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On three methods for bounding the rate of convergence for some continuous-time Markov chains

Alexander Zeifman, Yacov Satin, Anastasia Kryukova, Rostislav Razumchik, Ksenia Kiseleva & Galina Shilova

A combinatorial approach in predicting the outcome of tennis matches

Ana Šarčević, Mihaela Vranić & Damir Pintar

An automated driving strategy generating method based on WGAIL–DDPG

Mingheng Zhang, Xing Wan, Longhui Gang, Xinfei Lv, Zengwen Wu & Zhaoyang Liu

A linearization-based hybrid approach for 3D reconstruction of objects in a single image

Muhammed Kotan, Cemil Öz & Abdulgani Kahraman

Uncertainty in the conjunctive approach to fuzzy inference

Przemysław Kudłacik

‘Non-traditional students’ at European universities. A special problem of social inequality

Peter Alheit
The following contribution is based on the qualitative data of a seven-country comparative study on the situation of ‘non-traditional students’ at European universities. It focuses on two key findings of an extensive analysis: (1) deeper theoretical insights that emerge from the wealth of data and that are condensed into Axel Honneth’s ‘theory of recognition’; (2) a revealing comparison of the ‘university cultures’ of the seven countries studied. A brief conclusion for future university policies in...

Psychoterapia jako refleksyjna „wielka rewolucja” w doświadczeniu biograficznego uczenia się dorosłego dziecka alkoholika

Paweł Seroka
Celem niniejszego artykułu jest rekonstrukcja oraz opis biograficznego uczenia się osoby, która przeszła proces psychoterapii dla dorosłych dzieci alkoholików. Centralną kategorią, która wyłania się z toku analizy fragmentarycznie zaprezentowanego materiału empirycznego, jest kwestia refleksyjnego budowania tożsamości. Autor, przyjmując założenia teorii późnej nowoczesności Anthony’ego Giddensa oraz biograficznego uczenia się Petera Alheita, tworzy pojęciową ramę, w której osadza – zebrane w wyniku wywiadu narracyjnego – wypowiedzi narratorki. Przedstawiony fragment realizowanych w perspektywie biograficznej badań pozwala autorowi na...

Proactivity of students - between diagnostic assumptions and methodical solutions

Małgorzata Rosalska & Jakub Wierzbicki
The aim of this article is to indicate selected possibilities of analysing the construct of proactivity. This goal was achieved by referring to selected definitions and the concepts of proactivity and by discussing a research project aimed at recognizing the proactivity of students towards their professional career. To measure the level of proactivity, the Scale of Proactive Behavior in Career was used, which includes four types of proactivity: general, cognitive, in building a support network...

The transitional potential of ‘biographicity’

Peter Alheit
‘Biographicity’ is a concept that has been discussed in international adult education for more than 30 years. It has stimulated research concepts and has become a metaphor for the resilience potential of biographical learning processes in modernised modern societies. A basic theoretical foundation has so far been lacking. This article attempts to provide such a foundation. It first introduces the quite sophisticated conception of ‘biography’ and emphasises the dialectical tension between structure and emergence (1),...

Academic education during the Covid-19 pandemic – Polish and Italian experience

Lidia Marek, Stefano Polenta & Tomasz Warzocha
The diagnoses and empirical analyses described in the article were linked by a common research problem expressed in the question about the experiences of academic entities in the field of remote education in the situation of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. The international research reported in the text, however, was conducted in an extra-coordinated situation (to a large extent during the lockdown period), applying two methodological approaches in complementary quantitative and qualitative procedures. Elements of a diagnostic...

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