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Statistical methods for analyzing the correlatio between air quality and the state of children’s health in the Kirov region

S.I. Kalinin & S.I. Toropova
The aim of this study is to assess the contribution of atmospheric air pollution to the formation of childhood morbidity in the Kirov region. Statistically significant interaction of air emissions of hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and the primary incidence of respiratory diseases among the children of the region has been established on the base of the regional indicators assessment. The analysis of statistical indicators at the municipal level showed the presence of a statistically significant...

Conceptual framework for ensuring resource and environmental safety in the region

P.V. Рysarenko, M.S. Samojlik, I.L. Plaksiienko & L.A. Kolesnikova
A problem of providing the resource-ecological safety, increase of efficiency of the naturally-economic potential use of territory is one of priority for every region of Ukraine. At the same time, formation of an efficient market economy in the regions requires solution of the problems between the goals of the social and economic system development and negative effects of its impact on the environment with considering the influence of destabilizing factors. In this aspect, forming new...

Environmental safety of consumer products: legal and regulatory issues

D.G. Domrachev, А.А. Kirillovykh, V.N. Pugach & Y.M. Gordeeva
Modern problems of ensuring ecological safety of consumer products in the Russian Federation are considered, and also measures for improvement of the mechanism of regulation of quality and ecological safety in the sphere of consumption are offered. The methodological basis of the research is the analytical method, which allows to consider the practice of regulation of the environmental safety of products, the formal legal method, which allows to reveal the systemic connections in legal regulation,...

Testing the stability of different forms of Hordeum vulgare L. to the toxic action of aluminum

N.V. Kononenko, I.A. Chaban, E.A. Smirnova, I.G. Shirokikh, O.N. Shupletsova & E.N. Baranova
Combined effect of aluminum toxicity and acidic soil conditions is the major problem for barley productivity in certain areas of crop cultivation. Therefore the development of effective test systems for the identification and selection of aluminum-resistant barley genotypes is an important goal, especially for regions all over the world with high soil acidity. We used barley genotypes with different resistance to ionic toxicity (Belgorodsky 100, Belogorsky, Kupets, Elo, 999-93 and regenerant line 917-01) for characterization...

Algological analysis of soil state in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy” after it finished functioning

L. V. Kondakova, К. А. Bezdenezhnykh & Т.Ya. Аshikhmina
The article presents the analysis of monitoring research of soil algoflora of forest and meadow ecosystems in the vicinity of the plant “Maradykovskiy” for the period before the start of its operating and till after stopping its functioning. Specious diversity of forest phytocoenoses algoflora before the start of its functioning accounted for 71 species. After the plant stopped functioning there were found out just 60 species. In meadow phytocoenoses the number is 123 and 95...

Environmental aspects of sulfate turpentine refining (review)

Evgeniy Izmest'ev, Rubtsova S. А. & А. V. Kutchin
The burning of sulfate turpentine, formed as a by-product of pulp and paper mills during the kraft pulping process, causes irreparable environmental damage, as it contains a large number of toxic sulfur-containing compounds generating sulfur dioxide when being combusted. It is for this reason that the search for methods of removing sulfur compounds from the sulfate turpentine, which can make the purified product a valuable source of terpene compounds suitable for industrial processing, is being...

Content of heavy metals in urban surface water bodies

E.G. Riabova
Today urban territories became the main habitat for people, but together with the rising level of economic and social advantages, they also have some ecological problems. And one of them is the pollution of urban water bodies with different toxicants, such as heavy metals. In this study, the analysis of surface water bodies carried out to containing of some heavy metals, such as: Pb, Fe, Mn, Sr, Zn, Cd and Cu, as well as comparison...

Pectic polysaccharides of callus tissue of the stem of Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.

E.N. Gordina, A.A. Zlobin, E.A. Martinson & S.G. Litvinets
The uncontrolled growth of Sosnovsky’s hogweed (Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden.) in the central regions of the Russian Federation is a pressing problem, because areas occupied by this plant significantly increase each year. The methods used for the destruction of Sosnovsky’s hogweed (mowing, the use of herbicides, the use of geotextile, etc.) are not effective enough, because the hogweed seeds remain viable for a long time, and its roots penetrate deep into the soil. These methods do...

Morphogenetic structure of marsh frog populations of Pelophylax ridibundus (Amphibia, Anura) under conditions of urban environment

E.A. Snegin & A.S. Barkhatov
On the basis of morphometric, phenetic and molecular genetic methods, the population structure of the Pelophylax ridibundus inhabiting the urbanized environment of Belgorod and its environs (Russia) was studied. The obtained results confirmed the previously stated assumptions, according to which under the conditions of anthropogenic load the color morph “striata” dominates (the proportion of individuals on impact territories was 70 to 93%). In relatively pure biotopes, the color morph “maculate” prevailed (58–67%). The morphometric characteristics...

Red Book of vascular plants along oil pipelines in Yaroslavl Region

L.P. Kapelkina & T.E. Teplyakova
Oil-pipe line exploiting is connected inevitably with an influence upon natural biotopes. The route of our investigation of technogenic biotopes passed along 30 km of oil-pipeline protection zone. There were found 11 vascular plant species from 173 of Yaroslavl Region Red Book: Carex sylvatica Huds., Dactylorhiza baltica (Klinge) Orlova, Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Druce) Soó, D. incarnata (L.) Soó, D. maculata (L.) Soó, Glyceria lithuanica (Gorski) Gorski, Listera ovata (L.) R.Br., Neottia nidus-avis (L.) Rich., Ophioglossum vulgatum...

The dynamics of the elements of fitness of experimental populations of Drosophila under conditions of chronic low-intensity exposure

I.N. Yuraneva & V.G. Zainullin
One of the main issues of radiobiology is the study not only of the sensitivity of cellular structures and individual systems of the body under chronic irradiation, but also the study of genetic variability of populations. Chronic exposure increases mutations in the population and stabilizes the number of mutations after several generations. It is shown that as a result of low-dose exposure to natural populations, the genetic load has been growing for many generations until...

Distribution, number and protection of the Falconiformes in Nenets Autonomous district

O.Y. Mineev, Y.N. Mineev & S.K. Kochanov
The study on biodiversity and territorial distribution of order Falconiformes was conducted from 1973 to 2018 in tundra of Nenets Autonomous district. There are analyzing data on distribution and abundance of 18 species of birds of prey. On the surveyed area it is collected an information about type of staying of such genuses as: Pandion (1 species), Pernis (1 species), Circus (4 species), Accipiter (2 species), Buteo (2 species), Aquila (1 species), Haliaeetus (1 species),...

The use of multicomponent adsorption filters in water purification systems and luminescent control of ecotoxicant content

E.I. Tikhomirova, O.A. Plotnikova, O.V. Atamanova, M.V. Istrashkina, A.V. Koshelev & A.L. Podolsky
The paper presents the results of innovative design development for multicomponent adsorption filters with sliding cartridges or with a metal-graphite electrode system. The proposed filters allow providing water purification by 98–99% simultaneously from various polluting organic substances, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The filtering media of these filters include bentonite modified by various methods. To study the effectiveness of adsorption filters as a rapid method, qualitative spot test analysis (sensu Feigl) was used. To control the...

Development and optimization of biological treatment of quarry waters from mineral nitrogen in the Arctic

L.A. Ivanova, V.A. Myazin, M.V. Korneykova, N.V. Fokina, V.V. Redkina & G.A. Evdokimova
The new concept of bioremediation of anthropogenic water bodies and quarry wastewaters treatment by phytoextraction and phytotransformation in the Arctic conditions is presented. This technology is based on transformating the man-caused water reservoirs into nature-like marsh ecosystems. At the first stage, a new patented method for advanced waste treatment using floating bioplato was developed and implemented. After implementing the bioplato, the concentration of ammonium ions in water decreased by 53–90%, nitrate nitrogen reduced by 15–20%....

The possibility of reducing the toxicity of gaseous emissions of power plants by the effect of an electrostatic field on the organic fuel combustion zone

I.A. Zyryanov, A.P. Pozolotin, A.G. Budin & E.V. Kantor
Electric power generation based on combustion of organic fuel is one of the largest sources of air pollution by toxic substances, including products of incomplete combustion. To reduce the negative impact of power plants on the environment, various methods are used to optimize the regimes for burning fuel and cleaning the emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere. One of the promising ways to regulate the combustion of fuels in order to reduce emissions is...

Optimization of the microbiological composition of the biological product for cultivation of Lotus corniculatus

L.I. Domracheva, D.V. Kozylbayeva, A.L. Kovina, L.V. Trefilova, Yu.N. Zykova, M.N. Gripas & V.A. Izotova
In a field experiment the effectiveness of presowing treatment of seeds of Lotus corniculatus by mono- and multicomponent microbial associations has been investigated. The associations were based on the nodule bacteria (NB) of Rhizobium loti, cyanobacteria (CB) Fischerella muscicola and actinobacteria (AB) Streptomyces hygroscopicus A4. Evaluation of effectiveness was carried out by the analysis of morphometric parameters of the aerial part and the plants biomass, as well as the intensity of the tubercles formation. The...

Microbial transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in the Pre-Urals under conditions of different use and application of mineral fertilizers

N.E. Zavyalova, I.G. Shirokikh, A.I. Kosolapova & A.A. Shirokikh
Microbiological parameters and character of transformation of humic substances of sod-podzolic soil at the end of five rotations of eight-full crop rotation in long-term stationary field experiment (1978–2017) are investigated. The direction of microbiological processes due to the effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers in increasing doses – 30 to 150 kg/ha of NPK was determined. A comparison of the arable soil with its virgin analogs (mixed forest and natural meadow) as well as...

Ethnoecology of the Slavic World: application significance on the Eurasian space

I.Yu. Trushkova, T.Ya. Ashikhmina & L.V. Kondakova
Ecology is a science dealing with relations of living organisms with the environment and the ways of sustaining the harmonious balance in the world. Ecological approach determines the attitude of the people to the environment, it is the basis of their worldview, their behavior and culture. Ecologically oriented economy management and human behavior mean tendency of the mankind to nature preserving and keeping their environment healthy. Using ethnocultural experience helps to save financial, human, and...

“Smart” state regulation in the sphere of environmental protection and nature management

M.A. Kostenko, O.V. Popova & M. Lutovac
The main purpose of spreading the concept of “smart” state regulation to the environment area is natural protection for future generations. A special place in the solution of problems of environmental sustainability, environmental protection and nature management belongs to legal means, and norm-setting in this area should be outstripping in nature. Important legal acts have already been adopted to address environmental problems, the central one being the development of the list of “best available technologies”,...

Identification and study of the properties of Streptomyces geldanamycininus 3K9, isolated from the soil under the bush of Heracleum sosnowskyi

E.V. Tovstik, A.V. Sazanov, А.V. Bakulina, I.G. Shirokikh & T.Ya. Ashikhmina
The antagonistically active bacterial strain 3K9 was isolated from the soil under the thickets of the invasive Heracleum sosnowskyi Manden. species. Identification of the 3K9 strain was performed using cultural morphological traits, as well as based on the analysis of a fragment of the 16S rRNA gene. The greatest similarity (98.54%) of the nucleotide sequence of the 3K9 strain to the nucleotide sequence of Streptomyces geldanamycininus NRRL 3602 (Accession number NCBI NR_043722.1) was established. Macbecin...

Monitoring of structure of plant communities on waste dumps from non-ferrous metals enrichment

A.Ya. Tamakhina & A.A. Akhkubekova
The state of the vegetation cover and the composition of plant communities on the terraces of the tailing dump of the Tyrnyauz tungsten-molybdenum combine were studied. Control was a section of the mountain steppe at a distance of 3–4 km up the valley of the Baksan river. Ecotopes at different levels of the terraces of the tailings dump dam differ in the nature of moistening, the qualitative composition and alkalinity of the substrate. In the...

Changes in the photosynthetic activity of wood plants under a coal terminal environment

N.V. Saltan, Е.А. Sviatkovskaya, Е.P. Shlapak, N.N. Trostenyuk & О.B. Gontar
The aim of our work was to study the photosynthetic pigment content in the leaves of native and introduced woody plants that are affected by the coal terminal activities, in order to select a resistant species that could improve the environmental conditions of the terminal site and the city of Murmansk in general. The objects of our study were the native (Betula sp., Salix sp., Sorbus gorodkovii Pojark, Pinus friesiana Wichura) and introduced plant species...

Determination of microplastics in coastal beach sediments along Kattegat Sea, Denmark

R.A. Hansen & A. Gross
An evaluation of the level of contamination of microplastics in the coastal marine sediment from Kattegat Sea in Denmark has been conducted. The evaluation is based on sediment samples collated from beaches located on coasts partially surrounding the Kattegat Sea: Mou, Bogense, Hasmark, Zealand Odde, and Rorvig. Microplastics were extracted from the sediment samples using a newly developed density and flotation apparatus. Afterwards, the extracted microplastics were categorised under a stereo microscope, and the criteria...

Evaluation of fire carbon emissions in pine and oak forests of the Yalta mountain forest natural reserve

V.G. Kobechinskaya & O.B. Yarosh
We performed studies for a 10-year period for carbon emissions in carbon dioxide due to the influence of the pyrogenic factor on the stand, undergrowth and litter in uneven-aged stands of the southern macroslope of the Crimean Mountains. The relevance of the chosen topic is due to the fact that work to assess the volume of carbon dioxide emissions from burning in the forests of Crimea has not previously been carried out. As a result...

Pools and carbon fluxes in felling ecosystems spruce forests of the middle taiga of the Komi Republic

N.V. Likhanova & K.S. Bobkova
The quantitative characteristics of the reserves and distribution of carbon of organic matter in the soil–phytocenosis system after clearing the stand of two types of spruce forests on peaty-podzolic-gleyed soils are shown. It is established that in the ecosystems of 4–6 years old felling of spruce forests 115–121 thousand kgC/ha are accumulated, most of which is concentrated in the soil. The production-destructive processes of organic matter in the phytocenosis-soil system are estimated. It is shown...

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