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The North American Breeding Bird Survey, Results and Analysis 1966 - 2015. Version 12.23.2015

Jane E. Fallon, Daniel K Niven, William A Link, Ziolkowski Jr., David, Keith L Pardieck & John R Sauer
This website presents population change information for more than 400 species of North American birds, as estimated from the North American Breeding Bird Survey. Estimates of trend (interval-specific estimates of population change), annual indices of abundance, and maps of abundance and population change for these species are presented for a variety of regions.

Advanced Solid-state Array Spectroradiometer

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
The Advanced Solid-state Array Spectroradiometer (ASAS) data collection contains data collected by the ASAS sensor flown aboard NASA aircraft. A fundamental use of ASAS data is to characterize and understand the directional variability in solar energy scattered by various land surface cover types (e.g.,crops, forests, prairie grass, snow, or bare soil). The sensor's Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function determines the variation in the reflectance of a surface as a function of both the view zenith angle...

Antarctic Single Frames

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
Antarctic Single Frame Records are a collection of aerial photographs over Antarctica from the United States Antarctic Resource Center (USARC) and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) dating from 1946 to 2000. The Antarctic Single Frame Records collection includes black-and-white, natural color and color infrared images with a photographic scale ranging from 1:1,000 to 1:64,000. U.S. Antarctic Single Frames The U.S. Navy began flying Antarctic trimetrogon photography with Operation Highjump in 1946 followed by Operation Windmill...

U.S. Antarctic Resource Center - Antarctic Flight Line Maps

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
The Antarctic Flight Line Maps or Flight Indexes are a collection of 1:250,000 scale topographic maps over Antarctica from the U.S. Antarctic Resource Center (USARC). The Antarctic topographic maps have original hand-drawn flight lines for aerial photographic missions. The collection includes over 300 maps and charts that encompass approximately 6,000 flight lines that have been flown over Antarctica by the U.S. Navy since 1946. Flight line maps in digital format allow users to identify flight...

ADIwg Metadata Toolkit Overview

Joshua Bradley, Dennis Walworth & Stan Smith
Poster giving an overview of the Alaska Data Integration working group's Metadata Toolkit

Pufferfish mortality associated with novel polar marine toxins in Hawaii: Data

Thierry M Work, Julie Dagenais, Peter D R Moeller, Kevin R Beauchesne, Renee L Breeden, Robert A Rameyer, William J Walsh, Melanie Abecassis, Donald R Kobayashi, Carla M Conway & James R Winton
In 2010, a mass mortality of pufferfish in Hawaii was dominated by Arothron hispidus showing aberrant neurological behaviors. Using pathology, toxinology, and field surveys, we implicated a series of novel, polar, marine toxins as a likely cause of this mass mortality. Our findings are striking in that 1) a marine toxin was associated with a kill of a fish species that is, itself, toxic; 2) we provide a plausible mechanism to explain clinical signs of...

Declassified Satellite Imagery - 2

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
Declassified satellite images provide an important worldwide record of land-surface change. With the success of the first release of classified satellite photography in 1995, images from U.S. military intelligence satellites KH-7 and KH-9 were declassified in accordance with Executive Order 12951 in 2002. The data were originally used for cartographic information and reconnaissance for U.S. intelligence agencies. Since the images could be of historical value for global change research and were no longer critical to...

Groundwater Withdrawals in Florida and parts of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, 1995 2010

Jason C. Bellino
Groundwater withdrawals are published by county and use type every 5 years by the U.S. Geological Survey (http://water.usgs.gov/watuse/) and published values often do not specify the aquifer(s) from which the withdrawals are derived. The items included in this dataset represent estimates of water use by aquifer in the southeastern United States in order to provide better insight into the 3-dimensional distribution of groundwater withdrawals in time and space.

Sensor and Location data from Ear Tag PTTs Deployed on Polar Bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea 2009 to 2011

Polar Bear Research Program USGS Alaska Science Center
These are data collected from Wildlife Computers ear tag platform transmitter terminals (PTT) deployed on polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea during the months of March, April, August, September, and October between 2009 and 2011. Purpose is to examine the performance and retention of ear tag satellite transmitters attached to polar bears.

Bathymetry, backscatter intensity, and geomorphology of the sea floor of the Hudson Canyon and adjacent slope and rise

Bradford Butman, William Danforth, David C. Twichell & Peter A. Rona
A multibeam survey was carried out in 2002 to map the bathymetry and backscatter intensity of the sea floor of the Hudson Canyon and adjacent slope and rise. The Canyon begins on the outer continental shelf off the eastern coast of the United States at about 100-meter (m) water depth and extends offshore southeastward across the continental slope and rise. The survey covered an area approximately 205 kilometers (km) in the offshore direction, extending from...

Landslides triggered by the May 12, 2008 Wenchuan Mw 7.9 earthquake of China

Chong Xu, Xiwei Xu, Xin Yao & Fuchu Dai
This inventory was originally created by Xu and others (2014) describing the landslides triggered by the M 7.9 Wenchuan, China earthquake that occurred on 12 May 2008 at 06:28:01 UTC. Care should be taken when comparing with other inventories because different authors use different mapping techniques. This inventory also could be associated with other earthquakes such as aftershocks or triggered events. Please check the author methods summary and the original data source for more information...

Model climate scenario output Upper Charles river basin, Massachusetts, 2036-2065 change from 1975-2004, Representative Concentration Pathways 4.5 and 8.5

Robert W. Dudley
This data release provides a set of Hydrological Simulation Program--Fortran (HSPF) model files representing 5 EPA-selected future climate change scenarios for the Upper Charles River Basin in Massachusetts. Output from these models are intended for use as input to EPA Watershed Management Optimization Support Tool (WMOST) modeling. Climate scenarios, based on 2036-2065 changes from 1975-2004 for Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP) 4.5 and 8.5, model the effects of air temperature and precipitation changes (in degrees F...

Continuous Monitoring and Synoptic Mapping of Nearshore Water Quality, Currents, and Bathymetry in Lake Michigan at Jeorse Park Beach near Gary, Indiana

Patrick R Jackson
These data were collected as part of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) project template 678-1 entitled 'Evaluate immediate and long-term BMP effectiveness of GLRI restoration efforts at urban beaches on Southern and Western Lake Michigan'. This project is evaluating the effectiveness of projects that are closely associated with restoration of local habitat and contact recreational activities at two GLRI funded sites in Southern Lake Michigan and one non-GLRI site in Western Lake Michigan. Evaluation...

Prospect- and Mine-Related Features from U.S. Geological Survey 7.5- and 15-Minute Topographic Quadrangle Maps of the United States

John D. Horton & Carma A. San Juan
These data are part of a larger USGS project to develop an updated geospatial database of mines, mineral deposits and mineral regions in the United States. Mine and prospect-related symbols, such as those used to represent prospect pits, mines, adits, dumps, tailings, etc., hereafter referred to as mine symbols or features, are currently being digitized on a state-by-state basis from the 7.5-minute (1:24,000-scale) and the 15-minute (1:48,000 and 1:62,500-scale) archive of the USGS Historical Topographic...

National Aerial Photography Program 1:40,000 Scale

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
The National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) was coordinated by the USGS as an interagency project to acquire cloud-free aerial photographs at an altitude of 20,000 feet above mean terrain elevation. The photographs were taken with a 6-inch focal length lens at a scale of 1:40,000. Coverage over the conterminous United States includes both black-and-white (BW) and color infrared (CIR) aerial photographs. Film type and extent of coverage were determined by available funds and operational requirements....

Experimental recovery rates of tidal marsh vegetation

Glenn R. Guntenspergen
We measured the response of plants to disturbance across a gradient in inundation times by transplanting tussocks of Schoenoplectus americanus into mesocosms of different elevation in two marsh organ platforms. Both organs were planted on April 11, 2012 and harvested on August 21, 2012. Plants in one organ were disturbed by clipping all above ground vegetation on June 20 2012 (62 days), and left undisturbed in a control organ. Plant stems were clipped at the...

Geospatial data for contaminants at Palmyra Atoll, 2008 and 2010

Matthew A Struckhoff, Carl E Orazio, Donald E. Tillitt, David K. Shaver, Diana M. Papoulias & Mandy Annis
Palmyra atoll includes nearly 50 square kilometers of coral reef and 275 hectares of emergent lands that include forests of endangered Pisonia grandis trees and colonies of several species of birds. The reef is considered pristine, but some land areas and nearshore sediments are chemically contaminated from activities that occurred during the occupation of the atoll by the US Navy during World War II. In 2008 and 2010, a screening survey was conducted to measure...

Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration (CS-27): 2015 land-water classification

Holly J. Beck, Jason Dugas, Brady Couvillion & Kelly Mouton
The Louisiana State Legislature created Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) in order to conserve, restore, create and enhance Louisiana's coastal wetlands. The wetland restoration plans developed persuant to these acts specifically require an evaluation of the effectiveness of each coastal wetlands restoration project in achieving long-term solutions to arresting coastal wetlands loss. This data set includes mosaicked aerial photographs for the Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration (CS-27) project for 2015. This data is...

Seed biomass from shallow coastal water areas from Texas through Alabama, 2013-2015

Kristin DeMarco, Eva Hillmann & Megan K LaPeyre
This projects primary goal was to provide data on biomass of potential seed resources located within shallow water coastal areas within fresh to saline coastal waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico. The data set provides biomass of seeds, by species or lowest practical taxon from 2013, 2014 and 2015 across 384 randomly selected sites located in shallow water coastal areas. The data were collected between June and September of each year. This data set...

Chemical Cues Which Include Amino Acids Mediate Species-Specific Feeding Behavior in Invasive Filter-Feeding Bigheaded Carps-Data

Aaron Claus & Robin Calfee
This data was generated from a study in which five experiments were conducted that tested whether and how dissolved chemicals might assist food recognition in two filter-feeding fishes, the silver (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) and the bighead carp (H. nobilis). The buccal-pharngeal pumping (BPP), a behavior in which fish pump water into their buccal cavities, was observed in both silver and bighead carps after exposure to a variety of food filtrates and mixtures. In addition, occlusion experiments...

Restoration versus invasive species: bigheaded carps use of a rehabilitated backwater: Data

Marybeth K Brey, Douglas Schultz, Elizabeth Tristano, James E Garvey & Alison Coulter
To evaluate how bigheaded carps use a restored backwater habitat, their passages into and out of and residency within a backwater was monitored using acoustic telemetry. This dataset describes the results of this study and was used to compare activity of bigheaded carps between species, at a diel scale, among seasons, and how activity related of environmental conditions. Calculation of passages and residency are available in the thesis of Douglas Schultz (Southern Illinois University, 2006).

Greater White Fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) Microsatellite DNA Data, Alaska, 1988-2009, V2.0

Robert Wilson
This data set describes nuclear microsatellite genotypes derived from eight autosomal loci (BCA6, BCA9, BCA11, BCA5, CRG, OXY13, TSP1.20.09 and TSP1.20.46) and a 366 base pair portion of the mitochondrial control region. A total of 665 Greater White-fronted Geese were examined by genotyping and 518 by sequencing with samples coming from its circumpolar range representing multiple flyways (Midcontinent, Pacific, Greenland, Palearctic). The sex of most samples was determined in the field by morphology or cloacal...

Hydrogeologic Characteristics and Selected Multiannual Responses in the Alluvium of the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Southeastern Colorado, 2002, 2008, and 2015

Michael J. Holmberg
Data release containing geospatial data and metadata for select hydrogeologic characteristics of the alluvium in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Southeast Colorado, 2002, 2008, and 2015. This data release accompanies U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 3378 (https://doi.org/10.3133/sim3378). Geospatial datasets and metadata include: - Rasters showing estimated thickness of the alluvium; fall-to-fall and spring-to-spring water-table altitude change, 2002 to 2008, 2008 to 2015, and 2002 - 2015; and estimated saturated thickness in the alluvium, fall...

Aerial Photography Single Frame

Earth Resources Observation And Science Center
The Aerial Photography Single Frame Records collection is a large and diverse group of imagery acquired by Federal organizations from 1937 to the present. Over 6.5 million frames of photographic images are available for download as medium and high resolution digital products. The high resolution data provide access to photogrammetric quality scans of aerial photographs with sufficient resolution to reveal landscape detail and to facilitate the interpretability of landscape features. Coverage is predominantly over the...

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