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Sample changing for gamma measurements of environmental samples using a Germanium Detector.

Isometric projection of tetrahedron representing the system: Supplement 4 from "The texture, origin, and emplacement of the granitic rocks of Glenlyon range, Yukon, Canada" (Thesis)

Richard Bradford Campbell
In Glenlyon range the older pre-intrusive rocks include quartzo-feldspathic schists (Ambibolite facies) with minor carbonate and lime-silicate rocks of the Yukon group overlain by a succession of limestones and slates and phyllites (green schist facies) of the Harvey Group. These rocks form the north limb of an east-west trending anticlinorium. The Drury quartz monzonite is intruded into the axial region of the anticlinorium. This mass grades continuously from a biotite granodiorite core to an outer...

Performance of the SASE3 monochromator equipped with a provisional short grating. Variable line spacing grating specifications

Natalia Gerasimova
The planned gratings for the soft X-ray monochromator at the SASE3 beamline demand extremely high production capabilities, which currently have not been achieved. In this report, the detailed specifications on the variable line spacing parameters of the gratings are set and the expected performance of a short provisional grating is presented.

Sustainable Leadership im Spannungsfeld zwischen Nutzung und Erhaltung von Ressourcen

Sibylle Olbert-Bock, Abdullah Redzepi, Lisa Giermindl & Alexandra Cloots
Der Beitrag stellt dar, wie Sustainable Leadership in ambidextren Organisationen zwischen der kurzfristigen Nutzung von Ressourcen und ihrem langfristigen Erhalt gestaltet werden kann. Das Finden einer Balance zwischen «Exploration» und «Exploitation» stellt Organisationen vor grosse Herausforderungen, da verschiedene Ebenen (individual level, organizational level and social system level) Beachtung finden müssen (March, 1991). Die vorliegende Studie versucht mit dem Ansatz des Sustainable Leadership eine Antwort für dieses Problem in der Praxis zu finden und gleichzeitig einen...


The Mobile Hot Cell in Manila - April 2013 A nuclear security expert and a radioactive waste specialist from the IAEA were sent to Manila to observe the mission. The proper storage of disused sources is important from both a nuclear safety and security perspective. Such sources are vulnerable to loss, abandonment, theft or misuse and could be used by criminals in a so-called ƒ??dirty bombƒ??. They are also classified as ƒ??category 1ƒ??, meaning they...

Ravenna Quadrangle (with Geologic units): Supplement 1 from "Geology of the Ravenna quadrangle" (Thesis)

Richard Henry Jahns
The Vasquez Series, composed of coarse fanglomerates, finer sandstones, and lavas, represents sub-areal deposition in the form of a series of rapidly coalescing alluvial fans. These fans were formed in a basin entirely local in character (confined to the Ravenna and Lang Quadrangles) which was probably caused by faulting, either in late Oligocene or very early Miocene time. The sediments are early or early middle Miocene in age, are very well consolidated, poorly sorted, and...

Regional Expert Consultation on Underutilized Crops for Food and Nutrition Security in Asia and the Pacific -- Thematic, Strategic Papers and Country Status Reports

RK Tyagi, A Pandey, Varaprasad KS, Paroda RS, RK Khetarpal, Asia-Pacific Association For Agricultural Research & Institutions (APAARI)
APAARI under its programme on Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology and Bioresources (APCoAB), jointly organized a Regional Expert Consultation on “Underutilized Crops for Food and Nutritional Security in Asia and the Pacific” in collaboration with Council of Agriculture, Taiwan during November 13-15, 2017 at Bangkok, Thailand. The Expert Consultation was sponsored by six other Institutions. Deliberations of the Expert Consultation are being published in two parts: the first being “Proceedings and Recommendations” and the second...

Technical Design Report: Photon Arrival Time Monitor (PAM) at the European XFEL

Jia Liu, Florian Dietrich & Jan Grünert
The photon arrival time monitor (PAM), based on X-ray–induced optical reflectivity or transmission changes in solid samples, will be implemented and served to precisely measure the X-ray arrival time and time jitter at the European XFEL facility. The spectral encoding method applies a broadband chirped supercontinuum as a probe, resulting in a wavelength-to-time mapping because different spectral components arrive at different times. One could foresee to record the arrival time for each shot in the...

Audrey Fashion enters China

MaryJo Kluser
The case study provides students with an opportunity to discuss and analyse the similarities and differences of working styles in China and Switzerland using a structured framework. There are several key intercultural themes to explore and students see an example of a real dilemma where a business person is placed outside of their usual everyday routine.


Better Crops to Feed Millions Quite a lot of Jordan's agricultural land has been diverted to commercial and residential construction over the last 20 years. The remaining farm land receives only sporadic rainfall. Therefore Jordan produces less than three percent of the wheat and barley needed to feed its six and a half million residents every year.

Evaluation and consumer acceptance of five tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) cultivars in Northern Region of Ghana

L. Dari, N. Nenguwo & V. Afari-Sefa
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) is one of the most widely consumed vegetables in the world. It is a major horticultural crop with a global production of 153 million metric tonnes. Many landraces of tomato are used in the Northern Region of Ghana including "Burkina", "Techiman" and "Wosowoso" with "Wosowoso" been the most grown within and around the Tamale Municipality. The seed however, are farmers own seeds and farmers prefer buying those seed because they are...

Aufgabensammlung zur Marktform der vollständigen Konkurrenz

Hannes Egli, Menno Brouwer & Stefan Bruni
Die vorliegende Aufgabensammlung zur Marktform der vollständigen Konkurrenz beinhaltet Aufgaben und einen didaktischen Reflexionsbericht. Ausgerichtet ist die Aufgabensammlung auf den Unterricht an Fachhochschulen. Im Zentrum steht eine ökonomisch-intuitive Vermittlung des Unterrichtsstoffs mit einem hohen Anteil an interaktiven Elementen zwischen den Studentinnen/en und der/dem Dozentin/en.

caltechlibrary/dataset: indexer, deindexer and find available with dataset command

Robert Doiel
The primary change is that the _dataset_ command now supports the verbs indexer, deindexer and find. Minor changes included improved documentation, update of the "check" verb.

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