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Polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations in adult walleye from the Fox River (Wisconsin) population, 2014

Charles P Madenjian, Daniel J. Dembkowski, Daniel A Isermann, Stuart A. Batterman, Sergei M. Chernyak, Stewart F. Cogswell & Mark E. Holey

Geotagged Low-Altitude Aerial Imagery from Unmanned Aerial Systems Flights over Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, Massachusetts, With Associated Ground Control Points, and Transects, Collected on January 9, January 25, February 14, March 16, April 28, May 4, and September 18, 2017

Christopher R Sherwood, Peter A. Traykovski, Ellyn Montgomery, Jonathan Borden, Sandra M Brosnahan, Barry J. Irwin, Eric D Marsjanik, Marinna A Martini & Steven E Suttles

Intraguild predation dataset for arthropods on tarweed plants

Ian S. Pearse, Eric LoPresti & Billy Krimmel

Pore water chemistry of wetlands in Interior and Southcentral Alaska, 2015 and 2016

Poulin, Brett A. (0000-0002-5555-7733) & Breitmeyer, Sara E. (0000-0003-0609-1559)

Microclimate influences mangrove freeze damage: Implications for range expansion in response to changing macroclimate

Michael J Osland, Arik M Hartmann, Richard H Day, Courtney T Hall & Laura C Feher

33 high-resolution scenarios of land use and vegetation change in the Upper Missouri River Basin

Terry L Sohl, Dornbierer, Jordan (Contractor) M & Wika, Steve (Contractor)

Time-series oceanographic data from the Monterey Canyon, CA October 2015 - March 2017

Joanne C.T. Ferreira, Kurt J. Rosenberger & Katherine L. Maier

LEAN-corrected San Francisco Bay digital elevation model, 2018

Kevin J Buffington & Karen M Thorne

Transportation-Related Water Projects

Gregory E Granato

Coral cover and health determined from seafloor photographs and diver observations, West Hawai'i, 2010-2011

Eric E. Grossman, Elizabeth C Marrack, Lindsey K Kramer & Rebecca Most

Data for Assessing the Lead Solubility Potential of Untreated Groundwater of the United States

David L. Parkhurst, Kenneth Belitz & Bryant C. Jurgens

Bioeconomic model population data, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Lucas S Bair, Charles B Yackulic, Michael R. Springborn, Matthew N. Reimer & Craig A. Bond

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