil actinomycetes

T.Ya. Ashikhmina, E. V. Tovstik, S. Yu. Ogorodnikova & I. G. Shirokikh
In the course of monitoring near the chemical weapons storage and destruction plant "Maradykovsky", more than 100 strains of Streptomyces were stated from the soil surfaces into the pure culture. In order to find the strains which are tolerant to chemical weapons degradation products, the response of natural isolates of actinomycetes to sodium pyrophosphate, methylphosphonic acid, and arsenic concentration gradient was studied. For each pollutant a special dose was set, which could stimulate and inhibit...

Changeability of the number of cotyledons of Pinus silvestris L. seeds in production and experimental parties in North-East of the Russian Plain

A.I. Vidyakin
Changeability of the number of cotyledons of Pinus silvestris L. seeds is considered in samples of production and experimental parties. It is stated that frequency characteristics in the samples compared are mostly similar if the samples are of the same geographical origin. The method of using a medium number of cotyledons while investigating populationchorologic structure of the species is offered.

The pollution index and the index of the ecological tension in the regions of the Russian Federation

V. S. Tikunov & O. Yu. Chereshnia
The article presents a methodology for a comprehensive assessment of the environmental situation in the regions of the Russian Federation based on the pollution index and the index of ecological tension. The evaluation was carried out in two stages. At the first stage the degree of pollution of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere of the regions was estimated on the basis of emission of pollutants into the atmosphere from stationary sources, formation of solid domestic...

Technology for producing activated carbons based on compact vegetable raw materials

V. M. Mukhin, Yu. F. Taranchenko & T. V. Gimatdinov
The article presents the research on the development of highly active coal using domestic raw material base for soil restoration. It is shown that the feedstock is one of the main factors in forming quality indicators of carbon adsorbents, such as bulk density, parameters of porous structure, adsorption properties and mechanical strength. �ompact vegetable raw material, such as nut shell and fruit stone shells of peach and apricot, was used for manufacturing activated carbons (A�)...

Rare plant communities of the ancient lakes of the European North-East of Russia

B. Yu. Teteryuk
The article is devoted to the topical issue of modern ecology – development of evidence-based approaches to vegetation biodiversity conservation on cenosis level. By the example of vegetation cover of the ancient lakes of Russian European North-East the experience of applying methods of determining environmental significance of plant communities is shown. These methods are worked out by Ufa geobotanists. Rare plant communities in need of protection are identified and specific measures for their protection are...

Role and meaning of natural resourses at working out ecologically balanced development of the region

A. V. Sadov & O. B. Napolov
The characteristic of the total resource potential of the regions of the Russian Federation is given in the article. The results of placing the resource potential on the territory of the RF as well as the difference between the RF regions in the level of resource potential are shown. The authors have worked out qualitative and quantitative indexes, on the basis of these indexes they classify the territories according to the level of ecological-economic balance...

Insects in consortium complex of Serratula coronata L. in introduction condition (middle taiga zone, Komi Republic)

S. V. Pestov, K. G. Ufimtsev, V. V. Volodin, S.O. Volodina & A.G. Dontsov
The consortium complex of Serratula coronata L. in conditions of introduction (middle taiga zone, Komi Republic, Russian Federation) is described. The herbivores of Serratula are aphids and gall flies. The flowers of Serratula are visited by 26 species of insects. The most abundant pollinators are bumblebee Bombus pratorum (L.) and honey bees Apis mellifera L. Number of predators and parasites insects of herbivores is revealed. Chemical composition of aphid, s honey dew and way of...

The biological characteristics of local isolates polypores and some aspects of their cultivation

G.F. Zaripova, A. A. Shirokikh & I. G. Shirokikh
In forest ecosystems of the southern taiga subzone of the European North-East collected fruit bodies of polypores as promising producers of biologically active compounds and pharmaceuticals. Isolated in mycelial culture 18 strains from eight species and three genera (Trametes spp., Daedaleopsis confragosa and Cerrena unicolor). Studied cultural and microscopic properties of fungi on the solid medium. Revealed differences on growth rate, color, density of filamentous cover and other specific characteristics are of interest for the...

Species of Silene L. genus –sources of 26-hydroxyecdysteroids

L. N. Zibareva, O. B. Volkova & R. Lafont
Distribution of 26-hydroxyderivatives of ecdysteroids in insects and plants is reviewed. It is showed that species of Silene the genus are perspective sources of polar ecdysteroids. The ecdysteroids composition is studied in Silene frivaldszkyana and S. viridiflora, introduced in Western Siberia. The scheme of biosynthetic transformations of ecdysteroids in these plant species is proposed.

Selenium in natural water. Finding optimal concentrations

S. N. Kurskov & O. Yu. Rastegaev
The article presents the data on presence of selenium in different natural and organic systems. Special attention is paid to the mass-spectrometric method of selenium research in water, food and a human organism. We discuss the optimal concentrations of selenium.

Research of the state of the natural complex within the zone of influence of Kirovo-Chepetsk chemical plant

Ashikhmina T.Ya., E.V. Dabakh, Kantor G.Ya., A.P. Lemeshko, S.G. Skugoreva & S.A. Adamovich
The article presents the results of many years investigations on the territory of chemical and radioactive wastes storage of the KCCP. Natural (ground and surface waters), bottom sediment, soils, vegetation are investigated. Local areas of maximal contamination with chemical substances and radionuclides are found out.

Secondary structure of the macromolecules of humic acids

A.A. Mironov
The aim of the research was to create a 3D graphic model of the molecular structure of humic acids alluvial buried leaf litter on the basis of information received modern physico-chemical methods of research: CNHS – analysis, NMR 13 C spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, electronic analysis, EPR spectroscopy, TG, DTA. In pyrolysate of humic acids method GC-MS identified a number of alkanes from C12 to C and ISO-alkanes, menagerie cyclic system. Also, the presence of bi-,...

Изменение почвенной актинобиоты под влиянием инвазии борщевика Сосновского

Е.В. Товстик, И.Г. Широких, Е.С. Соловьёва, А.А. Широких, Т.Я. Ашихмина & В.П. Савиных
Отдельные виды растений, а также растительные сообщества могут существенно влиять на структуру и разнообразие почвенных микробных сообществ. Актиномицеты являются неотъемлемым компонентом почвенной микробной системы, осуществляющей важные экологические функции, связанные, в числе прочих, с трансформацией органического вещества. Настоящее исследование было проведено для выявления различий в структуре почвенных актиномицетных комплексов между участками, заросшими борщевиком Сосновского (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.) и неинвазированными (контрольными) участками. Отмечено увеличение родового и видового разнообразия актиномицетов в инвазированных почвах, по сравнению с контролем, в...

Use of material capacity of industrial waste dangerous for the environment

Ya. I. Vaisman, E. V Kalinina & L. V. Rudakova
The article deals with the use of the material potential of industrial wastes with hazardous characteristics, limiting their use in economy. The results of how to reduce industrial waste hazard to the acceptable level, depending on the method of processing are shown. A scheme of management of hazardous waste characteristics is presented in order to make it possible to use their financial capacity.

Biocatalysts based on bacteria-destructors and enzymes of differ from high destructive capability chemical warfare agents and their degradation products in process of purification of soils and water

N. V. Zavyalova, I. V. Filimonov, E. N. Efremenko, V. I. Kholstov & A. A. Yankovskaya
The work presents an overview of the literature over the last thirty years by biotechnological methods and biocatalysts, which may be used for disinfection and purification of soil and water contaminated of chemical warfare agents and products of their detoxification. During analyzing the data was found, indicating about facilities of low concentrations of detoxication agents and their degradation products in the reactionary missing the soil and waste water. It was established, that the destruction of...

Displaying of the latitudinal differentiation of plant cover of the Russian Far North in the structure of local floras

M. Koroleva T., A. Zverev A., V. Petrovsky V., N. Pospelov I., B. Pospelova E., V. Khitun O. & Chinenko S. V.
The paper proceeds the series of publications of many years on study and analysis of local floras of the Russian Arctic and Subarctic. Changes of taxonomic and geographic structure of floras along the latitudinal gradient, typology of arctic and subarctic floras, problems of floristic subdivision and delimitation of Arctic and Boreal floristic regions are discussed. Zonal patterns of relationship are distinguished both in latitudinal and geographic structure of floras and in taxonomic structure and even...

On choosing test-sensitive aquatic hydrobionts for biological water testing of in laboratory, industrial and natural conditions

S. A. Nefedova, A. A. Korovushkin, D. G. Minin, L. B. Zutova & I. A. Ipatov
According to the results obtained, in industry conditions active sludge biota should be used as a test-object, in laboratory conditions one should choose between Daphnia and Ceriodaphnia. depending on the season, during the analysis of surface water one should focus on shellfish and fish. In laboratory conditions at biotesting wastewater toxicity it is recommended to use Ceriodaphniaaffinis in spring-summer, and Daphniamagna in autumn-winter, which is caused by the special response of these lower crustaceans to...

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