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National Dam Removal Science Database

Jeff Duda, Daniel J. Wieferich & Sky Bristol

U.S. Seismic Design Maps

U.S. Geological Survey

Transportation-Related Water Projects

Gregory E Granato

Seismic Design Ground Motions Web Page

Nicolas Luco, Eric Martinez & Sean McGowan

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site Vegetation Mapping Project - Park Boundary

Intermountain Support Office National Park Service

Marine Geophysical Data -- Point Arena to Cape Mendocino

Beeson, J.W.; Johnson, S.Y.; Goldfinger, C.; Hartwell, S.R.

Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Water and Bottom Sediment in Great Lakes Tributaries, 2014 - Collection Methods, Analytical Methods, Quality Assurance Analyses, and Data

Elliott, Sarah M.; Brigham, Mark E.; Jorgenson, Zachary G.; Schoenfuss, Heiko L.; Lee, Kathy E.; Choy, Steven J.; Moore, Jeremy N.; Langer, Sue K.; Menheer, Michael A.; McCool, Molly M.; Foreman, William T.; Furlong, Edward T.; Ban, Jo A.

Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR): a valuable tool for environmental site management

John W. Lane, Frederick D. Day-Lewis, Judith L. Robinson, Cian B Dawson, Lee D. Slater & Carole D. Johnson

High Resolution Orthoimagery

Sheila Kautz

Primary production across a coastal wetland landscape in Louisiana, U.S.A. (2012-2014)

Camille L Stagg, Donald R Schoolmaster, Sarai Piazza, Gregg Snedden, Gregory D Steyer, Robert W McComas & Craig J Fischenich

USGS Data Management Website

U.S. Geological Survey


Joseph Vrabel

USGS Urban Waters Initiative

Shawn C. Fisher

Duplicate DOI not in use

Shawn C. Fisher

Bathythermograph Data, Lake Michigan, 1954

Erica Patterson, Sofia Ann Dabrowski, Tara Marie Bell, Scott R. Nelson, Anthony L. Everette & John L. Faundeen

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