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Liu Huangui; Lai Huafu
Nanling is a highly concentrated area of tungsten/scheelite ore in China. Wayaokeng scheelite mining area is located in the Chongyi-Dayu-Shangyu tungsten and tin metallogenic belt which in Nanling tectonic belt. Wayaokeng scheelite deposit is skarn mineral deposit. Due to reasonable planning of mine production and processing of mining permits continued, Ganzhou geological team of Jiangxi Province collected previous geological data, and then carried out some of the geological work. The resource reserve geological report was...


Hou Jianjun; Wang Yu; Zheng Quan; Meng Kuiwen; Liu Zhonghui
This dataset is provided by “Detailed prospecting of water supply hydrogeology in Alashan league in Inner Mongolia” from geological survey institute of Inner Mongolia. It contains data of water pumping test, ground water chemical, rock sample test and simultaneous measurement of groundwater level. According to the requirements for water resources, the data can provide evidence for developing groundwater resources, ensuring sustainable development of economy and ecological environment. We take domestic standards data processing method and...


WANG Dewei; NI Huayong; CHEN Xuyu; TANG Yeqi
For the purpose of finding out the development characteristics and mechanism of geological disasters in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze, the detailed survey of geological disasters at the scales of 1:50000 in Yajiang city was conducted by Chengdu Center of China Geological Survey in 2010.The characteristics, distribution and geological conditions of the geological disasters in the region were identified by remote sensing, survey, engineering mapping, exploration. In order to further use these data, we process...


Wang Jun;Ren Jishun; Niu Baogui; He Zhengjun; Jin Xiaochi; Xie Liangzhen; Zhao Lei; Liu Renyan; Jiang Xiaojun; Li Shan; Yang Fuling
The 1:5M International Geological Map of Asia (IGMA5000) under the aegis of the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) is a cooperative project which involves more than 100 geologists from 4 subcommissions of CGMW as well as geological surveys and institutions of 20 Asian and European countries. IGMA5000 is the first digital Asian geological map built on the ArcGIS platform and compiled in accordance with international standards and also the first map...


Ye Tianzhu
People's Republic of China 1: 2.5 million digital geological map space database, in 2000 project, completed in 2001, which lasted two years. In addition to the main database, the database is composed of geo-map database and geographic content attribute library, geological content attribute library, color library, linear library, pattern library, symbol library and legend library. With the geological content, administrative area, arbitrary space and geographical content of the search and automatic output mapping, automatic drawing...

1∶100 万中华人民共和国数字地质图空间数据库

Li Yandong; Ding Xiaozhong
People's Republic of China 1: 1 million digital geological map database is based on uniform standards and requirements of the preparation of the thematic digital geological map. The geological map is based on the comprehensive research, and fully absorb the new achievements and new data of geological survey in recent years, and use the new technology, new theory and new method. Based on the stratigraphic units in the chronology and the representations of the rock...

1∶500 万非洲地区遥感地质解译数据集

Fu Changliang; Yang Qinghua; Jiang Qigang
Basing on the analysis results of existing geological and mineral data and the methods of computer technology and GIS technology, we completed 1: 5,000,000 remote sensing geological interpretation in Africa with about 30.2 million km2 in area. And the data set used in this work is taking Landsat-7 ETM+ data as main data resource. The geological elements, such as strata, volcanic rocks, intermediate acid intrusive rocks, basic rocks or ultrabasic rocks, linear structures and ring...


Chang Yinfo; Pei Rongfu; Hou Zengqian; Yang Zhusen
Tongling ore district is one of the most famous Cu-Au-Fe producing area in China, in which the mineralization is closely related to the magmatism. The Shizishan magmatic-hydrothermal system developed extensively in the Tongling ore district and aroused attention of numerous geologists. This dataset includes whole-rock major and trace elemental data of 34 rock samples of ore-related intrusions, microthermometry data of 32 fluid inclusion samples, trace elemental and REE data of 5 fluid inclusions of quartz samples,...


Zeng Lingsen; Gao Rui; Gao Li'E; Wang Haiyan; He Rizheng; Jin Sheng; Hou Hesheng; Xue Aimin; Xiong Xiaosong; Li Wenhui; Ye Gaofeng
The western Qinlingorogenic belt is located in the northeastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and its lithosphere structure and change record the deep process information of the plateau to the northeast. The western Qinlingorogenic belt is also the prospect of resource development in China. Especially with the shortage of global oil, China's petroleum geology has accelerated the exploration of the new area. The western Qinlingorogenic belt and its both basins are listed as one of...


Tang Juxing; Wang Liqiang; Wang Guozhi; Lang Xinghai; Wang Xiongwu; Zheng Wenbao; Gao Yiming; Ying Lijuan; Huang Yong; Luo Maocheng; Chen Wei; Tang Xiaoqian; Zhang Juncheng; Leng Qiufeng; Li Na;Zhao Fufeng; Zhang Tingting; Yao Xiaofeng; Kang Haoran; Cai Huihui; Yang Chao; Duan Jilin; Lin Xin; Tang Pan
The ore-cenozoic porphyry metallogenic system in the eastern section of the Gangdise metallogenic belt in Tibet data base is supported by Gangdise Metallogenic Belt Geology Mineral Survey Project. The data of petrogeochemistry and geochronology can reflect the genesis of rocks and deposits and the age of diagenesis and mineralization, which will provide scientific basis and basic data for metallogenic background and metallogenic mode of the Mesozoic-Cenozoite porphyry deposit. The data base is shown in Excel,...


Song Xianglong; Xiao Keyan; Ding Jianhua; Fan Jianfu; Li Nan
The mineralization belt is a mineralized geological unit with abundant mineral resources and its potential. The dataset of major mineralization belts of China’s key solid mineral resources is a complete set of dataset based on the research experience of the previous metallogenic division, combined with the national assessment data of mineral resource potential. This dataset is supported by previous results for 23 mineral species and geophysical and geochemical anomalies data in key mineral resources, and...

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