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Geospatial data collected from tagged sea otters in central California, 1998-2012

M. Tim Tinker, Michelle M. Staedler, L. Max Targan, Gena B. Bentall, Joseph A. Tomoleoni & Nicole L. LaRoche

Terrestrial-Based Lidar Beach Topography of Fire Island, New York, May 2015

Brenner, Owen; Hapke, Cheryl J.; Lee, Katherine G.; Kimbrow, Dustin R.

Coral cores collected in Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida, U.S.A.: Photographs and X-rays

Jennifer A. Flannery, Christopher D. Reich, Lucy A. Bartlett, Michael S. Weinzierl & Ilsa B. Kuffner

EAARL Coastal Topography Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland and Virginia, 2002

Kranenburg, Christine J.; Fredericks, Xan; Nagle, David

National Dam Removal Science Database

Jeff Duda, Daniel J. Wieferich & Sky Bristol

Coastal Topography Anegada, British Virgin Islands, 2014

Alexandra M Fredericks, Christine Kranenburg & David B Nagle

Distribution of Benthic Habitats at Crocker Reef, Florida

Zawada, D.G.; Netchy, K.H.; Resnick, J.P.

GSFLOW: coupled groundwater and surface-water flow model

Robert S. Regan, Richard G. Niswonger, Steven L. Markstrom, David E. Prudic & Paul M. Barlow

Physical properties by geologic unit in the southern San Luis basin, New Mexico

V.J.S Grauch & Benjamin D. Drenth

USGS Lake Erie East Harbor bottom trawl data series, 1961-2011

Betsy Bodamer Scarbro

Lake Erie Fish Community Data

Taylor R. Stewart

Hydroacoustic measurements of velocities in and near the rake-to-box junction gap of a moving, fully-loaded commercial barge tow

Patrick R. Jackson, Frank Engel, Elizabeth A. Murphy & Jessica A. Zinger

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