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Eads Release IP-103614

David A Eads, Biggins & Dean E
Data on the degree and duration of deltamethrin flea control on prairie dog colonies, with 3 prairie dog species at 6 sites across 3 US states. Fleas were combed (COMB) from live-trapped prairie dogs or swabbed (SWAB) from prairie dog burrows on non-treated (Non) sites and nearby sites treated with deltamethrin dust for flea control (Dusted). Each line of data is from an individual prairie dog or burrow. The first set of data, Shortterm BACI,...

Bioblitzes facilitate non-native fish tracking and interagency partnerships data

Pam Schofield
Maintaining up-to-date information on non-native organisms' distributions and species composition can be difficult, especially when species cross jurisdictional boundaries that require interagency coordination. Herein I report on the use of tools that have been used in Florida over the past seven years to assist with tracking of non-native fishes. Ten Fish Slams, where professional biologists and graduate students come together to sample an area for non-native fish, have been held since 2012, which have included...

Lower Brule Reservation Shoreline Erosion, Additional Data Layers, South Dakota, 2018

Ryan F. Thompson
Additional data layers have been developed to supplement recently published information collected and developed for an investigation of shoreline erosion along the Lower Brule Reservation in Central South Dakota. The additional data layers presented in this data release include georeferenced 1965 single frame aerial photos, digitized shoreline features from the georeferenced 1965 images, digitized shoreline features from 2016 aerial imagery, and real-time kinematic surveys of shoreline features on selected reaches of the Lake Sharpe shoreline...

Sensor data from natural release experiments conducted in May, 2017, at the USGS debris-flow flume, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Blue River, Oregon

Richard M. Iverson & Maciej Krzysztof Obryk
The files consist of six .csv files, with two files for each of three experiments (2017_05_16, 2017_05_17, 2017_05_18). One of the two files contain high-resolution data (1000 Hz) collected during the period of slope failure only, and the other files contain low-resolution data (10 Hz) for the entire duration of an experiment. Each of these files contains multiple columns of data, with each column representing either a time measurement or the value of a physical...

Adirondack and Catskill stream-fish survey dataset

Barry P. Baldigo & Scott D. George
The dataset is composed of two data tables containing information from electrofishing surveys conducted in the Catskill and Adirondack regions. The first data table contains fish collection information and the second data table contains information on the sampled reaches.

Geoelectric and Seismic Data acquired in the Precambrian Granite Gravel Aquifer, Llano Uplift, Central Texas, May 2017 - August 2018

Scott J Ikard, David S Wallace, Andrew P Teeple, Gregory P Stanton, Kelvey Merrill & Nathaniel K Pasley
This data release contains geophysical data and well and borehole driller's logs acquired at a small field site in the Llano Uplift of central Texas. The field site is underlain by the unconfined Precambrian Granite Gravel aquifer and the Precambrian Town Mountain Granite bedrock from which the Granite Gravel Aquifer was derived through chemical and mechanical weathering. The data set consists of five types of data in the quantities indicated: (1) 1 time-domain electromagnetic sounding,...

East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration (CS-32): 2015 land-water classification

Holly J Beck, Rosemary L Mouton, Jason L Dugas & Brady Couvillion
The Louisiana State Legislature created Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) in order to conserve, restore, create and enhance Louisiana's coastal wetlands. The wetland restoration plans developed pursuant to these acts specifically require an evaluation of the effectiveness of each coastal wetlands restoration project in achieving long-term solutions to arresting coastal wetlands loss. This data set includes mosaicked aerial photographs for the East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration (CS-32) project for 2015. This data...

LEAN-Corrected DEM for Suisun Marsh

Kevin J Buffington, Karen M Thorne, John Y Takekawa, Steve Chappell, Ted Swift, Cliff Feldheim, Anthony Squellati & Daniel K Mardock
Lidar-derived digital elevation models often contain a vertical bias due to vegetation. In areas with tidal influence the amount of bias can be ecologically significant, for example, by decreasing the expected inundation frequency. We generated a corrected digital elevation mode (DEM) for Suisun marsh using a modification of the Lidar Elevation Adjustment with NDVI (LEAN) technique (Buffington et al. 2016). GPS survey data (6912 points, collected across public and private land in 2018), Normalized Difference...

Bathymetry and Storage Capacity of Gillham Lake, Arkansas

Daniel M. Wagner & Amanda R Whaling
A bathymetric survey of Gillham Lake, Arkansas, was conducted in June, 2018, by the Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center (LMG WSC) of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) using methodologies for sonar surveys similar to those described by Wilson and Richards (2006) and Richards and Huizinga (2018). Point data from the bathymetric survey were merged with point data from an aerial LiDAR survey conducted in 2016 by the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). From the combined...

Tellurium Deposits in the United States

Nick A. Karl & Jeff L. Mauk
This dataset is part of an ongoing effort by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to understand the attributes and geologic distribution of critical mineral resources, both globally, and in particular, within the United States. The United States continues to become more dependent on imports to meet the domestic demands for an increasing number of mineral commodities. Many mineral commodities are now produced primarily or entirely outside of the United States, creating the potential for supply...

iTOUGH2-EOS7C model used to analyze multiphase flow and hydromechanical coupling in underpressured shale at the Bruce Nuclear Site, Ontario, Canada

Michael R. Plampin
Using iTOUGH2-EOS7C, a simple 1-D model was developed to represent a site in Ontario, Canada which is being considered for nuclear waste disposal. The site exhibits substantially underpressured water and potential evidence for gas phase methane within a thick section of sedimentary rocks. To investigate possible mechanisms for the development of the underpressure in a multiphase system, hydromechanical coupling during a glacial cycle was simulated with and without gas phase methane present. Results indicate that,...

Geochemical analyses of surface- and groundwater and springs from Mount Emmons, near Crested Butte, Colorado, from 1997 to 2017

Michaela R Johnson, Richard B. Wanty, Ashley J. Bembenek, Philip L. Verplanck & Andrew H. Manning
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS), and Coal Creek Watershed Coalition (CCWC) working independently, have intermittently collected samples of surface- and groundwater and springs around Mount Emmons, near Crested Butte, Colorado. This data release is a compilation of the comprehensive inorganic chemical analyses conducted as a result of that sampling. The earliest samples were collected in the summer of 1997, and subsequent sampling has continued through 2017. Water...

USGS Benchmark Glacier Mass Balance and Project Data

Emily H Baker, Christopher J Mcneil, Louis Sass, Erich H Peitzsch, Erin N Whorton, Caitlyn E Florentine, Adam M Clark, Zachary S Miller, Daniel B Fagre & Shad R O'Neel
Since the late 1950s, the USGS has maintained a long-term glacier mass-balance program at three North American glaciers. Measurements began on South Cascade Glacier, WA in 1958, expanding to Gulkana and Wolverine glaciers, AK in 1966, and later Sperry Glacier, MT in 2005. Additional measurements have been made on Lemon Creek Glacier, AK to compliment data collected by the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP; Pelto et al., 2013). Direct field measurements of point glaciological data...

California State Waters Map Series Data Catalog--Point Sur to Point Arguello

Samuel Y. Johnson, Stephen R. Hartwell, Janet T. Watt, Jeffrey W. Beeson & Peter Dartnell
As part of the USGS's California State Waters Mapping Project, a 50-m grid of sediment thickness for the seafloor within the 3-nautical mile limit between Point Sur and Point Arguello was generated from seismic-reflection data collected between 2008 and 2014, and supplemented with geologic structure (fault and fold) information following the methodology of Wong (2012). Water depths determined from bathymetry data were added to the sediment thickness data to provide information on the depth to...

Glacier-Wide Mass Balance and Compiled Data Inputs: USGS Benchmark Glaciers (V3.0, July 2019)

Christopher J Mcneil, Louis Sass, C.E. Florentine, Emily H Baker, Erich H Peitzsch, Erin N Whorton, Z.S. Miller, Daniel B Fagre, Adam M. Clark & Shad R O'Neel
Since the late 1950s, the USGS has maintained a long-term glacier mass-balance program at three North American glaciers. Measurements began on South Cascade Glacier, WA in 1958, expanding to Gulkana and Wolverine glaciers, AK in 1966, and later Sperry Glacier, MT in 2005. Additional measurements have been made on Lemon Creek Glacier, AK to compliment data collected by the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP; Pelto et al., 2013). Direct field measurements are combined with weather...

Data for factors affecting prey availability and habitat usage of wintering piping plovers (Charadrius melodus) in Coastal Louisiana

Paul Leberg & Jessica L Schulz
Dataset includes observations of Piping Plovers made during winter shorebird surveys on Whiskey and Trinity Islands in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana during the winter of 2013-2014. Attributes include location, behavioral, and microhabitat data as well as references to these data points in our local Access database.

Crop Water Use in the Central Valley of California using Landsat-derived evapotranspiration

Matthew P Schauer & Gabriel B Senay
Understanding how different crops use water over time is essential for planning and managing water allocation, water rights, and agricultural production. The main objective of this paper is to characterize the spatiotemporal dynamics of crop water use in the Central Valley of California using Landsat-based annual actual evapotranspiration (ETa) from 2008-2018 derived from the Operational Simplified Surface Energy Balance (SSEBop) model. Crop water use for ten crops are characterized at multiple scales. The Mann-Kendall trend...

Diet items consumed by wild-caught black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) in the U.S.

Barry C. Poulton, Patrick T Kroboth, Jennifer Bailey, Amy E. George, Steven E. McMurray, J. Scott Faiman & Duane C Chapman
An inventory (enumeration and taxonomic identification) of diet items consumed by wild-caught black carp, based on the examination of gut contents from fish that were collected in the lower Mississippi River drainage of the U.S.

Coastal California San Francisco Gartersnake Capture-Mark-Recapture Data (2008-2013)

Brian J Halstead, Michelle E Thompson, Melissa Amarello, Jeffrey J Smith, Glenn D Wylie, Eric J Routman & Michael L Casazza
These data are multi-state capture histories of 273 individual San Francisco gartersnakes collected at a site before and after a portion of the site was burned. Data collection began in 2008 and continued until 2013, and the prescribed fire was applied in the fall of 2010. These data support the following paper: Halstead, B. J., Thompson, M. E., Amarello, M. , Smith, J. J., Wylie, G. D., Routman, E. J. and Casazza, M. L. (2018),...

Occurrence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated with Coal-Tar Based Pavement Sealant Related PAHs in Urban Sediments in Maine

Charles W. Culbertson
The dataset includes results from the analysis of sediments and solids collected from receptor sites receiving runoff from adjacent parking lots and other paved surfaces. Receptor sites include parking lot catch basins, retention ponds, drainage ditches, and storm-water discharge zones in streams and rivers. Samples were analyzed for percent moisture content and concentrations of 17 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Priority Pollutant Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). Samples collected from parking lot sweepings (dust) also were analyzed...

North American Breeding Bird Survey Dataset 1966 - 2015, version 2015.1

Keith L Pardieck, Ziolkowski Jr., David, Kate Campbell & Marie-Anne R Hudson
The 1966-2015 North American Breeding Bird Survey dataset contains avian point count data for more than 700 North American bird taxa (primarily species, but also some races and unidentified species groupings). These data are collected annually during the breeding season, primarily June and May, along thousands of randomly established roadside survey routes in the United States and Canada. Routes are about 24.5 miles (39.2 km) long with counting locations placed at regular intervals, for a...

The North American Breeding Bird Survey, Results and Analysis 1966 - 2015. Version 12.23.2015

Jane E. Fallon, Daniel K Niven, William A Link, Ziolkowski Jr., David, Keith L Pardieck & John R Sauer
This website presents population change information for more than 400 species of North American birds, as estimated from the North American Breeding Bird Survey. Estimates of trend (interval-specific estimates of population change), annual indices of abundance, and maps of abundance and population change for these species are presented for a variety of regions.

Oceanographic and Water Quality Measurements in the Nearshore Zone at Matanzas Inlet, Florida, January- April, 2018

Steven E Suttles, John C Warner, Ellyn Montgomery & Marinna A Martini
The interactions of waves and currents near an inlet influence sediment and alter seafloor bedforms, especially during winter storms. As part of the Cross-Shore and Inlets (CSI) Processes project, instrumented platforms were deployed at two sites near Matanzas Inlet between January 24 and April 13, 2018. Matanzas Inlet is a natural, unmaintained inlet on the Florida Atlantic coast that is well suited to study inlet and cross-shore processes. The study sites were located offshore of...

Post-expedition report for USGS T-3 Ice Island heat flow measurements in the High Arctic Ocean, 1963-1973

Carolyn Ruppel, A.H Lachenbruch & B.V Marshall
In February 1963, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) began a study of heat flow in the Arctic Ocean Basin and acquired data at 356 sites in Canada Basin and Nautilus Basin and on Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge by the end of the project in 1973. The USGS heat flow and associated piston coring operations were conducted from a scientific station on the freely drifting T-3 Ice island (also known as Fletcher's Ice Island). The Naval Arctic Research...

Water-Quality, Bed-Sediment, and Biological Data (October 2016 through September 2017) and Statistical Summaries of Data for Streams in the Clark Fork Basin, Montana

Tom E. Cleasby, Michelle I. Hornberger & Matthew A. Turner
Water, bed sediment, and biota were sampled in streams from Butte to near Missoula, Montana, as part of a monitoring program in the upper Clark Fork Basin of western Montana. The sampling program was led by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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